It's been a year! (Tummy Tuck/Lower Body Lift, PA)

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I am a 33 year old mom of 3.. my son is 7 and my...

I am a 33 year old mom of 3.. my son is 7 and my twins (b/g) are 5. I'm 5'3 and 138(ish) lbs. A tummy tuck is something I have considered since my twins were born. I struggled with my weight for most of my life. I gained 65lb with my first pregnancy (after losing about 25 lbs for my wedding. Then I lost all of my baby weight only to get pregnant again 18 months later. I gained about 60 lbs with my twins and then lost it all in the years following. I have been at a healthy weight now for 4 years and fitness has become a huge part of my life and weight loss journey. I have always struggled to lose "the last 10 pounds" which is mostly in my belly/mid section (I call this my "Twin Skin") and finally I have accepted that it is not going anywhere without the help of surgery.
I consulted with 2 surgeons, and decided to go with the second doctor, who recommended a Lower Body Lift to help contour my hips and butt. (it also helped a ton that his price came in much lower than anticipated AND his office is only about 20 min from home)

I go in next Monday for blood work and to pay for my surgery. (eek!) I have been selective about who I tell about it because I fear judgement. But the closer the surgery gets the more I want to tell everyone! My husband and my mom are VERY supportive of my decision. I feel so lucky for that. They know this will make me happy and more confident. I really anticipate coming through this with flying colors because I am healthy and in really good shape already. I work out daily and eat a healthy diet. the doctor said this will definitely help me recover faster. I look forward to following the journeys of others here. This site has been so helpful for me already. I'll post pics soon!

OMG! Today is one month until surgery. Pre Op...

OMG! Today is one month until surgery. Pre Op visit is on Monday and I'll be paying for the whole procedure then. I had a slight panic attack last night that I may not wake up from surgery, then hubby said "I better get some insurance on your ass." lol I have been under general anesthesia once before to have my appendix out. And I had a c-section also, but wasn't asleep for that one. But I should be okay, right???
I had lunch with my best childhood friend yesterday... i couldn't bring myself to tell her about my surgery. Mostly bc her mom is the most judgmental person ever, and I know she will tell her mom. I don't see her often, so I will just not tell her at all and next time I see her she'll just think I'm working out harder than usual. haha. I haven't told my sister yet either. I think once this is all paid for I'll let the cat out of the bag.

So, friends... tell me about your experience with...

So, friends... tell me about your experience with anesthesia. I am more nervous about this that any other part of the procedure and recovery! I remember when I had my appendix out they wheeled me into the OR and made me count backwards from 100. I was out by the time I got to 97. I remember waking up very groggy and miserable after the surgery. I guess I have this fear of waking up in the middle of the surgery OR not waking up at all. I think I am nervous too because the day of my surgery is the 3rd anniversary of the day my dad died.
My surgery is supposed to be 5-6 hours long. I told my hubby he doesn't have to wait for me at the hospital. I figure the doc can just call him when I'm out and maybe he can come see me in the evening if he can get a sitter. He will need to be here for the kids when they get home from school, etc.

Also, my MIL will be having her second round of chemo that same day, so I am trying not to make a huge deal out of my surgery. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer, so it's been very different here for the past month- taking her to her appts, getting educated on cancer and treatments... all that stuff. I really stressed out about telling her about the surgery at all, but i finally broke down and told her. I was worried she might think I am being selfish or inconsiderate. but the truth is, it doesn't matter when I schedule the surgery... there is no guarantee that her chemo dates will stay the same. I just hope she isn't secretly angry with me for doing this.

Pre-op on Monday! OMG!

Tomorrow is my pre-op. I don't think I know what...

Tomorrow is my pre-op. I don't think I know what to expect, My hubby just told me that he will take off from work and come with me. He did not come to my consult, so I think this will be nice for him to meet the doc and get an idea of what the procedure will be like. So, what should I expect??? I know I'll be getting blood work (they will keep a close eye on my iron levels since I am deficient. I ate spinach for dinner tonight, so I am sure my levels will look just fine!) And I suppose I will get my pre-op instructions, prescriptions and the time of my surgery etc. What else? Will he need to look at me and my tummy again?
I only have a few questions for him... I don't usually heal well- my scars from my appendicitis and my c-section were hypertrophic and my c-section scar actually required injections to help it heal. I remember my appendicitis scar taking forever to heal... like years! I want to make sure the doctor is aware of this. I am really nervous about the scar- some scars I have seen are so ugly. I want my to be straight. Also can I wear nail polish or will they make me take it off for surgery? I usually always have a manicure, but I can remove my polish if they need to see my nail beds. I was already measured for my compression garment. I wonder what else they will go over with me tomorrow...
Hubby is going to take better pics of me soon so I can put them up here. This is the only place I EVER felt comfy showing my belly! I guess I'm comfy here!

Pre-op DONE! And the procedure is paid for. It's a...

Pre-op DONE! And the procedure is paid for. It's a done deal now! 24 days until a flat tummy! I took my hubby to my appt today. My doc is so calm. He sort of laughed when I told him I was more concerned about anesthesia than anything. He reminded me that he does 2-3 of these a week and no one has ever not woken up, so I shouldn't worry. He went through the procedure with me. He said markings will take 20 min, then I will head to the OR where they will put me to sleep. There will be 2 beds in the OR. He will first position me on my belly and work on my backside and lipo on my inner thighs. Then he will sew me up and dress me, and move me to the other bed and position me on my back and finish my tummy tuck and complete the inner thigh lipo. In all it should take 5-6 hours. I will be the second surgery of the day- my PS does a small procedure and a large procedure on his OR days. I am the big one, so I will be second, but I still don't know what time... probably close to 10am.

I hope once I fall asleep I will remember nothing. I hope the time flies! I am nervous about having crazy dreams once I am sleeping! Anyone else have dreams?

So the countdown is on. eeeek! Yay!

Ahhh! My Lower Body Lift is only10 days away! I am...

Ahhh! My Lower Body Lift is only10 days away! I am nervous, but I am NOT backing down! I AM going to do this! The past week has been SO crazy! My MIL started chemo and I was tending to her- she was VERY sick. Then I ran in a 200 mile relay race over the weekend, so I am recovering form that. Now, I have nothing to focus on but my surgery. My October calendar is pretty empty for the remainder of the month. I am looking forward to down time to recover. We had a change in plans regarding my recovery... Since my MIL's next chemo is on the same day as my surgery, my hubby is going to have to tend to her and my mom will have to come take care of me. I thought about rescheduling my surgery but I have waited so long for this... and if I put it off it won't really matter since her chemo schedule is not exact- depending on if she gets sick between treatments or something. This has been on MY calendar even before her cancer was diagnosed. I need to go through with it. I just hope I'm not down for too long. Do I sound selfish? My hubby says I shouldn't care what anyone thinks, but I can't help but defend myself. I don't want anyone to think I am trying to put some attention on myself while my MIL is dealing with serious illness.

