Upper and Lower Eyes and Full Face Dermabrasion

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Upper and lower eyes and full face dermabrasion...

Upper and lower eyes and full face dermabrasion.

Please demand photos,my surgeon used the excuse that she kept forgetting to bring her laptop to the office... So I trusted her,she was nice,seemed to know what she was talking about..I saw 2 other surgeons befor I saw her,but I went with my FEELINGS !!!! What a MISTAKE! Just because I liked her the best I went with her.

Post surgery my lids were laying on my lashes,now I have NO crease what so ever and scars that have NO WHERE TO HIDE ! I HAVE NO CREASE...she took TOO much off! NO CREASE WHAT SO EVER..as you can see in the photos.

I have dry eye due to the fact eyes do not close properly. Lower eyes have lympatic fluid building up which makes festoons under eyes. Vision is altered due to muscle repositioning (NEVER) let them do that...it not only CHANGES eye appearance and shape...but it affects vision also.

Oct. 13 was the surgery. I go back Dec. 7th.... But *I* took *PHOTOS*, and made a slide show that I have put onto CD so I will SEE her reaction to MY reality! Beleive you me...I will be getting $$$ back...but that does not change the reality in the mirror.

DEMAND befor and after photos...don't be STUPID like me. THIS.... is what people see, because I was too stupid to demand photos.

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