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I am turning 40 years old in two weeks!!! I am a...

I am turning 40 years old in two weeks!!! I am a mother of three wonderful kids! My oldest is a 14 year old boy then I have two daughters ages 11 and 6. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. Gaining a lot of weight with each child but luckily lost most of that weight before I got pregnant again. I have been at 140-145 for a long time. Fitness has become a big part of my life! I just could not lose my belly/mid section which always bothered me. Why could I not lose it? Well I finally figured it out that my stomach muscle was stretched and will never return to normal with exercise. So, here I am getting a TT and lipo to fix it!!

I went to my consultation today!! I just loved him so much and he's highly recommended that I walked out of the office with a surgery date of Feb 26th! I picked this date because we have a family vacation scheduled for the end of May! I sure hope I'm recovered by then!

I would like to lose a few pounds before surgery but I'm not sure if I can do it. Is there a quick and healthy diet I can go on? Anyway, need to start getting all the stuff I will need for recovery. I have been on this site for weeks reading and writing down everything people suggest I would need. Oh boy! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I'll post pictures real soon!

WOW!! It's final....I paid the final amount to...

WOW!! It's final....I paid the final amount to the hospital yesterday and had my pre op!! They took some blood and went over what I have to do the night before. They gave me the liquid soap that I have to use the night before and the morning of surgery. Told me not to bring anything except for cell phone or wear any jewelry. Not to eat/drink anything after midnight. Oh boy, I have exactly 7 days until I'm flat!

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with all of my friends!! I had a blast!! I even told a few of my friends that I'm having this done! Two of my friends are backing me up. There not happy about it but they support me because I want it done. Then there is one friend that is not supportive and is making me feel bad that I'm gonna put myself into a lot of pain when she think I don't need it. I'm just leting her talk all she wants but in the back of my head I'm thinking this decision is for me and who cares what she thinks. I have to live with my body she does not and I will feel so much better about my body once I have this TT.

Time to gather up everything I need. I have a recliner coming from my mom if it fits in my father in laws truck (fingers crossed)! Started a list and I was planning on going out tonight but now its snowing maybe i'll go tomorrow! When did everyone start taking the bromelain? I heard that makes a difference in the bruising! Need to figure out what foods to have for me to eat or snack on.

Hello fellow TT friends. I'm still not to nervous...

Hello fellow TT friends. I'm still not to nervous about this yet but I'm sure it will hit me the night before operation day! I still can not wait to see the end results!! I have been wanting to have this done for so long and now it finally approaching! Only 5 more days!

Call me a procrastinater because I still have not gone out to get anything that I need. I did at least order the bromelian and the arnica pills! I have no idea how much to take but they should be here Saturday. I know I should have already started taking the bromelian pills but it wouldn't be me to wait until the last minute to order them. I'm also picking up the recliner from my mom tomorrow night!!

Boy I have been so busy cleaning this house to get ready for my 40th birthday party on Saturday and getting rid of head lice from this house. Monday I found out both my daughters had these annoying things! All I can say is I'm so glad it happened this week and not next week when I won't be able to do anything!

Did everyone get at sheet from there doctors on what to get to prepare them for home and recovery? I'm thinking I should call the office tomorrow and see what they say. I also have to make sure I can take the bromelian and the arnica before surgery or should I wait until after.

Planning on taking pictures tomorrow so I'll get them up tomorrow night sometime.

Hello fellow Tummy Tucker's! I had my 2nd...

Hello fellow Tummy Tucker's! I had my 2nd birthday party last night and told a few more friends! They were very supportive! So out of all my friends I've told only one has a problem with me doing it. She was at my party last night and she steered clear of me the whole night. Oh well....

I can not believe I only have a few more days until.....Flat side! I did get my bromelian and arnica in the mail the other day. I started taking them right away after I called the office to make sure it was alright to do so. The recliner that stands up is in the living room waiting for me. I started to put together a plastic bin with the supplies I need. So far I have: Chapstick, cough drops, gas X, and granny panties. Still need to get: Tylanol, extra pillows, Dial body soap, heating pad, and tank tops for under CG. What else is really needed? What other vitamins should I pick up?

Well tomorrow is the magic day.... I will be...