So, This week I am going to make a list of what I need to get... comfy clothes, meds, scar cream/gel, my mom has a toilet lift she is bringing and also a shower seat. QUESTION: Do I really NEED a recliner? I just started looking into renting one. If you rented one, how long did you keep it? Is a week long enough? I tried to practice getting off my sofa, but it's nearly impossible without using my abs. I am thinking a recliner might be the way to go. My sofa is so low.
What else do i need? I really need to wrap my head around this surgery/recovery this week! Help! :)

Next week at this time I will be a nervous wreck!...

Next week at this time I will be a nervous wreck! I ca't wait until this is over. I keep reading and reading and I really kept thinking I would only be 'down' for about a week, but now I am getting scared about recovery. :( My doc thinks that since I am healthy and fit, recovery won't be so bad for me. But I suppose I should prepare for the worst? I mean, I know I won't be running/working out for at least a month. I can deal with that. But I am hoping I can at least cook myself an egg and take a shower by myself after a week. I just made a few phone calls about renting a lift chair. I am waiting for more info. If I don't get one, it won't be the end of the world, but it would be nice. I still can't find a checklist on what I should have on hand. Can anyone link it to me? So far I have tylenol, bendy straws, a lanyard to tie my drains to in the shower, comfy pants/shirts, scar gel, MOM, Colace, Amica (where do I get that) Should I be taking B6?

Help! I need all the advice I can get! I don't feel ready!

Okay, so I've got 3 days to go. My emotions bounce...

Okay, so I've got 3 days to go. My emotions bounce back and forth from excited to nervous to anxious. Right this second I am feeling okay- no nervous at all. The anticipation os driving me nuts! I really just want it to be next week at this time so I know I will be home and lounging in my recliner with nothing to do except watch daytime tv and heal. I hope the next week flies by. I was super nervous about the anesthesia, but today, not so much. I know I am healthy going into this and I don't anticipate complications- neither does my ps. I'm still working on my supply list... I don't want to forget anything so I am procrastinating going to the store, but I think I'll go tomorrow. My chair is all set up in my 'recovery room' and I can't wait to get in it!

I'm nervous more about the lipo to my thighs... i anticipate it will be painful... Doc says I need to massage... a lot. good times, massaging my crotch all day. yeah.

Today a neighbor said to me "you look like you've lost some weight." (!!!!) what the heck? I have been eating like a cow and I feel nasty, but um, thanks for the compliment. I have been under some stress lately, so maybe I've dropped a few from that? doubtful.

Cleaning lady will be here on Wednesday, I still need to pack my bag.... Let's get this thing DONE!

What happened to my update? I added 5 new pics and...

What happened to my update? I added 5 new pics and a whole long update and now it's gone??? blah!

Ugh. I really am dying from this anticipation! I...

Ugh. I really am dying from this anticipation! I just want to fast forward to Friday when I am home and recovering. (and probably in so much pain!) I am STILL waiting for a call from the hospital to tell me what time I need to be there in the morning. I am hoping it's not before 8 so I can get the kids on the bus. I have butterflies all the way down to my feet! I get SO nervous and then a few minutes later I am calm as can be. I keep thinking about ALL the people I know who have had procedures without complications. So why do I keep thinking something will happen to me? My PS has been doing this for 30 years, he knows what he is doing. I should be just fine. WILL BE just fine!

I went shopping for all of my supplies and I am ready... ready to recover. The kitchen is stocked with food and drinks and everyone should be comfy and happy while I am sprawled out on my lift chair. I got my arnica, and some dandelion tea.... MoM and gas-X, cough drops and chapstick... oh and my granny panties. I feel prepared. I hope I'm not forgetting anything. My mom is bringing my toilet seat and shower chair. I need to shave.... which is going to take an hour since I haven't done that in awhile.

I just want to FALL ASLEEP and wake up and have it done! Please! I seriously think that laying on the table in the OR is going to be the hardest part for me... it's what I am dreading. UGH.

HOLY CRAP! I just got my time! Surgery is at 9:45....

HOLY CRAP! I just got my time! Surgery is at 9:45. I need to be at the hospital by 7:45! This is REALLY HAPPENING! OMG! I am freaking out! But I am kind of glad that it's earlier than I thought bc I can't take this anticipation much longer and the sooner it's over, the better!

I was finally released from the hospital last...

I was finally released from the hospital last night. Surgery was cake... I had an awesome team taking care of me. They gave me a 'cocktail' before I even went to the OR and I have no recollection of surgery itself. I remember waking up at the end as they were putting on my garment. I spent 2 hours in recovery while they pumped me with morphine, which made me itch like crazy. Now I'm just doing Vicodin and Arnica.

I over did it yesterday... Once I realized I could get out of bed on my own I spent a lot of time walking the halls in the hospital. I paid for it later, I was very sore last night-I had to take my pain meds early. Lesson learned. I am still dealing with bouts of nausea. Doc said I could shower today, but I will probably wait until tomorrow- I don't think I can do steps yet. Just getting up and going to the bathroom take a lot out of me. I really need to take it easy today. My throat is sore from the breathing tube and I have a phlegm lump in my throat that I can't cough up. blah Belly is FLAT! I love it already!

Okay, so maybe my itchiness IS from this Vicodin...

Okay, so maybe my itchiness IS from this Vicodin after all. I really thought I had gotten over the itchies when I stopped the morphine at the hospital. This last dose of Vicodin hit me much differently than all the other doses. So now, I need to re evaluate my pain treatment options. Tomorrow will be Day 3 post op. Maybe I will try to do just motrin or half my Vicodin dose. Drains aren't putting out much fluids... one of them has a nice chunk of nastiness inside (gross!) I want so bad to take my bandages off, but I'll wait until my shower tomorrow. Doc said I can just wash, pat dry, pat with peroxide and then put on a cotton tshirt under my binder- no more dressings.

Slept decent last night- off the narcotics and...

Slept decent last night- off the narcotics and just on motrin now. I had a BM this am. Hooray! I was stressing about it, and it just kind of happened. I have been snacking on Kelloggs's "cracklin oat bran" since I have been home, and I really think that helped me go. Planning on a shower today-can't wait to take some after photos. I'm getting up and down much easier- by myself and walking upright. Drains are not really pulling too much fluid, and it's getting lighter. Every day gets better... and it's only day 3, so that;s great news for me!

