Scheduled my TT Consult with Dr Johnny S Chung - Allentown, PA

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I've been thinking about this for a long time....

I've been thinking about this for a long time. Finally going for my consult. Now that it's scheduled I can't wait to go.
I will keep a journal here of my experiences. I know reading everyone's story has helped me. I have some concerns as I have a history of superficial blood clots and I want to learn more about minimizing the risks I will be taking to remove my loose skin and pouch.

scheduled for September 25th

Time sure is going fast. Pre op appointment 8/31. Vascular doctor clearance because of previous supervicial blood clot 8/27. Glad I'm so busy that time while fly by and be here in no time. Need to take pre photos or use the ones that PS took. Excited to have my TT and a waist.

Cleared by vascular doctor for a Tummy Tuck

Check with my doctor and he explained the risk of blood clots are very low and he saw no increased risk for me. He's leaving it up to my PS if he wants to take additional precautions of the shots after surgery. I didn't know the blood thinning shot could delay healing. I will leave it to the Dr. Johnny Chung to decide as I feel I'm in great hands with him and he knows best. Glad to know I'm not at an increased risk. Pre op appointment on Monday. Excited to be flat and at the healing stage.

Today is the Day

Took my before photos so I can watch the transformation happen.
Can't wait to look down and not see this blob and having a waist.

Day 3 post op who's tummy is that?

So far recovery has been great.
Shocking to look in the mirror and see the transformation. Dr. Chung is a miracle worker for sure. I slept 5 hours straight last night and feel well rested. This am I removed my binder to massage arnica gel. The massage feels weird but it certainly helps. I take Aleve every 12 hours or so to stay comfortable along with Arnica.
Today I notice tingly feelings in my body. Like the swelling is decreasing and I can feel again. Not a painful feeling.
My left drain is leaking at the opening a bit. I say let it drain and get it all out of me. I've been walking a bit every couple of hours. My diet has been pineapple and Greek yogurt with protein shakes. Not hungry but eating to promote healing. If this is bad as recovery is so far I'm good. My plan for today is walking a little more and sitting outside.
I know you all want to see the transformation pictures. I tried taking them myself and they didn't turnout well. They are worth the wait. I still can't believe it's my body. My daughters don't want to see the incision so I wil try again myself after my shower today.
I did fine with my showers but I will wait till my daughter is up to be safe.
Happy Healing everyone.

First photo post tummy tuck

I now have a waist.

Day 4 getting around better went shopping

Each day gets a little better.
Drains have slowed down and less leaking from drain opening.
Feel a little swollen. I think the message of arnica 2 times a day hel

Day 5 of recovery shopping in my closet

My morning started with arnica massage on back and tummy. Just little circles. My drains filled up after the massage. This is the first time I noticed it. I have a sports binder on today as I'm waiting for the one from the PS to dry. I'm not sure how tight to make it. The other one I had marked so I would have an idea of where to close.
Looking for clothes in my closest to hide my drains and was happy that my clothes are very loose. It's like a shopping trip without spending money. Amazing how much smaller I am already on day 5
Dr Chung is a miracle worker.
Off to make more lemon water and see if I can figure out how to post the before and after together to see the transformation. Happy healing everyone.

day 6 side view

2 week update

Amazing wow time goes by. I had my 2nd drain removed and was put into a CG. Feels great to be drain free. I have to say the drains were not as bad as I expected. The second one was more annoying because it leaked every morning but not the big deal I thought they would be.
I worked in my office all week with little discomfort. By about 3 pm I could feel the swell hell coming on. I would lay down by 8 pm each night and massage the swelling with arnica. I love the flatness of my tummy and sorry I waited so long to have my TT and lipo.

I miss my long distance walks. The week before my TT I walked the 60 miles breast cancer walk. I think this helped in my recovery.
I've been walking around in my daily activities but have not taken a walk. Maybe tomorrow ?
My scar looks great I have one spot with a little blister that I put a bandaid on.
Wearing the CG feels much different than the binder. Not sure which I prefer yet. Wondering what the difference in the 2 are for recovery?
Hope everyone else is doing great.