Well tomorrow is the magic day.... I will be joining the flat side! I can not wait! Whats scary is that I'm not nervous at all. Am I alright? I do have to be at the hospital at 10:30 for an estimated surgery time of 12:30! I packed my hospital bag with a robe to walk the halls in, slippers, and iPad. What else could I need?

I took my laxative that my doctor suggested last night. Oh boy, not a fun day! I spent the day drinking plenty of water and drinking protein drinks. Basically doing a liquid diet day. I just took my shower with the special soap that the hospital gave me and now I'm relaxing with the husband.

I'll be back tomorrow with an update

Hello everyone! I made it to the flat side...

Hello everyone! I made it to the flat side yesterday! It wasn't that bad. I did spend the night at he hospital so that was good. They took good care of me! I wasn't in to much pain last nigh maybe a 3/4 but this morning 1/2. My only complaint was the catheter not working right. It kept backing up and then my stomach would start bloating. Oh well! I will be discharged later today so I'll write more then.

PO2...So let me tell you my story of my surgery...

PO2...So let me tell you my story of my surgery day on 2/26. I woke up and took my special shower with that special soap and peed in that special cup to bring to the hospital.. Got dressed and headed over to the hospital which is an hour and a half away. Got there by 10:30. The nurse took me and my husband into a room and had me get into a gown. They started to take my temp and my blood pressure etc. Had me sign a few papers and then they told me my doctor was ahead of his first surgery so he will be seeing me soon. The next thing they had me in the bed rolling me to a holding area. The doctor came in and drew on me. The next thing they were giving me the special juice and rolling me into the room. By the time we got to the room I was already feeling out of it. The next thing I knew the surgery was done and they were rolling me to my room. I was in and out so my husband left for the night. I was sleeping most of the time anyway. The nurses were so nice! Oh I forgot to mention that my "friend" decided to come early lucky me. I was hooked up to a catheter so that was awesome. I didn't have to get up to pee! My only problem was the pipe was having issues with me and keeped backing up and making my belly feel bloated. In the morning they took the catheter out and had me pee on my own. I thought I was never going to do that. Getting out of the bed is hard to do but you just have to do it quickly. The doctor came in and checked my out gave me instructions and released me at 7:00pm!
Got home and feel a sleep with my two cats on my legs!

In the morning my doctor told me too take a shower so I basically took my shower in the afternoon with my husbands help! Thank god he was helping me! I guess I haven't been eating to good because once I took the CG off I started to see stars and feel hot almost fainted! He fetched me a chair and crackers and water until I was feeling better. I took a quick shower and got dressed. He had me put peroxide on the stitches and wear a t-shirt under my CG. The rest of the day was better then yesterday. I can only hope tomorrow will be better then today!

PO5...Everyday it gets easier! I've been up and...

PO5...Everyday it gets easier! I've been up and walking every hour and a half to two hours! Peeing all the time! How weird is that! I had my first BM this morning and all was good! I was scared about that first BM but there was no reason too! Now should I continue taking the stool softener or should I stop since I went? My shower time is getting better. I have been getting dizzy before and after the shower but its wasn't that bad this morning! Yeah!! I was beginning to think I was making myself dizzy by looking at the incision! I'm hoping that the doctor takes my drain out on Monday! It's basically draining 20-25 cc during the day and 4-10 cc at night! Figures are crossed!

PO6....big day for me! My doctor took out my...

PO6....big day for me! My doctor took out my drain! I feel free! I was so nervous today because I heard a lot of people saying it hurts. It wasn't that bad. He told me to take a big breath in and as I was taking the big breath in he was pulling out the drain. He put gauze on it and told me to expect some leakage from it. I'm also suppose to change the gauze each day. Next big day will be this Friday when he takes out some of my stitches!

16 day PO---Let's see what has been happening...

16 day PO---Let's see what has been happening since my last update. On day 10 PO I had my stomach stitches taken out! I love my incision line! It's thin and healing wonderfully! I picked up the Mederma scar cream and I'm putting it on 3 times a day. I'm planning on picking up Palmers Cocoa Butter Oil or Mama Bee Cocoa Butter Cream and alternate between the two.

