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Hi , Well like many of you here I ve dreamed of...

Hi ,
Well like many of you here I ve dreamed of having smaller breasts for a long time .Im 47 yrs old 5ft 5 and 169lbs my BR is covered by my insurance I only have to pay for the lipo which is $600 I'm really hoping to be a c cup bra when my journey is over. I guess I was really lucky as far as my insurance was concerned I didn't have any problems getting approved but I did get a copy of my policy and give it to my doctor at the beginning of my journey who then followed each guide line to the letter .So what I would say to anyone starting their journey and hoping for the insurance to pay for it is check your policy ,copy it and take it to your doctor and ask their advice on how to proceed .
I have struggled with having a large chest since I was 12 yrs old . I was a 32 dd at 12, I was a child in a woman's body and found it extremely difficult dealing with the attention that came along with It. It seems all my life my large chest defined who I was in others eyes .

Well I am finally getting my surgery on the 13th December and although I'm excited to be doing this , as each day passes I find I'm getting more and more nervous which I didn't really expect . I don't really know why and what I'm nervous about I just know I am lol if that makes any sense to anyone .
I'm so happy I found this site and want to thank all the women who have shared their stories and experiences it has helped and comforted me to share your journeys . I hope by posting my story I will help other women who are starting their own journey
I will try and update my progress each day
Good luck to those about to get their surgeries and get well soon to all those recovering from theirs x

The hospital just called I have to be at...

The hospital just called I have to be at registration at 9.45am my surgery will be at 11.45am was hoping it would be earlier but at least it's not on the pm

It's 1.20am and I can't sleep my nerves are on...

It's 1.20am and I can't sleep my nerves are on overdrive .
I got home from work at 10.20pm colored my hair ,showered ,shaved
couldn't remember if I'm allowed deodorant or not so left it off . I just took all my jewelry off and my overnight bag is all packed so I guess I'm as ready as I'm Gona get

Here are some post op photos I'm sorry I don't...

Here are some post op photos I'm sorry I don't have any pre op right now but Dr Guarino said he will make me some copies of the ones he took at my first appt so as soon as I have them ill post them

I'm now 5 days post op I have no pain and no real...

I'm now 5 days post op I have no pain and no real discomfort I'm no longer taking any painkillers and haven't done so for 2 days
I posted some new photos and as you can see there is not much bruising and all in all my breasts look pretty clean
Im showering and cleaning my wounds every day with hydrogen peroxide and also taking antibiotics that my PS prescribed
I have an appointment on Xmas eve with my PS to have my stitches removed and I'm praying my great recovery will continue
I can not believe how well I feel ... How can the body go through this much trauma and not be in pain ? Thank you god and thank you Dr Guarino
To any ladies fearful of this surgery please don't be it's the best thing I've done
I will keep you all updated x

I was so bored earlier and I feel so good I jumped...

I was so bored earlier and I feel so good I jumped in my car and went shopping I only went out for about 2 hrs but I felt ok. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to drive yet so I ll call my PS tomorrow to check . I just want to let the ladies that haven't had their BR yet I'm 5 days post op and feel great , the only thing I feel I could nt and wouldn't do right now is lift anything but other than that I feel good

Hi everyone I just came back from my first post...

Hi everyone
I just came back from my first post op appt I had my stitches removed which I was really nervous about but uneccerarily as it turns out wasn't painful at all .i felt a little pulling sensation but nothing more really .
My PS was really pleased with my progress said I looked great said I could wear any bra now as long as it had no underwire
Now for the numbers he took 860 grams out of right breast and 680 grams out of left breast and he lipo the area as well so can add on extra for that so a lot of boobage gone
My PS also supplied me with some before pic so I'm posting them for you ladies to see
So I'm feeling great at 11 days post op

Hi ladies Well I'm now 16 days post op and still...

Hi ladies
Well I'm now 16 days post op and still feeling great
I'm definately one of the lucky ones I've had no problems so far
I had no real pain after surgery was driving 4days post op was shopping for clothes 5/6 post op
This was the best thing I've ever done for myself I feel totally liberated its just unbelievable so for you women who are thinking should I or shouldn't I do this ? DO IT don't hesitate for a moment because if you ,like me and many of the women on here have suffered with pain you are not going to believe the difference
The biggest surprise for me is the difference I feel physically
I always knew obviously my heavy breasts contributed to the back neck and head pain I had been feeling but I also thought.... Well I'm 48 and getting older so that doesn't help
Well ladies I was wrong so wrong ALL of the pain I have had for yrs has been because of my heavy breasts . I swear its like a miracle all my back neck shoulder and head pain has stopped I feel better now than I did at 25 I can't wait to get the all clear from PS to work out coz I'm Gona lose 30lbs and I'm Gona post the pics right here for all the women who are hesitating on getting this done
I wish I had done this 20 yrs ago
I was lucky my insurance paid for my BR but I swear if I'd known it would have these results I'd have paid for it myself 20yrs ago
I want to wish all the ladies that are waiting for their BR good luck on your journey I'm so excited for you
And to all the ladies in recovery I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery
And to all a Happy New Year . God bless us all X

Tip for the tender nipple problem I noticed 2 days...

Tip for the tender nipple problem I noticed 2 days ago my nipples were really starting to get sore and looking red so I put some gauze in them but it didn't seem to help so when I was in work today asked one of the docs to look at them I was worried about infection she said its sore from irritation she said maybe your bra or to much movement is irritating them as they are so sensitive right now So she went in her bag and gave me a handful of nursing pads ( she just had baby so breast feeding) and said try these I said shall I use any cream on them she said no Well ladies I have to tell you that was about 5hrs ago and my nipples feel 20 times better with the nursing pads Hope it helps you

He was recommended by my Doctor I swear this plastic surgeon is a genius in his field . He has a natural gift with people that you can't be taught in any medical school. Dr Guarino is a perfectionist and he cares about his patients and that's what makes him the best at what he does

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