30 Yr Old with Lots of Belly Fat but Tight Muscles in That Area - Alexandria, VA

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Okay, so I went in on a Thursday at 6:50 p.m. I...

Okay, so I went in on a Thursday at 6:50 p.m. I was told about the numbing and the feeling of the injection sites. But back up a bit. I was given Valium to sedate me and 2 Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen pills for pain. After about 30 minutes, I was like "come on yall before I fall asleep". I was so high, it's not even funny. So Anna came in with me, took my pictures and prepped me for Dr. Segev. When he walked in, I was in awwwww. He is soooo beautiful. Clean cut, shape up, fresh middle-aged man who is happily married to his wife, or engaged, I think. I was high so I can't remember but I know he talked about her like someone who is really in love. HE got me comfortable, explained the entire process, told me what he could do. It was funny because when he came in, he had this look on his face like "aha! I can make something out of her" he was all into it, my body. So here goes the first injection. OMMFG WTF was that. It hurt soooooooo bad. I remember saying if I have to get stuck like this in more than 1 more place, Imma die. But immediately after the injection, everything was numb. SO then he went to my backside and injected me there. I was having three areas treated, upper and lower abs and flanks. Man oh man is that stuff painful. After I was numb, Dr. Segev ensured that I was numb and was really good at noticing when it was wearing off and went back to inject me some more to numb the area. It felt like what most people would think lipo feels like - annoying. I'm really ticklish on my sides and esp under my under arms so I kept laughing like crazy in those areas. But there were times where he'd hit an area, I guess where there wasn't that much fat (upper abs) and I felt every pump. Though uncomfortable, it was pretty quick. 2 hours total at the most but Anna stood her self right there to comfort me during this time and held my hand. After the procedure was done, she told me that I was gonna leak and I am weak to blood-sites so when I stood up and saw the blood, I immediately got faint and had to sit down for another 10 minutes and drink some water. "Are you ready", Anna asked me. I just looked at her with this "I'm still high and tired now look" and simply replied "can I just lay here" and we both just laughed. I was in so much pain by the time I got home, 1 hour away that all I could do was take some meds and go to sleep. But back up to putting the girdle on. OMG whoever made this specifically for this procedure should be smacked then kissed by all. I KNEW I could never fit into a medium anything unless it was 100% spandex but Anna brought me a damn medium girdle and some while belt-looking thing. I remember asking her "who's fitting in that? Not me" and esp not right after this procedure. she looked at me and said "it's for you" with certainty, and I was still in shock that this lady managed to get this damn girdle on me that night. The WORST!!!!! she padded me up and sent me on my way. LOL

Anyways, 1 day post-op, I was in bed for a whole day in pain. For me, pain meds that are narcotics do nothing but put me to sleep so I took some because you can not take any NSAIDS's the first 48 hours but Monday a.m. I was back to my Aleve to kill the pain. Back up tp 1 day post-op. Let me warn you now.... taking the girdle off for the first time, please have someone by and with you. I almost passed the heck out. It's a result of the blood flow that had been restrained the previous day. It hurt soooo bad, I wanted to cry. But my mom helped me out and bathed me. Word of advice: The more you wear the girdle, the better you will feel. At first I did not think I would last that long wearing it but it does get better over the days. Even today, post-op 1 week 6 days and the girdle feels like a large pair of panties that come over my belly button. LOL It is so comfy. Even when I take it off to wash it, I can feel the difference.

Overall: at 1 week post-op, a few of my friends thought that I had a butt augmentation. I think the results are starting to show because everyone says they can see a difference. When I look in the mirror naked, I am still swollen and in pain. My back is what hurts the most, where the injection sites are located and under my belly where it used to hang, they cut there too and it is still healing. But I must say that I can see results myself. I'm really not looking for results in weight because it is not meant to help lose weight but more as a sculpting to help you get the look you want. I actually gained 5 pounds I think. But I can see my waist line and my lower belly is actually becoming firm and tight, where it is not hanging like it used to. I can see all of my tattoos clearly too. hehehe. I'm considering wearing the white compression garment more now. It was the most uncomfortable of uncomfortable things so I do not wear it at night; haven't done so since 1 week post-op. It's just toooo damn tight. and it hurts. But when I was wearing both pieces, I can feel the muscles and my skin trying to tighten back up faster so I know it has to be worth it somehow.

I have my own pics to post since I have yet to get mine from them yet. Will post asap. Overall, I think even at almost 2 weeks post-op, it was def worth it.

Tumescent Lipo; not Laser Lipo

This was not Smart Lipo but indeed tumescent lipo. Just an FYI. I have tried Smart Lipo (Laser Lipo) and believe It or not, it actually worked. First treatment out of 8 of which I never went to after treatment number 3 actually took 2 inches off of my waist within two treatments.
Dr. Segev

I absolutely loved Dr. Segev.

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