Just had a shower and was able to mostly manage by...

just had a shower and was able to mostly manage by myself.... even washed and conditioned my hair! I put my garment back on, and it's loose. I need to ask my doc about this. I feel some swelling in my lower belly and it feels weird to not have my dressings on anymore. I just pulled a cami down over my incision and then put on my compression garment. It feels so good to be clean. I can't believe how good I feel for day 3. I swear its bc I am off those damn narcotics.

Forgot to mention also... not one, but 2(!!!) BMs...

Forgot to mention also... not one, but 2(!!!) BMs already. I know, too much info, sorry...but it wasn't so bad. I have been eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and drinking a TON of watered down G2. Also, my secret: Cracklin' Oat Bran. I have a small dish of this next to my chair and I keep munching on it- it's loaded with fiber and it doesn't taste terrible. I really think it helped. I may not even need to open the MOM.

Oh, i should probably update my Surgery experience...

oh, i should probably update my Surgery experience... (since I have nothing else to do than lay here and sip gatorade with my feet up) So We arrived at the hospital at 7:45 am. After I stripped down, I was greeted by the anesthesiologist, who was super-awesome. He was SO thorough and explained everything. He told me the doc was running behind by 20-30 min with his first procedure (great!). I asked him for something to calm me, and he offered me a vallium, but I was trying to not take anything, He said he'd check back later. A few more people came in to check on me... give me a hospital bracelet, check to see if I have allergies, my medical history, blah blah They assured me that my belongings would meet me in my room after recovery. A nurse came to get me and take me to the holding area (this is where I said bye bye to hubby)They covered me in warm blankets, inserted an IV (started an antibiotic, and a 'cocktail') Then my doc appeared (on time, yay) to mark me up. By this time I was pretty calm. I was joking with everyone who came in-telling them how nervous I was. I think that helped calm me down too. They all kept telling me that I was in good hands and my doc was so great that I shouldn't worry. I knew there was no turning back anyway. I started to get loopy from the cocktail and don't even remember going into the OR. (thank god- I was so nervous about that!) I must have fallen asleep before I got there. They woke me up to tell me it was over- I was still in the OR and they were putting my compression garment on me. I heard them comment that it was too big. I looked over and saw a clock- it was 3:50 or so. They were careful to roll me to recovery (I told them prior that I get motion sickness) I hung out in recovery for almost 2 hours. It was late in the day and there was only one other patient besides me. They were waiting for someone to come get me. I didn't care- I just kept closing my eyes for 5 min at a time- and kept requesting pain meds. I finally got to my room (no roommate-yay) and just vegged and watched TV. Hubby came to visit. I went in and out of a few bouts nausea, but never threw up- just closed my eyes and breathed through it. I didn't sleep for more than an hour at a time. The pain meds made me itchy- THAT may have been the most annoying part of the whole thing! All along I thought it was the meds that they were putting in the IV, but it turns out it was the Vicodin. The itchiness was awful- even bendryl didn't help. I wasn't released until after 7pm the next day! I was kind of annoyed it was so late, but I didn't have anything else to do. I had been up and about, walking the halls since the morning- but didn't realize until I got home how much that wore me out. I didn't sleep much again that night bc of the itchiness again. Then I decided to stop the pain meds and just take motrin instead. My last dose of narcotics was in the evening of Day2. Day 3 has been awesome- I made it upstairs for a shower, had 2 BMs unassisted, and I'm not in much pain just taking 400 mg motrin every 7 hours. I am drinking a ton of water and eating really healthy. I'm looking forward to sleeping a good bit tonight, too. I'll call the doc tomorrow to let him know how my drain output is. And that is that....

Day 4: I didn't sleep well last night. I am a side...

Day 4: I didn't sleep well last night. I am a side sleeper so this 'recliner sleeping' is just not comfy for me. I put a pillow under my knees and bent my knees up or to the side. I'd sleep 1-2 hours at a time, and then my butt would be sore. I moved my drains so they aren't hanging from my crotch anymore. Output is about 30ccs (between both over 12 hours. I need to call the doc today and let him know. I had to get up and walk around twice in the middle of the night bc my bum was sore. Otherwise, I feel great! I went 8 hours between my doses of Motrin and I switched rooms- now I am on the sofa in the family room since the kids are at school. The change of scenery is nice. But I am spending some time off the couch too. I hope to take a walk outside - just down the driveway- today. Looking forward to fresh air. I have to say I am completely shocked that I feel this great on day 4. I attribute this to fitness level, honestly. I started sharing my before and after pics and people are shocked when they see the after pic- mostly bc no one ever saw what my belly looked like before. I am SO happy that I did this for myself!

Called the doc to report my drainage. He said...

Called the doc to report my drainage. He said drains can come out today! I am going in at 5pm. waahooo!

Drains are out! My doc said it was catch 22......

Drains are out! My doc said it was catch 22... some docs like to leave them in for a long time, and the longer they are there, there is a risk for infection. But once they are out, I risk swelling. But he doesn't think swelling will be a problem for me.... we'll see. I think I over did it today. I was esp sore after getting back from the doc- car ride, getting up and down, and leaning upward using my abs on the table while the drains were being taken out. ouch. I was certain I pulled something but it feels better now.

Now, I have a new issue... diarrhea. ugh. My doc has me on an antibiotic for 10 days. (I assume to prevent infection, why else) Yesterday I was so happy to have a BM- twice, but today when it happened again-my tummy got all rumbly before- I looked at the side effects of the antibiotic and the it listed diarrhea as pretty much the only side effect. So, i cracked open a yogurt and tomorrow I'll get some immodium. Nothing else to report... sleeping in the recliner again. blah. Thinking I will try to sleep on my side in bed with a body pillow tomorrow night. I hate sleeping in a recliner.

Taking it easy tomorrow, for sure. Today I was up too much. I feel okay, but I think it will catch up with me tomorrow. :(

It's Day 5. A good day so far. I had the best...

It's Day 5. A good day so far. I had the best night's sleep so far in my recliner. I can bring my knees up/bend my knees while I sleep and that helps. I think it also helped that the drains are gone too. I am just so stiff when I get up. No Motrin today yet at all! Last dose was last night at 10pm. Still dealing with the diarrhea from the antibiotic. blah. I just ordered a stage 2 compression garment and it should be here tomorrow! Hopefully it will fit better- this one from my doc is too big. I went with the same brand (Sculptures by Medico) in a Large. I especially like that it's crotchless. My appetite seems to be coming back. I was so happy that I was really only craving healthy stuff and not wanting sweets.

I see everyone talking about dressings and bandages. I took off my bandages on Sunday for a shower and my doc said I didn't need to re-dress it. I just put on a cotton cami (he actually referred to my cami as my dressing) and then the cg over it. I don't have tape or any dressings at all. It's so funny how every doc is different. I thought about another shower today, but I think I'll wait. Just had lunch and now I'm sleepy, but other wise I feel great. I'll be sending my mom home tomorrow. i should be fine to get around by myself, as long as hubby can get the kids off to school until the end of the week.

