Brazilian & Underarm Hair Removal - Allentown, PA

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My first treatment is scheduled for Thursday and...

My first treatment is scheduled for Thursday and I've been reading reviews on here and I'm really nervous about the pain!! The tech told me waxing is a 5 or so and she would say laser is a 7. I have a tattoo and a couple piercings, and a pretty high pain tolerance. I'm hoping it'll be worth it when it's finished and that my body reacts well to it. I figure it's a good financial decision since I was planning to keep waxing and that is not cheap!! I've been doing Brazilian wax only (no shaving) since 2012 so I'm used to that pain. Never had my underarms waxed so that will be new to me haha. Gonna take a couple pain killers an hour beforehand and hope it helps.

19 hours out

I spoke with the tech today and am feeling a lot more at ease. So I shaved 24 hours in advance, she told me I'll want to make sure there's some stubble for the treatment. She said it doesn't hurt that much and only takes 5 minutes so that really helped me feel better, all this talk about feeling like a rubber band snap was starting to freak me out haha. I'll post an update after the deed is done!

Good news and bad news

Well I went in and filled everything out, got a test patch done on my arm, everything looks good with that, it didn't hurt at all! I know it'll be different when it's an area with dark hairs. I got approved for the credit card the special deal is available through. That's all the good. The bad is something additional with the credit card company paperwork has to be done and they couldn't do it today so I had to reschedule :( More good news - my tech said laser hurts less than or equal to waxing so that was a relief, and she gave me advice on how my hair length in both areas looks so it'll be more ideal for the treatment. AND I knew the package included 6 sessions but apparently they include 3 additional treatments as well! Thinking my results should be amazing after 9 treatments!! A little bummed for more waiting but the good definitely outweighs the bad, I'm not nearly as nervous as I was, knowing what I do now. :)

The laser they use is the ClearScan by Sciton - does anyone have experience with this laser? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

First session down!

Sooooo I did it! My tech told me it would hurt less than waxing. I've never waxed my armpits so I don't really have a reference to compare for that, but it wasn't too bad up there. Just felt like hot pinches haha. For my Brazilian, the labia area and back side were pretty painful! Definitely tolerable, didn't need an ice pack afterward, I'm not too red or anything! Just feels like a sunburn, like my tech said it would! She told me the hairs should fall out in about 7-10 days but I've heard ~3 weeks for others so we will see what happens for my case!

11 days post

So the laser sites were a little uncomfortable for about a day after but they're awesome now and the hair is falling out! I noticed it a little around day 7-8 but now a lot is falling out! If I pinch it with my fingertips, most of it just comes right out. Anything that gives any resistance, I leave be. LOVE the results so far! Cant wait for it to all disappear! These pics are from yesterday, I'm currently 12 days post as of 4/30 :)
Everlast Esthetic Center

So far, the center has answered my MANY questions politely and promptly. I've been going there for waxes since 2013 so I'm very familiar with them!

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