Mom of 3 Ready for Some Improvements Before I Hit 40 - Allen, TX

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Hi all - this is my first review here. I haven't...

Hi all - this is my first review here. I haven't taken pictures yet, but will be sure to add them.

I'll be 39 in November and have 3 kids. All carried full term and no c-sections. I've always had a small pooch, but it's gotten worse with age. I weigh about 155 and am 5'4". I eat ok, but I work from home and spend the vast major of my day on the computer and phone - - which has taken a toll (along w/ 3 pregnancies) on my body. Ultimately I want to address my heavy upper arms - 13" in circumference! Ever since I was a teen, I've had to purchase larger tops to fit my arms. After having done 5 consults - 1 with my ob/gyn who does lipo & TT, 1 with a wellness spa that just did lipo and injectables and 3 board certified PS. All 3 of the PS recommended that I could do just lipo on my arms, but would be left with bat wings. So as much as I didn't want to go the path of a arm lift - - that's where I'm at. I will be starting with a tummy tuck, outer thigh lipo and arm lipo in mid-October. Then approximately 3 months later, I will go in and get the arm lift and some fat removed from under my eyes. The recommendation to split this up is to get the best result possible on my arms since they tend to swell a lot and very quickly. I look forward to the day when I can just buy small or medium size shirts and not bigger for my arms.

Before pics & first post op posting

Not the greatest, but did want to capture where I was before. Doctor said he took 700 CCs from each arm (although some of that would have been the liquid he injected first). In total he said he probably removed 10 lbs across all 4 areas he treated.

I ended up staying the night as I was very nauseated from the general anesthetic (sp??). Very glad I did since for those first 12 hours post ops, every movement I made made me want to throw up.

First real shower! Day 4 post op

OMG - I finally got a full shower in and washed my hair. I didn't bother shaving, but it was heavenly to feel clean. My last shower attempt 2 days ago was so unsuccessful as I got so nauseated, I couldn't stay in the show long enough to soap anything up.

I have no drains, but I can tell my tummy area is swelled up. Also my arms are quite swollen - - although to be expected since he was aggressive with the lipo in the arms. I continue to have some hope that my skin will tighten sufficiently and I won't have to come back for a arm lift.

1 week milestone

One week ago today I had my TT along with lipo of flanks, outer thighs and arms. I do continue to feel a little better each day. And today was my first time driving in a full week! And yesterday I actually put on clothes vs just wearing my bathrobe.

I have a love/hate relationship with my CG. Mostly its comfortable, except for my waist where the CG stops. My skin is just feeling itchy and irritated. Yesterday night after my first day back at work (at home), I felt very swollen, so I switched back to my medical grad CG vs. my personal "spanx" version. I'm pretty bruised up from the lipo and that is really what hurts more so than the TT. Tomorrow I get stitches on the belly button removed and the few stitches from the lipo. I don't have drains as my doctor does no drain approach. I can't even imagine having to deal with those. I'll try to take some pictures today or tomorrow.

8 days post

Yesterday went to have a check up. Got the stitches removed - not many, just on belly button, one on each arm, and 2 on the back. Didn't hurt at all. Doctor continued to say its fine to use a spanx type Cg. I would normally go back in 3 months for another check up but since I'm already schedule to have arm lift and lower eye fat removed on Jan 13 I will actually go back in December for a preop to that procedure. Of course, maybe by some miracle of God's, my arms will shrink enough after the lipo swelling that I will satisfied enough. A girl can hope! Overall I'm feeling ok. Still not able to get comfy in bed so continuing to sleep on the recliner. Went to my daughters softball game last night and it was nice to really get back to normal activities! I did take a couple of pics yesterday.

2 weeks post TT w/ MR along with outer thigh/arm lipo

Hard to believe my surgery was two weeks ago today! Over this past weekend, I was finally able to move from sleeping on the recliner to sleeping in my bed. I do have to use a ton of pillows and am still not comfortable sleeping on my side. Then yesterday was the first time I picked up my 2 (almost 3) year old. She keeps saying "I miss you" so I know she has felt that mama has not been the same the last couple of weeks. I still take 1 - 10 mg of hydrocodon at bedtime, but otherwise am just doing advil during the day. While I still don't feel like I have 100% of my energy back, I can at least make it till 9 PM! This is a big improvement over last week. Tomorrow I will actually go into the office to work, so will be "dressing" up for the first time since before surgery.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

So far I've been pleased with my interactions. The care coordinator, Kim, in particular has fielded a ton of questions from me. Dr. Pollock does a no drain approach on the tummy tuck and the way he does his closure means that he only requires wearing a CG full time for 2 weeks.

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