46 Year Old Mother of 2- Not Ready to Look my Age- Rhinoplasty, Turbinectomy, Septoplasty, Neck Lift - Allentown, PA

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I had wanted to do this for a while. Last summer,...

I had wanted to do this for a while. Last summer, I went to see an ENT, who had confirmed my enlarged turbinates and deviated septum after several sinus infections. This past year, I had 4 pretty bad sinus infections which included losing my voice. I didn't miss as many days of work as I should have- i just stuck it out and went anyway, which I think just made things worse. The antibiotics were really hard on my stomach as well. I've always breathed out of my mouth because of constant congestion. My allergist had once told me that I am constantly congested to the point that it is probably normal for me, not ever having the experience of "normal breathing". I've had nasal sprays, but never liked them draining down the back of my throat. My husband told me that I snore at night, too. I didn't believe him until he recorded it. Wow, do I snore loudly. I am hoping to be able to breath out of my mouth on the treadmill at the gym. I can't hear myself because I listen to music, but for the people around me...lol
Since I have off during the summer (I'm a teacher), I decided the best time to have this done was now. I was pretty impulsive with scheduling, and fortunately my doctor had an opening within 3 weeks of trying to make the appointment. My insurance covered part of the procedure since some of it was considered "medical" (the septoplasty and the turbinectomy). I scheduled the appointment for July 18th- 2 weeks before we fly to the Dominican for a family vacation. The doctor said that I would be well enough to make the trip.
During my consult with Dr. Kevitch, he confirmed what my ENT had seen last summer- the deviated septum and enlarged turbinates. His plan was to fix both of those problems as well as the slight hump on the bridge of my nose and my droopy tip. I also asked if he could do something with my "turkey waddle" on my neck, since it wasn't getting any better and surely, with age, it was just going to get worse. I figured since the anesthesia and surgical sight fees are separate, I might as well take care of it now, so I didn't have to pay more later. My profile from the side has, to me, always been unattractive. I am hoping to improve that as well as my breathing.

DAY 1- FRIDAY- Went in without any reservations. I am no stranger to surgeries or anesthesia, so I wasn't scared at all. I am familiar with my doctor's work, so I wasn't worried about that either. I just wanted to get it over with! Everything went well as expected. I went home wrapped up like a mummy- chin strap, nose cast and all. I just wanted to sit down and go to sleep, but I needed to stay upright. My throat was so sore from the breathing tube they used during anesthesia. Breathing was difficult because of the packing in my nose and the constant feeling of dripping from my nose. I took the pain meds before bed. it was the worst night's sleep EVER...so uncomfortable.

DAY 2- SATURDAY- Woke up super-early. Felt groggy, but not in pain, just a little uncomfortable and really swollen. My left eye was pretty black and blue with a nice shade of purple. That chin strap business, though. Seems so tight. My friend came over later in the afternoon to check me out and was there when I changed the bandages around my neck. She couldn't believe how my profile looked already- just after 24 hours. No turkey waddle. Amazing. Felt great, cleaned my whole house. I'm just one of those people who can't sit still or waste time. The packing comes out tomorrow. That is the worst. The actual discomfort from the surgeries themselves is not a problem. it is more the packing in my nose and the sore throat from the anesthesia tube. And this too shall pass...

DAY 3- SUNDAY- So pumped to get this packing out of my nose! My face was REALLY swollen this morning. My husband was (jokingly) calling me "mask" today- like the guy from the 80's movie of the same name. I was cracking up, but I can't laugh too much. I don't want to bust these stitches open!! The swelling went down after an hour or so of being awake. Went to get the packing out. It is Sunday and my doctor so kindly came in on his day off, with no one in the office, to take it out. He forewarned me that it would burn when taking the packing out. Well, he was not lying. I can't even describe the feeling-very, very weird. I wish I would've looked at them when he was finished. It felt like he pulled a surfboard out of each nostril. It felt bigger than what I thought it was. As much as it burned, let me tell you about the INSTANT RELIEF and ability to breathe...it was SO CLEAR! Granted, there was a ton of drainage, but it was much better than not being able to breathe! Throughout the day, I just wanted to blow my nose, but I knew I couldn't. It was so runny, but it felt as if there was stuff still in my nose. After getting in there gently with a Qtip, I found some large pieces obstructing my breathing on one side. What a relief when I got that out. Still seeing a lot of blood attached to things. I'm sure that will be that way for a while. I am getting used to this nose cast, although it is a pain because I wear glasses. Took the pain meds before bed and continued to prop myself up to sleep. It will help keep the swelling down.

DAY 4- MONDAY- Getting better every day. I made the appointment to get the cast off- Thursday at 9am. I tried to schedule it a day earlier before another scheduled (dermatologist) appointment, but they said that the stitches, cast, etc. needed to be in place a week before they were removed. My left eye is still a little black and blue, but getting better. Not so swollen when I woke up this morning. My neck was more swollen where the chin strap had stopped. I'm not worried though. I massaged it out and it was fine. I am prepared for the swelling to be there for a while and trying to keep my expectations realistic. I lightly blew my nose today- I was getting more congested, which the doctor said would happen. I went to Target late in the night tonight- had to get out of the house!! I feel so much better than what I did on day 1 and 2. I just had to keep telling myself it would get better. It really was crappy the first 2 days...I'm not gonna lie, but I am sure it will be well worth it in the end.


Had my appointment today to have my nose splint and stitches removed today~Thank God! :) It was so hot yesterday, the splint was getting to be itchy and uncomfortable. I was itching it by sticking toothpicks under the tape of the splint, which was a temporary relief, but it started to loosen the tape. Luckily, I had my appointment early in the morning. My appointment was pretty quick and painless, taking the stitches out of my neck and nose. My Doctor was not in, but the other doctor who took the stitches out said everything looked great and was surprised that I was not as swollen and black and blue as he usually sees. I am happy with the results and have no regrets. I think I will be even happier as time goes on when the swelling goes down. I go back in 5 days to have a recheck with the doctor who did my surgery.

Dr. Kevitch is amazing. A true artist. I would highly recommend him for any aesthetic procedure.

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