Got my new compression garment-delievered in less...

Got my new compression garment-delievered in less than 24 hours, nice! It's tighter than the last one. It feels good. I slept like crap last night, again. ugh. I can't wait to get back to my bed. I might try again tonight... or at least try the sofa instead of the recliner. Had friends stop by all morning. They are all so amazed at how well I am getting around. And my one good friend wants this same surgery and she was thrilled at how I look. I feel really good, despite how awful I felt this morning- my lower belly is very tight and swollen since the drains have been out. And it's numb. I walk around carrying my belly like I am pregnant. haha. I needed motrin and gas-x at 2am.

My mom left today, so I am on my own during the days now. Hubby will be home from work on Friday, so I won't be alone. I am pretty good getting around... I just fear that if I drop or spill something I can't clean it up. I can bend down, if I use my knees. I really need to lay around as much as possible for the rest of the day. I was away from my recliner all day today.

Phew... good thing this new garment is tighter... maybe I won't want to eat as much! My inner thighs look like I have been beaten up! They are SO bruised. So much for Arnica. :( no big deal. I'm not exactly wearing shorts these days anyway.

Post Op day 8: I had the best night's sleep yet!...

Post Op day 8: I had the best night's sleep yet! Still on the couch, but I was able to get on my side for a few hours. I curled up with a pillow between my knees and wedged myself between the sofa back and a pillow that I tucked into the space between the sofa and ottoman (too hard to explain) but I felt safe and pretty comfy. I slept from 9:30-6am- only got up once to pee and take my antibiotic at midnight. Progress.

I took my first unassisted shower this morning. I could actually wash my hair properly and run a razor over my legs at least from my knees down. What normally takes 25 min took over an hour. HERE IS A GREAT SHOWER TIP: I put on a bathing suit bottom for my shower. It was a high cut 'brief' type of bottom, and it covered my incision well and kept me feeling like I was protected (like how I feel in the compression garment) It worked really well! I dried my hair, lotioned myself, and put on real clothes (when was the last time I wore a bra anyway???) Then I came downstairs and emptied the dishwasher, probably shouldn't have done that. My back is stiff now from being up so long- so I am relaxing. But I feel human.

I weighed myself this morning... my old ritual, wake up, use the bathroom, weigh in (usually naked, but today I had my cg on). I was 129.5. holy crap. I think I was about 138-140 before surgery. He only took 4 lbs of tissue AND I'm swollen. I *have* been eating pretty healthy though, so whatever. I am so happy! I have a pooch under my bb- looks like I am 4 months preggo. I really hope that it's not permanent! I think hubby is getting annoyed with me talking about how awesome I feel/look. Confidence is key, right? Besides, he knows he will reap the benefits as soon as the doc says it's okay! ;)

I am noticing today that getting up and down (off...

I am noticing today that getting up and down (off of the couch, mostly) is easier. I still need to move slowly, but there isn't as much discomfort when I move. Also, I can bend down again! yay! I miss my hubby, I think I am going to try to sleep in my bed tonight. I am sick of the sofa. Wish me luck.

Day 9 post op: Slept in my own bed last night....

Day 9 post op: Slept in my own bed last night. finally. But I'm not so sure I was ready. At this point, I am not sleeping well anywhere so I guess it doesn't matter much. sigh. It was nice to be next to hubby again. I have to say, I think this has already done wonders for our marriage... he has been SO incredible with the kids and the house (I think he is actually doing a better job that I do!) and I am just a little turned on by it (JUST a little! haha) Tomorrow is his bday and I have NOTHING for him- not a thing. I feel awful about it.

I am drinking green tea like crazy- trying to get this swelling under control. I have been up and about doing stuff around the house. I even helped hubby with the laundry. I feel really good- just stiff. I am totally capable of moving, but it's almost that I am afraid to twist or turn the wrong way. I am also being very conscious about lifting anything. Otherwise,I can still wipe down the table/counters, wash the dishes, empty the dishwasher, and cook. I will leave the big stuff like vacuuming, mopping the floor, bathing the kids and changing the sheets to my man.

I feel like I had more to update, but now I forget. OH, I ordered 2 more compression garments- both are the same as the ones I have, but just a size smaller. I figure if I am going to be wearing them for awhile, I might as well have a few in my wardrobe. I needed one to cover my inner thigh lipo, which I have no been doing a good job with. I might also try to find a garment to just wear on my tummy (I guess like a binder?) once my legs are healed up. They are still so bruised.

Today is 10 days post op. Yesterday was a BIG day...

Today is 10 days post op. Yesterday was a BIG day for a few reasons:
1) I noticed that getting up and down has become super easy- like I can do it faster now and with hardly any discomfort.

2) I emptied my little blue box. This made me kind of sad. My little blue box was a box I bought at the dollar store to keep all my 'stuff' in so I had it all in one place next to me while I recovered. (ya know, like my meds and stuff... all the little stuff that would sit on the table next to my recliner) I emptied it out and put everything away. I haven't taken any meds (besides my antibiotic) since Wednesday. Now the antibiotic is gone too. woohoo. Now that I am not spending too much time in one spot anymore, I don't have a need for my box. I encourage you to make a box of your own to have next to you while you recover too. Other stuff I had in it: Hair ties/minii brush, hydrocortisone cream for my itchiness, chapstick, a pack of almonds and a protein bar in case I got hungry, mini pack of tissues, my contacts/glasses case. So now that I emptied my box it makes me feel like my recovery is coming to an end. :( I am sad, but happy at the same time...

3) and this is HUGE: I slept in my own bed last night... On my SIIDE! I was seriously beginning to think it would never happen again, but it did! Thank goodness! I was less uncomfy than the night before and I slept pretty well. I am still sore when I wake up-mostly near my incision, but I think this is bc i need be circulate my blood, bc once I get moving (and getting out of bed is getting so much easier now) I feel okay.

4)GREEN TEA! I had about 5 cups on green tea yesterday. It's an acquired taste. But it swear it helped with the swelling. Last night I went to bed actually feeling comfortable (see my pic in the pink shirt above-I took that at 11pm last night. I woke up this morning hardly swollen at all. My cg wasn't even tight, so I had to put on an old pair of spanx that are very tight. But they feel SO good! I probably won't be able to wear this one all day-esp bc it's not crotchless.

5) my incision is healing nicely. It's totally closed up in most spots, and scabby in a few spots. It gets itchy, but it's manageable. My bellybutton is still scabbed, I can't wait for that to clear up. I go in on Wed to get my incision stitches out. I can cough and laugh with very little discomfort.

