38 Yr Old, Wide Diastisis Recti and Painful Umbilical Herni. Got Drain Less Tummy Tuck - Allen, TX

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I had to get an umbilical hernia fixed, it was...

I had to get an umbilical hernia fixed, it was causing lots of pain. Dr said hernia may come back because of the 3-4 finger muscle separation (diastisis recti) and the only way to fix it is to get TT. Hubby said, get r done, and so began my search for a plastic surgeon. I found an amazing one after reaching out to a well respected physician (I'm fairly new to the area). Did my research, and my Dr did the drainless technique. I'm sharing my journey.

I'm 38 with 2 young kiddos ; 5'3; 168 lbs; size 10 pants

Day 9 post op

I saw my Dr yesterday, he took out my bb stitches and the steri strips. The incision looks great! I'm VERY happy! It's midnight here, and 24 since I last took a pain pill. I feel really good. Nurse said I need to work on walking straighter, said that'll be my goal today. The tingling in my legs is minimal as is the numbing sensation. My appetite is coming back little by little. I'm very happy about how I'm healing (thanks to my DH, family, friends, and God). Cancun, here I come (next month)!

Day 15 post op

I'm able to move around much better during the day. Sleeping is still horrible! I'm up and down several times a night, I can't get consistent sleep so I feel very exhausted during the day... Which makes me crave cake, ice cream, and cookies. ???? and eating all of that won't help with weight loss, esp since I can't exercise to burn it off. What a horrible cycle! I can sleep on my side for a little while now, but then my leg gets numb. I sleep on my back, but then my feet get numb. Are you all sleeping ok? When did you return to sleeping through the night?

Day 37 post-op

I feel great! I started back at the gym, doing indoor cycling. Nothing heavy on the torq, because the incision feel a little weird as do all the little stitches inside my abs. I'm hoping that'll feel better with more time, it's only been 5 weeks afterall. I'm able to bend down and get up better, which is great because I've missed bath time with my 3 y/o. Sorry the pics are from almost a week ago, you can see my one hip and that ones seems to be sore still. Not fun. But overall, I'm very happy with the surgery. I've been able to walk upright since the day of surgery, and my incision is healing quite nicely.

11 weeks post op

I stopped using the binder during the day, but I find I am swollen by the end of the day. Also, I'm getting some pain where my hernia used to be. It's off and on, like an achy feeling, but it'll subside after a few hours. Also, I'm concerned that my belly button is too small... I can't fit my pinky in it to clean it, i need a qtip.
The scar is healing wonderfully!! It's flattened and now it's a matter of the dark spots healing. I had blisters that appeared because of the binder rubbing my skin when I moved. My scars typically darken up before they lighten.
And my waist seems odd to me, the sides anyway. One dips in just perfectly on the side, the other is fairly straight from rib to hip. Hmm... I'll ask PS when I see him in 2 weeks.
Overall though, I'm very happy with the results! My belly is flat, yay! And no more hernia pain!!

3 month follow up

I am SO very happy with my TT! I can't believe how amazing the incision looks! Really flat, and it's healing into a nice small seam. It's gonna look great!! And best of all, I'm no longer in pain!!
If you're considering a PS in Dallas (he has an office in Allen too), go see my Dr. He's great! Explains well, answers my questions, no matter how silly I think it is and doesn't make me feel bad about it, great bedside manner. I highly recommend!!!

I feel great! Still swollen, but I've gotten the clear to get back to my barre classes (jumping for joy!). Yes, my abs are weak, but I know I'll get back to where I was before physically.

Would I do this again? Yes!
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