36 Yr Old, mother of 3, Full Tummy Tuck with Liposuction and Muscle Repair - Allentown, PA

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Having 3 babies had taken a toll on my body. Loose...

Having 3 babies had taken a toll on my body. Loose skin and a stubborn layer of subcutaneous fat left me feeling very self conscious. After getting breast augmentation surgery in May '15 I felt I was ready to tackle this bigger scarier surgery. So far I can say I'm happy I did. I'm only 5 days post op and still quite swollen but can already tell I'm going to have great results.

Before pic - not a great one

So as most of you know when your boyfriend wants to take your picture, especially in a bathing suit you know how to pose in a way that positively accentuates your body. That was the case in this photo so don't be fooled. Will post more before pics tomorrow hopefully.

More before pictures

These were taken in my doctors office in August

8 days post op and feeling great

Had my drain removed a couple days ago and my ps said everything is healing great. Swelling is starting to go down a little and I can actually put on jeans again. Waiting for all the bruising to go away and the soreness from the lipo. My belly button is slightly lower than normal bc we opted for a floating belly button instead of making a new one. Overall I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far. Getting my stitches out later today, pretty excited for that.

11 days post op

Was going to wait until the 2 week mark to post an update but decided to take some pictures today. So far I can say I'm really happy I did this. Despite some people questioning my need for surgery, I feel that this was the best thing for my self esteem. I was so embarrassed by my post baby body. Today is 11 days post op and I'm extremely happy with my healing process. Incision is healing quickly and is barely visible in some spots, swelling is still there but going down. Hoping I'll be healed enough to wear a bikini for my vaca to St. Croix in 3 weeks to look at our wedding venue. :)

3 week post op

Feeling more like myself every day and can finally sleep on my stomach again. Started getting lymphatic drainage massage and am wearing a faja compression garment for about 8 hours per day.

6 weeks post op

I finally hit the 6 week mark, I'm feeling great, sleeping comfortably on my stomach for a few weeks now and can pretty much do anything that I did before surgery. Still have some swelling and the numbness across my stomach which is just more of an annoyance than anything else. My bb is still lower than I'd like but trying to be optimistic and hoping it'll still relax and move up slightly when I'm 100% healed. Anyway, here are some pictures from today.

17 weeks post

Been awhile since I've posted. Scar is fading nicely and I'd say I'm about 75% pleased with my results. I still have pockets of swelling which is part of the reason I'm not 100% satisfied just yet and I don't think I'll ever get used to my belly button being so low. Need to come to terms with it though because there's nothing that can be done about it at this point. I had this idea that I was going to be able to rock a bikini post surgery with more confidence than I had 20 years ago but unfortunately that is not the case. I'm not even sure I can wear a 2 piece without feeling self conscious about my bb. Also, not sure if anyone else had this happen but when my doc pulled my pubic skin up it raised my labia up so high that you can obviously see it through my bathing suit so I have to wear something with a pattern or texture to hide it. Anyway I'm still more pleased than not. :)

Bulge that isn't going away

Ok, it's been a long time since I've posted on here. I'm about 7 months post op and I have this shelf or bulge that isn't going away. I don't think it's swelling or fluid, if I push my finger into the skin it doesn't indent or anything. Could this be fat that wasn't lipo'd? It's so annoying!

Revision scheduled Nov 9

Next month will be a year since my tummy tuck and I'm so unhappy with how I look. The bulging in my stomach and above my incision has never gotten better and there's unevenness on my hips I think from either lipo or the stitches caused it, idk. I went to my ps who said due to me gaining 7 lbs that's what caused the bulging and his assistant said maybe it's bloating from my diet. They're very nice people but come on, I'd know if it was bloating and the bulging has been there all along. I'm getting a full revision of my tummy tuck and also having my bb raised so it's in a more normal location. It's extremely low and sits below my underwear most times. At the same time I'm having my breasts redone. I had a lift in 2007 and augmentation in May 2015 and they're way too big for me. I'm having another breast lift and having my smooth silicone 325cc implants exchanged for textured silicone 225cc. Since I'm going under the knife again and praying for the last time I'm also having a little lipo/smart lipo on my inner thighs and arms. It's a lot for one surgery but I want this to be it. I just wanted a bit of my pre babies body back and it's turned out to be quite a challenging journey. In hindsight I probably wouldn't have done anything to begin with but now I have to try to fix this. :(
Allentown Plastic Surgeon

I first saw Dr. Guarino in 2007 for a breast lift, I was very happy with my experience and so when I decided to have breast augmentation in May 2015 I decided to use Dr. Guarino again. At that time I also consulted about liposuction on my abdomen and flanks. Dr. Guarino advised that with the amount of loose skin I had that lipo wouldn't give me the results I desired and in fact would probably leave me more dissatisfied with my stomach bc it would be wrinkly. At that time he said he thought I looked great the way I was and didn't think I needed to do anything to my stomach so I opted to just do the breast aug. I was very impressed with his honesty, he could have done the lipo and taken my money but that is not his style. Fast forward to summer and I was very self conscious about my mid section every time I wore a bathing suit. I decided that was the last summer I was going to feel bad about myself so I decided to go for the TT. Dr. Guarino and his staff have been so supportive throughout all my procedures and have never once pushed me to do any procedure. I had more than enough skin to do a full TT and muscle repair with lipo and I am so happy I did. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends and in fact already have. He has done a breast aug on my good friend and will be doing some work on my mom in the near future. That's how much I trust Dr. Guarino and his staff.

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