Recovery has been good to me. I just need to be careful, NOT to overdo it. I stood outside for about an hour yesterday talking to my neighbors and that was too much. I need to remember to balance my up time with my downtime for awhile. Happy Sunday, everyone!

So last night I had a total meltdown. I took a...

So last night I had a total meltdown. I took a shower and decided to try on a few things... Well, that was a mistake. Not only did I *look* swollen, I *felt* fat and gross. It was stupid of me to shower at night when I was most swollen. So I ran downstairs (well, I didn't really run, but you know what I mean- waddled slowly, really) and declared to my hubby that this surgery was a waste of money and I look 4 months pregnant and fat, so I might as well just eat. I grabbed a box of cereal and started munching away. He turned to me and said "You have PMS." Damn he's good. He was right. I felt better after that. But still swollen and fat.

I slept pretty well on my 'island of pillows' that I created in my bed. I don't even think I woke up to pee. So today, I decided I will be on the couch all day... and that is where I have been. It's nearly 5pm, and aside from a few chores this morning, I have only been getting up to pee (at which time I also refill my water and/or make myself a cup of green tea. And guess what, the swelling is down today... The problem is, I really don't know how to do nothing and I don't think I can stay cooped up like this for too much longer.

We are in the midst of the hurricane. We haven't lost power yet, but it won't be long since the storm is intensifying. I plan to stay camped out here tomorrow too... On Wednesday, I go to see Dr.G to get my stitches out and then hopefully I can start some kind of scar treatment. My scar is still scabby in some spots, but for the most part it's all closed up, it's itchy and had some peeling spots. It's healing faster and better than I thought. Last night I worried bc part of it was looking hypertrophic (google it) My c-setcion scar was like this too. It doesn't look so bad today, I think it had something to do with the swelling.... it poofed out right where my belly was protruding. I will bring it up to Dr. G. It's just the way my body heals, and I can deal with it... I am glad it is on a part of the incision where it will always be covered.

Oh and my lipo spots are still pretty bruised... I realized I haven't touched on the lipo much. People say it's painful... it's really not- I mean not any more painful that having a bruise. I don't feel it unless i push on it, which I have to do to massage it, but it's not awful. I can't wait until the swelling goes down to see the results.

I'm 13 days post op today... Updating from my...

I'm 13 days post op today... Updating from my phone. We lost power on Monday At 5pm and still have no power :( So my second week of recovery is not exactly as I had planned. The kids have been home from school all week and hubby is home from work. I spent 2 days on the couch, just staring out the window and eating the food that was left in the fridge. Power isn't expected back for another week-10 days! Yikes! So today I got up and got moving... I saw my ps this morning. He took out my stitches... It was blue twine- thicker than normal stitches, i want to say it was 'plastic-y almost. I was woven within, and he made a clip and pulled it all the way out, felt funny. The lipo stitches were tiny and they pinched when he took them out. BB stitches are out too, so that looks irritated. My doc write me a script for scar cream to put on 2x/day. He said it us coveted under insurance and is cheaper than the OTC brands. My pharmacy had to special order it so I should have it tomorrow. OH and my belly was a bit jiggly, so he inserted a needle, which I didn't feel at all since I'm numb, and he aspirated 30ccs of fluid! I think he could have gotten more but he filled the whole syringe. His second attempt didn't get any at all, but I know there is more there. I go back next week and he said he will try again if I am still swollen.

My new garments are STILL not here! I do annoyed bc the distribution center is 5 min from my house and they should have been here yesterday, but everything is slowed bc of the hurricane. I got confirmation and tracking numbers, but its not even in the system yet! I could go to the facility and get it by now. Oh well. I'm impatient... But I totally understand the circumstances. I'm just bored since there is nothing to do. I overdid it this morning and now I need to rest for the rest of the day.

Wow, what a difference in a day. I don't know if...

Wow, what a difference in a day. I don't know if it's bc I had my stitches out or what... I feel so much more energized today, and I feel like I can do so much more. Perhaps it has something to do with getting our power back after the hurricane. :) Last night I had to take motrin because I started to feel achy (i usually get achy during my TOM- low iron.) I was also having some discomfort around the spot where the doc used the needle to aspirate the fluid in my belly. Not so achy today, but the swelling is still in full effect. It got worse overnight and I actually think I look worse than before surgery, with my big fat fupa. (you all know what fupa is, right???) :( I wish the doc had gotten more fluid out. Now I have to wait another week to go back before he can drain more. I would call and see if I can go sooner, but when I scheduled my next appt, the nurse said he has 'something going on' next week. I know Tues/Thurs are his surgery days so he's not in the office. Maybe I can call Monday and see if he can squeeze me in. Otheriwise my next appt is Friday. I feel so bloated and full. I hate this.
Still no new garments. I really wish I could at least get an update. I know the fedex trucks are out... i saw one in my neighborhood today! I just have to wait, I guess.
I was going to have hubby take 2 week pics today, but I am not feeling sexy at all. I thought of having him do it before I have breakfast, but now it's too late. Maybe tomorrow. OH and I start my scar treatment today. I'll post the name of the brand of cream the doc prescribed once I go pick it up at the pharmacy.

So... When I think back to what I was doing 2...

So... When I think back to what I was doing 2 weeks ago today.... whoa. I was still in the hospital, itchy from the meds, waiting ALL DAY to be discharged. Well, today I took the world's longest shower (i needed it since we had no hot water for a few days thanks to the hurricane!) I shaved my legs, put on my new awesome scar cream (which I have to 2 twice/day for 6 months!), dried and straightened my hair and got dressed... in real clothes- jeans and a sweater. And... I HAVE A WAIST! My old jeans fit and are NOT too snug (having the cg on underneath helps them fit a little better. I am SO swollen, but maybe not as swollen as I thought? Anyway, I have real clothes on and I feel like a real person. There IS fluid in my belly. I can see it moving around. But now that I am in real clothes, I don't feel so glum about it, because I don't look too bad. I go back to Dr. G next week and he will drain it. New CGs will be here today... they are out for delivery! And I am off to visit with my good friend who is opening a new gym next week. I hope she hires me to help out because I am dying to get back into fitness! This will be my first real outing in 2 weeks (unless I count my kid's halloween parade last week, and a trip to cvs yesterday-both time I felt like a zombie bc I haven't seen real people outside of my house for 2 weeks!) Oh and yesterday I drove for the first time. It wasn't horrible, but I was definitely more in tune with my moves and i felt every bump of the ride. I just have to take it slow...
I feel good, overall. Still some stretching and pulling around my incision and still bruising on my inner thighs (which I now have a space between-yay!) but I am getting around with ease. It's finally time to face the world... which is going to be fun to see if people will actually notice a difference in my appearance.

