A Load off my Chest. Lehigh Valley, PA

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Similar story that many have told before, except...

Similar story that many have told before, except that my chest wasn't unusually large until pregnancy. I was always a 32c, then d after the first pregnancy, then dd after the second pregnancy. After that I seemed to grow a cup size each year until I got to my current size of 32h. I've been having back pain, understandably, but starting last year, my neck and shoulders joined in. I tried therapy, which helped a little, but not enough. I still need to take Aleve to sleep. I've cut down on the many projects I try to do, breaking them up into shorter amounts of active time so my back doesn't hurt as bad. Of course, being less active is not ideal, and I'm fed up with not being able to do everything I want to. I've declared it the year of taking care of me! I visited a PS and was approved within two weeks. (I have years of physical therapy and chiropractic records.) I can't wait to get this load off my chest. I've made do for about ten years. I'm excited to be able to try high intensity exercise and not worry about bouncing and bruising. Don't get me started on how hard it is to find a good sports bra!

Prepping the house

I've started stocking the cupboards with food and necessities. Especially things I will not be able to carry for a while like bottles of seltzer, kitty litter and clothes detergent. This week, while I make dinner for the family, I've double each meal and placed the extras in the freezer. I'm slowly giving each room a deep clean so I don't have to stare at something dirty or messy when I will not be able to clean it!
I'm so glad that those of you who have had their procedures have take the time to post about things that have helped. And brands of bras, types of gauze, etc. I'm seriously considering avoiding heavy duty pain meds and have discussed this with my PS. The nausea, vomiting and constipation make it seem not worth it. Thoughts?


Thinking ahead

Do you guys think I'll be able stand in line to vote? My surgery is Oct 19. Should I get an absentee ballot?

Getting nervous...

It's Sunday and my surgery is Wednesday. I keep thinking about the BR and wondering how it will go. I'm worried that I will not like the size or shape afterwards, but also know that I can't take the pain they give my back and neck any longer. Sigh. Feeling guilty for putting my family through this too.

Going in tomorrow!

Ok ladies, it's down to the wire! There will be a lot of rushing around today getting everything done. Gifts for parties, checkups, picking up kids after school...Hopefully it will keep me too busy to be nervous! I just saw a video on FB about a kid with major disabilities training with a personal trainer so he could hike the Great Wall of China. I feel like God dropped that there for me today, to let me know that I can totally do this. I'll try to post a before pic if I have time to take one!

Last night with boob overhang

I haven't been able to sleep without a bra for over 10 years. I know it will be a few more months of 24/7 bra wearing, but I'm looking forward to being able to sleep without one in the future!

I'm home!

Well, things happen so quickly at the hospital, it was a well oiled machine. I woke up in pain with my teeth chattering, but not from the cold. I was super tense so I was dosed three times. All was fine until they mived me to anther recovery area and I started getting sick. I was so dizzy I couldn't walk to the bathroom and sat sitting up half asleep. After two different anti nausea drugs I was better and moved to a room overnight. I finally ate a little yogurt in the morning. Home now and sore, but I'll skip those drugs thank you very much. Ice packs are my friend. I'm in shock at how much lighter I feel, I can take a deep breath fully and easily. The told me how much the PS took off but I don't remember, so I'll update later. The nurses were so great. Two of them had breast surgery by my dr and said he is the best and I will have great results. Fingers crossed!

Wiped out and swelling

Day 6, I woke up still tired and visibly swollen. I called the nurse and she said ice and Advil. I've already been doing that. Anyone else having this happen? I'm more swollen now than I was just after surgery.

Two weeks

I had my two week post op on Monday. Everything looks fine, I was told that the swelling is to be expected, I might get itchy and to use mederma for scars. My next appt is in a month. I still have glue over my incisions. What are you using for scars? I haven't heard anything great about mederma. I'm still swollen, more so on the left than the right. I feel zingers every so often. I have sensation in my nipples but the sides and bottoms of my breasts are a bit numb. My PS sent me home from the hospital braless, but I've recently started wearing Yummie by Heather Thompson Audrey bras. There are no seams, and they hold me in without too much compression. They are long lined, so the bottom doesn't hit my incisions. I was told they took out 679 on the left and 471 on the right. Still pain free on the neck and back- such a relief!

Before and after

Three weeks post op

Just a quick update, I still have glue over most of my incisions. I noticed a reduction in swelling yesterday and today, lots of zingers. Still tender and sore, but more so on my left (your right) as that one had more tissue taken out. I'm able to get out and drive, country roads are still too bumpy! Still pleased I did it. I'm getting antsy, wanting to exercise, but just walking.

4 weeks

The glue is coming off in pieces, I'm too scared to pull it off, so I just cut away what is loose. I have an area that opened up under my aerola, and also noticed so redness underneath both breasts. (Not incisions.). I've been put on antibiotics just in case. I feel fine andhave to stop myself from doing things. The skin on my lower breasts is numb, but I can feel everything inside. I'm treats all incisions with antibiotic ointment for now and covering the open area with non stick gauze.

Popping Stitches

So the area that opened up under my aerola has a stitch coming through, and I found another on the left breast at the bottom where everything comes together. Leave them? Call dr office or wait until my appt Dec 1st? Guess I'll call the nurse line and ask. Has this happened to anyone else?

Week 5

I forgot to post week 5 pics...all the glue is off. Just two areas that are not fully closed. I started scar treatment, varying products each time. Mederma, biocorneum, and antibiotic ointment on the open areas, covered with non stick gauze.

Itchy and red from Maderma

Has this happened to anyone? I was super itchy, so I checked my incisions, which were red. I've only used the Mederma a few times as I was still using antibiotic ointment. I haven't used maderma today and things seem back to normal.

Six weeks post op

I had a check up at the PS, where the snipped a couple of internal stitches that popped out. I may resume daily activities like vacuuming, and I may ease into exercising in two weeks. I'm still a bit uneven, but I was way more so before the surgery. Still a bit swollen, hoping that larger side slims down a little more over time. I've been wearing the Mepitec silicon tape during the day and massaging Palmers cocoa butter with E, bio oil, or bio corneum in the evenings. If I use them in the morning, the tape doesn't stick. I feel close to normal. Tender at incision sites- not ready for a bra to sit there.
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