Almost three weeks PO

21 day PO photos

3 weeks already.
Recovery is going well. I feel great. I started walking a little more yesterday I did 2 walks of 2 miles each. This makes me laugh because all year I trained to do the
3 day 60 mile walk the week of my surgery. I'm used to 22 miles 3 days in a row. I'm listening to my PS of not over doing it. I will add a mile or so each walk. I thought I would swell from the activity. I think I swell more when I'm sitting at work.
I made fresh lemon water and am ready to start my week.
I have a visit with PS on Tuesday to drain my seroma aka I named her Ella. I have one spot on my incision that looks gross. I was a blister that scabbed and now has opened up a tiny bit. I put a bandaid over it ask will ask him about it tomorrow.

I met some friends for lunch on Saturday and they were amazed by my new shape. They asked to see my incision and new belly, so here we are just like girls do, we all go to the bathroom together to check out my tummy.
Second lymphatic massage on Tuesday after my PS appointment.
Hoping that the swelling will continue to diminish with time , lemon water and the massage.
I wore jeans this weekend and I wasn't sure what to expect from reading everyone's experiences.
I wore a compression tank top and my less bulky binder and was totally comfortable. I didn't want to try just the CG with the jeans for the first time.
So there you have it my 21 day update with my new improved amazing looking tummy.

12 weeks post TT

Time sure does go quickly. Hard to believe the before and after photos are of my tummy.
At this point in my recovery I would say I'm 95 percent back to normal. Well with a flat tummy as the new normal. I feel great and am walking 10 miles twice a week.
I have a little swelling and slight numbness in my lower back from the lipo. I've started to massage it very aggressively and notice a tingling feeling so I know it's only a matter of time for it to resolve.
I went clothes shopping yesterday and can now wear a size 6 with no muffin top. I believe a do have dog ears on my sides which Dr Chung did explain would happen because of all my extra lose skin.
They don't look bad and will be addressed in the future if need be.
My scar is very thin and flat. Sometimes it looks a little red after I finish exercising.
I stopped wearing CG this week to see if they make a difference at all. I can say without out the compression I feel and look the same so far.
I will update pics later this week. Best decision I ever made wish I would have done it years ago. Also love that I had my eyebrows tattooed with his esthetician.

Dog eats removed AKA hip blobs

Today is the day to fine tune my tummy tuck. As I was getting dressed this morning I was thinking why should I even worry about the little blobs on my hips. I am completely healed and very happy with my results. I have a flat tummy and wear a size 6 what's not to like.

I was trying to talk myself out of going. Not sure why I was doing this...
I went as scheduled.
So happy I did. No more hip blobs and was painless in office procedure.

I didn't think it was possible to love my results any more than I already did. Amazing what a little sculpting can do. I feel totally fine. Need to take antibiotics for a week and return for a check up in 2 weeks. Dr.Johnny Chung does amazing work. My body sure didn't make it easy on him. No running for a week. Walking is fine. Need to be sure I don't disturb my stiches.

5 months after Tummy Tuck

Dog ears removed. Healing nicely.
Pictures didn't really show dog ears before or after as they were hidden beneath my panties.
I can now wear a bikini without the fluff on my hips. I still haven't figured out a way to take photos to share the results.

11 months post tummy tuck

Hard to believe it's been almost a year.
Went to visit Dr. Chung today for some injectables. I showed him how nicely my tummy healed and how great of a job he performed on my tummy. Amazing the difference.
I realized I haven't taken a photo of my progress since Early June. I need a new photo taken.

It's almost been a year since my tummy tuck with...

It's almost been a year since my tummy tuck with Dr. Chung. I have fantastic results with a completely flat tummy.

I continue to work out but am not able to get rid of my bra strap fat.  While in his office today I mentioned my issue and how annoying it is to me. He took a look and said if it really bothers me lipo with skin tightening would reduce the area.  It really bothers me as from the front I'm completely flat. I know I'm in good hands and know first hand the results of his work.  Do I need to have this done ? No. I look a million times better and am much stronger and healthier already. I've been working on my back and arms with little to no results. So lipo it is. To remove what diet and exercise can't.

Finally took updated photos

Photos to show progress almost one year
Best thing I have ever done for myself.

Before One year later

Allentown Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chung takes the time to listen to you and your concerns. The entire office treats everyone with care and respect. I'm always receiving compliments on how great I look. I give Dr. Chung all the credit for being a miracle worker. I will update more as it gets closer to my scheduled date.

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