Ah, new garment... size M. Nice and snug. Feels SO...

ah, new garment... size M. Nice and snug. Feels SO good! This is what I got... I already have this same one in a L and I loved it. I love that it's crotchless:

I also ordered this: But in a L. Should have gotten a M. Not sure if I will return it since there is a stocking fee. I might see what I can get at Kohls this week. (I got 30% off in the mail...can you say "SHOPPING SPREE!" hooray!

I forgot to post this... This is what my PS...

I forgot to post this... This is what my PS prescribed for my scar:

So far, so good.

Ugh, TMI alert... TOM showed up today. blah. I...

Ugh, TMI alert... TOM showed up today. blah. I don't usually exhibit any pms symptoms OR menstrual issues, but this time is different. I have been a raging b!tch all week, craving junk, and being emotional and now that TOM is here I am crampy and uncomfortable. This never happens. I am assuming it's the effects of the anesthesia/and or antibiotics. Or maybe it's my body revolting because I was sliced and diced. Anyhow... I'm dealing with it. Luckily my cycles only last a few days so I should be okay soon.

I got my size 4 jeans on today. They are tight. My butt looks totally flat. I told my hunny that I want a butt lift, but he says the plastic surgery fund is all tapped out. :( Oh well, nothing a million squats and lunges can't fix. I haven't done a squat or lunge in 2 months. Once I can get moving again, I will shape my tush. :)

I swear my scar looks better today than yesterday! This Biafine cream is amazing! I *think* my swelling is less today too (hence, size 4s) and it might be bc of my new, smaller compression garment. I also find that I am less bloated when I eat salad too. I'll be having a big salad tonight again!

17 days post op. Okay, freaking out a tiny bit......

17 days post op. Okay, freaking out a tiny bit... My cleaning lady told me that her sister had a TT and then she vacuumed her house too soon and developed stretch marks! I didn't believe it... BUT now I am starting to wonder. My stretch marks are really showing on my lower belly. I can't figure out if they are old stretch marks and just more noticeable bc I am swollen or if they are NEW. I don't want to think they are new! Does anyone know if we can develop stretch marks AFTER a TT surgery? yikes!

Feeling good again. Hubby is away on business for the week. My mom is coming Monday-Wednesday but I really feel okay to be by myself, esp with the kids back to school. I will have her change the sheets, vacuum, and mop the floors while she is here... the big stuff I can't handle yet. I felt less swollen last night. I hope it this new garment doing the trick. :)

Hooray! I called the garment company and they deal...

Hooray! I called the garment company and they deal with the public, so I can drive there and exchange my L garment for a smaller one. Yay, I don't have to pay shipping to mail it back and then have another resent to me. So happy. The lady on the phone was SO nice. I think I will go later this week, probably before my next appt with my doc since it's near by.

I feel about 85% today. I can pretty much do anything. But I'm tired now. I cooked a little bit this morning- made some squash and apple soup and sautéed some veggies. I forgot how heavy my stainless steel pots are. I had to be careful. I also folded some laundry, but that was about the extent of my physical activity.

Nothing else to report on my boring life. haha. I'm feeling so good, there is really no big news these days.

3 weeks post op: I have a first world problem......

3 weeks post op: I have a first world problem... and If I tell anyone besides you guys, I will surely be unfriended by anyone who knows me... I went shopping today, mostly for my kids but skimmed the clearance racks for a few things for myself and I got the stuff home to try it on... Small is WAY too big and even XS is too big in some stuff! OMG! seriously? I hope I don't regret this surgery bc now I won't be able to find anything to wear! ugh I NEVER in a million years thought I'd have this problem! My pre-TT jeans fit losely on my waist, but I am not ready to buy new pants yet.... Maybe in a few weeks. My belly is so flat that I almost look 'hippy' but I like it.

I was miserable on Tuesday night, so I spent the whole day yesterday on the sofa drinking dandelion tea and my swelling was noticeable down by the afternoon. phew. I felt great when I got up today. Hoping I am on the up.... OH and hubby will be back tomorrow so I'll have him snap my 3 week photos over the weekend.

I'm heading to my ps this afternoon for my 3 week...

I'm heading to my ps this afternoon for my 3 week visit. I am hoping he'll drain some fluid... BUT I have to say, I turned a corner this week. My swelling is SO down. I have been drinking 3 cups of Dandelion Root tea every day, and I think it helped. I felt really good all day yesterday, only a tiny bit of uncomfortableness in the afternoon, but really okay. I probably should have gone to be earlier, tho. I really hope I have turned a corner, but I do expect to have more bad days here and there... I know I need to take it easy, still.

So today, I HAD to wash my compression garment... It was starting to stink after a week of being on my body. So, right now, I am CG commando for a few hours while it drys. I hope I don't regret going without it. I have jeans on (they are loose!) and I don't feel too bad. It's just a little itchy on my back.

What a long day... my good friend opened a new gym...

What a long day... my good friend opened a new gym today and I spent all day on my feet at her open house. ouch. I am sore (pressure at my incision) and swollen. I am camped out on the couch for the rest of the day, and probably tomorrow too. I'm exhausted! It was worth it, though. I saw a lot of my old friends from the gym I used to manage and made a bunch of new friends. It was great to be back in the fitness scene. I can't wait until I can start teaching again. I knew I missed it, bur didn't realize I missed it this much. And now I won't have to stress about what to wear... because as the instructor, I am not supposed to have an huge gut... I am so glad I got rid of it, Game on! Geez, I can't believe how tired I am. crazy.

I can't believe it's been FOUR WEEKS since my...

I can't believe it's been FOUR WEEKS since my surgery! I will have hubby take pics tomorrow. I am healing nicely... my scar looks great. It's darker in the front than the back, but the doc said that's normal. My swelling has gone down considerably and my old jeans are too big now. Hubby says they look just right the way they sit on my hips, but I think they are loose. I want to buy new jeans, but I'm still going to wait a few more weeks.

So today, I think I might try to walk.... I'm going to hop on the treadmill and see if I can just do an easy mile or 2. When the doc cleared me (for light activity) last week, I really wasn't feeling ready but last night I realized I had a really good day all day yesterday and I thought it's worth a try. I have a nasty sore throat and I hope I'm not getting sick. I haven't been sick in over a year, and I KNOW it has to do with the fact that I haven't worked out in a month. I have passed Dr. G's name on to quite a few people. Everyone seems to be shocked with my results. I just tell they it's worth every penny!

I walked on the treadmill... I put it to 3.0 to...

