35 Years Old, Mom of 2, Finally Doing Something for Myself! - Allentown, PA

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Hi, I am 35 and def done having kids (husband just...

Hi, I am 35 and def done having kids (husband just had vasectomy). I have a naturally small frame so pregnancy and breastfeeding was not kind to me. I have 2 sons ages 8 and 2.5
I have wanted to get a mommy makeover since I had my second son. I kept putting off getting a consultation For 2 years. Finally I realized that the timing will never be perfect, we may never have the cash to pay it all off up front so I might as well talk to a surgeon. I had a few consultations but felt most comfortable with Dr Chung. He took his time with us and answered all of my questions.
It turns out I have an umbilical hernia so my insurance will cover a small part of the fee. I decided to do have it done at the end of December because
1) I'm super impatient
2) we already maxed our insurance deductible for 2016
3) Work is slow at the end of the year so I can take 3 full weeks off!

Eventually I will add some wonderful before photos!

5 weeks to go!

It's definitely starting to get real! I have my 1 month pre-op appointment in a week and I have to make my first payment for the surgery so then it will really be real! We set up the new recliner in our bedroom. It's pretty sweet. It's a power recliner with a cup holder and spot to charge my phone and ipad. Hopefully I can be comfortable hanging out in there for the few days post-op. I'm adding a few before pics. My abdominals need to be sewn back together and I also have a hernia in my belly button. My right nipped became inverted after breastfeeding 2 children. Thankfully my PS will correct that as well! I can't wait to finally feel comfortable in my body again!

1 month pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment on Monday. We talked about what he can do for my belly button and pictures of belly buttons I like. I definitely don't want it to look too perfect. Then it's obviously fake.

Then we talked implants. I was originally leaning toward moderate profile saline because smaller incision, costs less and they just seem like a safer option than silicone. But I really liked the way high profile silicone looked when I was trying sizes on. My husband doesn't have a preference on saline v silicone. He just wants me to go larger (lol). I was looking at 300-325cc but he likes 350-400cc. I like the natural look and feel of silicone. Will it make a difference since the implants are going under the muscle? Silicone will cost approx $1000 more.
*sigh* I have a few weeks to change (and rechange) my mind.

I did it!!

I had my mommy makeover and hernia repair yesterday. Everything went well! I definitely was nervous going in to the OR but the staff was super nice and the anesthesiologist gave me something to relax. Next thing I knew it was over.
I'm definitely sore and uncomfortable but managing the pain well with meds. I'm so glad I asked for Zofran during my last pre-op appointment because the nausea is no joke!
I have been doing a lot of sleeping in my recliner. The hardest part is getting in and out of my chair. I am short so it is hard to shimmy back do I've been using a small step stool to try and get some leverage. DH has been helping me so much. I was worried about him being able to handle all of this plus the kids bUT so far so good!

Today is a better day

I'm moving around much better and took a shower! It was quite an experience. I think my husband was more nervous than me! So far everything looks great. I didn't get a picture yet. Maybe tomorrow. Anyway, the shower wiped me out and I took a 3 hour nap. I don't have much of an appetite so I have been drinking ensure and eating jello, applesauce and dry cheerios. I'm hoping to move around a little more tomorrow.

The Good/The Bad

The Good:
I'm finally getting used to life with this drain. It doesn't bother me much at all anymore. I'm operating much more independently now and have only been taking vicoden at bed time.

The Bad:
I still have not had a BM. I've been taking stool softeners many times per day since the surgery. Also eating fruit. My mom is bringing me over some prune juice. Hopefully that helps move things along!
I'm also very swollen today. My binder keeps riding up under my bra. Then this swollen pouch pops out the bottom. I have to be careful because if I pull it down it will rub on the incision on my hips. I left a message on the nurses line because I'm wondering if I should cover my incision and apply the binder lower. Anyone have this issue?

First post-op today!!

Oh my gosh I hope he takes this drain out. It's starting to hurt and it's very hard to get comfortable. I only have 1 drain and it's about an inch or so below my incision. I'm expecting my period next week so I do NOT want to think about still having the drain.
I'm also hoping to get a new binder or be able to transition into a compression girdle. I'm still battling the binder shifting and rubbing on my incisions. I started wearing my husband's tank tops under the binder and bra but they are an Xl so lots of extra fabric. He got me a pack of smalls and I had a hard time getting them over my boobs! I should have taken a picture before I put myself back together.
It would be awesome to wear something that stays in place!! Especially when I go back to work!


I took a pic yesterday after my shower. I never remember to take pics when I have everything off!
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