I went out on day 11 PO to a bar with some friends to listen to a band and talk and hang out. I needed to get out of the house and be with friends! Note to self and others talking over the band hurts! I did not realize that you tend to use your abs to talk loud! I only lasted two hours and I had to go home do to my abs hurting so much! Will not do that again for awhile!

Day 15 PO--had my BB stitches taken out! He said it looks wonderful but there was one area he didn't like how it was healing so he put three stitches back in. :(. Perfectionist!!! Will go back in a week to get those stitches out!!

All in all my recovery has been pretty easy! I'm one of the lucky ones! I did weight myself and I have lost 3 lbs since surgery day! I am still a little swollen! I was told to messaging my lipo area. Hoping that will bring it down! I think my CG is small on me. Should the CG be really tight or just a little tight? I have picked up a few CG from Target but these garments are only for my stomach. They do not cover my thighs at all. Should it? I guess I need to ask the doctor next week.

Will post pictures soon!!

3 week POD....just got back from the doctors! He...

3 week POD....just got back from the doctors! He is so happy with my recovery! he took out my last three stitches out of my BB. I am all stitch free!! My tummy scar is healing wonderfully!! What a difference a week makes... I am feeling really awesome right now. I am having no pain at all. I am able to cough, sneeze, laugh.. and whatever else without having it hurt my abs so much! The swelling is still hanging around on my hips, but I'm still ok with that at this point. The Doc said to continue to massage, massage, and massage more on my sides! I know it can take a few more weeks until the swelling finally starts to subside. I sometimes forget that I had surgery and should not be doing some of the stuff I keep doing! For example, I was outside this morning scrapping the ice off my car! Sham on me!!
Anyway, the doctor said I could do light exercises now!! No ab work but I can do treadmill, elliptical, machines that don't use abs, and whatever else! What types of exercises do you do at this point? I'm not sure what machines I can do or what exercises that don't use the abs!! On top of the approval of starting to exercise again he doesn't want to see me for 6 weeks!! He said I'm doing so well he doesn't need to see me for awhile!! Yeah!!!

PO 30 (week 4)...I feel great!! My tummy scar is...

PO 30 (week 4)...I feel great!! My tummy scar is healing great! I'm continuing to put the Mederma cream on in the morning, cocoa butter w/ vitamin E on in the afternoon, and vitamin E tablets on at night. I'm also massaging my sides at least 3 or 4 times a day!

My only issue is my belly button. I had my last of my stitches out last week and I guess I over did it. I noticed that my BB was bleeding a little and it created a dried up scab. After a few days of taking a shower and putting on peroxide that scab fell off. To my surprise it looks like I had an open stitch. I did not call the doctor because its not bleeding and its not open so I figure it will heal on its own. Am I correct or should I call my doctor?

14 weeks!!

Hey everyone!! I'm 14 weeks! I also just got back from a wild Wildwood NJ trip! I went down with a bunch of friends and family. We ate and drank to much now I need to get to the gym.
So, like i said I'm 14 weeks and I still have not stepped foot into the gym :(!!! I keep trying to go but life is getting in my way. I have been watching what I'm eating though!! I'm still slowly gaining weight for some reason. I can not figure it out except for the fact I stopped exercising and because I turned 40! I swear turning 40 changed my body. I've noticed that my stomach is always bloated above the belly. Have no idea why? I thought it was due to drinking alcohol but it has to be something else. Hmmmmm........

8 month update...where did the time go?

Ok so Iife got in the way of updating you. Kids are back in school and there is no more family summer vacations until next year!

I can not believe its been 8 months already!! I'm very happy with my stomach to a point. I'm so happy I had the TT done because my loose skin is gone but I thought I would be flatter. I feel like my stomach is still bloated most of the time. No idea why it happens because i stay away from sodium. See my pictures. What do you think? My other issue is a tiny tag on my side. Which I think he can take care of. My other issue is a lump right under my belly button on my incision. Not sure if I should be concerned or not. I'm gonna call the doctor today and see what he says.

Otherwise my incision line is very light and I'm so happy about that. I'm gonna be going on vacation with my husband to Cancun in November so hopefully it will be even lighter by then!! Can not wait!!!
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