I walked on the treadmill... I put it to 3.0 to warm up, and OMG. I had to turn it down to 2.8... and I had to stay at 2.8 the whole time! I went for 30 min- about 1.5 miles total and hardly broke a sweat. And I'm pooped! Ugh. This is going to be harder than I thought. I honestly thought I'd be walking at 4mph. What was I thinking? I think my strides were too long. I could def feel a pulling sensation as I moved. Oh well, tomorrow I will try again.

Wow... I was a mess last night after my attempted...

Wow... I was a mess last night after my attempted "workout" I swear my thighs were aching where I had lipo and I've totally swelled up again. I still had hubby take my 4 week pics today, but they aren't anything impressive since I'm swollen. I MUST get back to my dandelion tea regime. I was lax with it this week.

I finally got to the garment place and exchanged my L garment for a M. This one goes down to my knees and I like it so much better. With the "boyshort" garment, I was constantly reaching down into my pants to pull the shorts down since they rolled up all the time. I just hope I didn't ruin my lipo results on my thighs by not having good enough compression on them for the last 3 weeks.

Might try to walk again tomorrow.... we'll see.

30 days post op: Wow, It's been a full month since...

30 days post op: Wow, It's been a full month since my surgery. That went SO fast. I kind of wish I did more 'recovering' and less other stuff during my actual recovery time. I'll never get that time back. :( Feeling okay tho... I couldn't believe how much my 30 min walk knocked me out the other day. I haven't tried again since... But I do plan to walk tomorrow since the past 2 days have been really good for me. I still feel like I am being stretching when I stand up straight/tall. I always think that feeling is gone, and then it comes back. I guess it depends on how hunched I am prior to standing. Also, I am noticing "twinges" in my upper abs-above my belly button... like muscle spasms almost, but more like a 'fluttering' feeling. It doesn't hurt, it reminds me of baby kicks. :) I felt some stretching at my scar on my hip when I was bending today. Interesting that thats the one spot on my scar that still looks the least healed. hmmm. Also, I swear my bb is shrinking. It looks smaller to me. Hubby loves it. He said "you have the belly button of a skinny person." Whatever that means. I think it looks small, but I am trying not to stress about it.

I am wishing I had gotten a small garment, since this M doesn't seems to be snug enough, but I am sure it's just fine. I am so used to being squeezed into my clothes pre-surgery that tight is normal to me. haha. I am still wearing my pre-sugery jeans. They are juniors 9s. They are lose, but they fit better than they used to- at my hips. I'm not complaining, but I thought I'd be in a smaller size by now. It probably doesn't help that I am eating like a horse. I need to stop eating so much, really. This isn't probably a good week to aim for that... being that it's Thanksgiving week. The kids have half days from school all week and we have SO much going on!

Chinese for dinner the night before thanksgiving.....

Chinese for dinner the night before thanksgiving.... AND I took the kids to the movies and ate popcorn. Yeah... I don't expect to be wearing jeans for awhile. blah. I was VERY swollen on Monday, but I went back to my dandelion tea yesterday and it worked like a charm.

My new CG got a hole in it on Sunday... right where the seam is for the crotch. By Monday morning it was spread about 2 inches, and now it just keeps ripping- like a pantyhose runner. I wanted to call the place I got it from since this only happened 2 days after I got it, but it was a busy week and I knew I couldn't get over there to exchange so now I am stuck with it. I am going to try to go on Friday and get a new one- I'll probably just buy it since it's been too long to make an exchange. I really like this garment and I am bummed about this.

I walked on Monday! I can't remember if I posted about it. I did about 2 miles in 28 min. I felt good, but didn't want to overdo it. I might walk again tomorrow. Tomorrow is 5 weeks, so I should be cleared to start jogging by next week. I can't wait! Too bad I wont see the doc until I am almost 7 weeks. :(

I'm in Thanksgiving Swell Hell. I feel disgusting,...

I'm in Thanksgiving Swell Hell. I feel disgusting, bloated... nasty! My pre-sugery jeans are tight and uncomfy. I totally need to detox this week! I hope to walk at least 3 times. I don't see Dr. G until next Monday, and I hope I get cleared for cardio and lifting since I will be 6 weeks +4 days by then. I did some stretching on Friday (taught a mini-class) and it felt really good, but I took it easy. I can't wait to get teaching again.... I can't believe how much balance and flexibility I've lost. I hope I get it back fast.

I had my 15 year hs reunion last night. It was great to see my old friends... everyone that I talked to said I looked great, but we all pretty much said that to each other. I didn't exactly dress to show off my new waist. I kind of dressed the way I usually dress, but I looked better. I felt really good- confident and happy- and that was more important to me than anything.

I was going to go buy a new cg tomorrow, but I don't know how much longer Dr. G wants me to wear this thing. If I get cleared to not wear it after 6 weeks, I'll just make due with what I have until then (all torn and pinned up) I don't want to spend the money on a new one anyway. I went without it last night and it felt good.

Time to detox.... blah! I feel SO fat!

Detox day 1 was a success. I feel better. No sugar...

Detox day 1 was a success. I feel better. No sugar for me... just whole foods all day yesterday. And I got my size S garment. I explained to them that the last 2 that I had ripped and they sold me this one at "doctor's price" and told me to contact them if it happens again. This small is snug, but it feels good. I just hope it does it's job. My lipo areas on my inner thighs are still very sore to the touch. I wonder when that will go away. Otherwise I feel just about back to normal with a little tug here and there, but closer to normal than ever. Now I'm just hating my fat arms. I'll have hubby take my 6 week pics on Friday.

I'm off to the treadmill. It's snowing here this am, but I need to get some movement in...

Wow, I can't believe that today is 6 weeks since...

Wow, I can't believe that today is 6 weeks since my surgery! Time is just flying!
I walked for 50 min on Tuesday and felt really good. I walked for 27 min yesterday (was interrupted when I friend came to the door) and today I walked for 62min. I watched an episode and a half of Private practice on my iPad and it wasn't too bad. I did just over 4 miles. My cg is sweaty now, so I took it off right away. It feel good to be 'commando.' I'm itchy on my scar- probably irritation from sweat.

My diet (and by diet I mean 'how I eat') has been great! I am back to eating all clean, whole foods... nothing processed. It makes such a difference in how I feel. Recovery, Halloween and Thanksgiving really set me back. I needed to regain some control before Christmas gets here. My swelling is way down, so that is good!

Some days I sit here and think "I don't really feel any different now that I have had this TT done" Then I have to remind myself how thankful I will be this summer. I guess I am still wrapping my head around the 'mental' part of it. Because even when I go shopping, I still look for the styles that flattered my old body. I still find myself choosing my daily outfits based on how fat I feel that day. I know it's all mental and I will need to get past it. I think the fact that it is Winter isn't helping either, since I have to be all covered up.
I see Dr. G again on Wed- he called to change my appt from Monday. no biggie. I'll be almost 7 weeks then. I hope he tells me I can start jogging again! Pics tomorrow!

