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I had this done yesterday for deep nasolabial...

I had this done yesterday for deep nasolabial folds. My face is on the thin side and as I've gotten older (I'm 46) - really within the past 2 years - the lines have become more obvious.

The procedure itself is not overly painful and it took about 20 minutes total. I didn't have the area numbed ahead of time - I didn't think I would need it and I didn't. Though I will say that it hurts, I won't pretend that it didn't but it's more uncomfortable than scream out loud hurts - if that makes any sense. Also the Perlane has Lidocaine in it so when the doctor went back over an area, I didn't feel it. I could tell immediately that the lines are not gone - so if you think they go away completely when you have deeper lines like me, that isn't going to happen - but they look good.

Last night my face was very sore. The areas where I got the pricks - they all throbbed. Not enough to take anything but it was a bit uncomfortable. I iced my face that night. Today I have swelling - even above my lips where I didn't have anything done but it is right next to the area so it makes sense. I have more swelling today than yesterday but the bruising I saw last night is barely noticeable today. I notice the swelling but so far no one else has. I was happy when I walked out. I saw immediate improvement.

Today it is all super smoothed out - but that is because of the swelling. Since I don't have issues much with swelling and bruising normally I plan to give it 2 weeks to see the full effect. If I want a bit more smoothing on one side that was deeper than the other I may have a bit of Restylane added on top to build it up a bit more. This should last me about a year - worth the extra $250 difference from Restylane. Also the doctor's office gave me info on the Restylane website for a $75.00 rebate. So in the end it will cost me $675.00 - well worth it.

Update - well, at this point I would have to say...

Update - well, at this point I would have to say that the Perlane has definitely set in and is not as obvious. I have the lines again - but they are probably not as severe as before I had the Perlane injections. My doctor told me that we would have to wait for the swelling to go down to see the true results but she warned that because my folds were pretty deep, I may have to get more - that will be the case. I am due back in October but will most likely return before the summer begins to see how it goes with additional Perlane injections. I will give one more try.

I eventually ended up switching to Juvederm. It...

I eventually ended up switching to Juvederm. It last much longer for me for whatever reason than Perlane and it was $100 cheaper at my new doctor's office - Dr. Chaboki in DC. .
Alexandria Dermatologic Surgeon

She is my regular dermatologist and is excellent. She was very informative before hand when I was curious about fillers and we talked which would be better and why but left the final decision up to me since one cost a bit more than the other. No hard sell, but good facts and very nice to work with.

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