I walked 6 miles today and now I feel like I might...

i walked 6 miles today and now I feel like I might pop. I can actually feel myself swelling. I walked hard too... 4.3mph on an incline. And to make matters worse, my compression garment is hanging to dry since I decided to wash it right after I walked (it was sweaty) And since I can't put it in the dryer, I am stuck waiting for it to dry.... I think I have an old spanx or something I should go put on now... and I'll take some advil too. ugh.

My hubby spent the weekend paining my new office and he had a neighbor over to show him the room. I came downstairs in my workout gear and the old man says to me "you got some big arms" I immediately flexed, trying to defend myself, but after he left I said to hubby "SEE, I told you my arms look fat!" I think lipo on my upper arms is going be on my list next. Hubby insists that the guy meant I look strong. whatever.

I'm mad at myself for over doing it today. I was feeling guilty after taking yesterday off, and I felt so good after the first 3 miles, I just kept going. I guess I'll be taking tomorrow off again. I walked 5 days this past week, and I put enough mileage in to equal a normal week of running for me. Probably too much too soon, tho. I want my old stamina back.

I was discharged by Dr. G yesterday! He was really...

I was discharged by Dr. G yesterday! He was really happy with my progress and results. His nurse took some pictures and said I was free to go! I was cleared for all activity and wasted no time getting my groove back. I ran 3miles today! It was a tad bit slower than i used to run, but it felt better than I thought it would. And my dream came true- my dream of running in a sports bra- no shirt! Amazing. I almost started to cry as soon I started to run.

Timing is everything.... I am SO glad I got this done in October! Now, not only am I ready to enjoy the holidays as my old self (which includes shopping (lifting boxes!), drinking wine and wearing tight, sexy clothes!) But I can also turn to my workouts for some stress relief... and by the time summer gets here my scar will be faded enough that it may not be noticeable and I can ROCK a bikini. OH! and we are going to Florida in February, so I can practice that part!

I am SO happy (and so is my hubby!) If you are hesitating on having this done, DON'T! I am such a second guesser, "what if-er" and I don't regret this AT ALL! This was the single BEST thing I have ever done for myself- besides marrying my hubby! :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sheesh, I haven't been here in forever! I feel...

Sheesh, I haven't been here in forever! I feel like life is going on as normal. I am SO thankful for the timing of my procedure. If I had waited any longer I would not have been able to do Christmas normally... and by that I mean shopping, decorating, wrapping... all that fun stuff. I am finally back to my regular workouts (minus abs)- running 15 or so miles/week (except this week bc I am fighting some kind of bronchial thing, blah) And I start teaching toning classes again on Wednesday! hooray!

I feel like a whale... My lower belly is still very poofy after all the holiday binging I have been doing. (cookies, breads and carbs galore!) We are having Chinese take out tonight (NYE) and then tomorrow it's a clean slate... and a clean diet! I was at the doctor today and I was shocked that I weigh almost the same as I did prior to my surgery. That has got to change... I feel FAT! I know once I cut out carbs and sugars I'll feel good again, so that is the plan. I'd like to get down to 130 again.

And life goes on.... I keep forgetting that I'll get to wear a bikini in 6 weeks! I'll wait to start shopping until my self esteem is up a bit. :) Happy New Year everyone!

Not sure what happened to my 12 week update ... It...

Not sure what happened to my 12 week update ... It disappeared. :( oh well. I'm completely back to the way things were before my tuck. I'm still treating my scar, which is pink but not awful to look at. I've lost 6lbs since Christmas, and I feel really great. My tummy is do flat... It got really poofy during the holidays from all the crap I was eating, but now it's pretty flat again, tho I am still not at the weight I was post surgery. (131) I was up to 138 (which was pre-surgery weight!) over the holidays. I am 132 now and hope to get to 128. I haven't been doing ab workouts regularly (doc's orders) but I teach a toning class once/week, so I need to demonstrate for the class. I totally feel like I could have a 6-pack if I really tried, but I'm going to wait a few more months to work on it. Anyway, feeling awesome! And still SO glad I did this for myself!

Last week it was 6 months since my Lower Body lift...

Last week it was 6 months since my Lower Body lift. I am 100% back to life before surgery (I have been since about 7 weeks post op) and I am feeling really amazing. I am sad to report that a beach vacation is not in our budget this year, so my new flat belly probably won't see the sun this summer. I just finished a 28 day clean eating program which made me feel fantastic. (now I feel crappy again after 5 days of eating crap, but I will be doing another 28 days starting Monday.) Life is so good and I am super-blessed have been able to have this done.

9 months post Tummy Tuck/Lower Body Lift

Nothing much has changed. I am probably more active now than before. I felt myself getting "soft" and needed to change my workout routine. I am lifting more often and heavier and making sure I work my abs a few times a week. I am noticing subtle differences after 6 weeks doing p90x. My scar is fading- more in the back than the front, mostly due to sun exposure. I am careful to put sun screen on my scar when I'm outdoors. It's nice to finally have some color on my belly, which had never been seen by the sun in my life! We spend most afternoons at the pool these days. ah, summer. I am not afraid to strut my stuff in a bikini. My confidence is at an all time high. My hubby says I am the hottest chick at the pool. LOL. Still no regrets. I tell everyone about Dr. Guarino. He is a miracle worker.

ONE YEAR later Tummy Tuck/Lower Body Lift Lehigh Valley, PA

Today is ONE YEAR since my Tummy Tuck Lower Body Lift. I can't believe it's been a year! I have absolutely zero regrets and I LOVE my new body. I have been thinking of having Dr. G take a look at my arms to see what he might suggest. But not for awhile yet. Today's photo was taken as my "before" photo, as I just started a new workout routine (Focus T25) to change up my regular fitness routine and take a break from running. My scar is still pretty visible and pink. I don't scar well, so I was expecting this. I still tell everyone I know about Dr. G, and was shocked when his name came up in convo with a friend- he had restored her face after she was in a car accident back when she was a teenager. There is nothing this man can't do. I'm still extremely pleased and would do it all again in a heart beat!

bikini pic

Allentown Plastic Surgeon

I asked 2 of Dr. Guarino's patients about him prior to scheduling my consult. Both had wonderful things ti say about him. I was leery at first because he does not have a fancy website like many of the other doctors whom I was considering. However, on all physician review sites online he received 5 stars across the board from all reviews.I was immediately comfortable in his office and felt like he spent an adequate amount of time with me... answering my questions and making sure I was comfortable. I left his office knowing that I wanted him to be my surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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