43 Y/old Male Mini-tuck, Lipo Abdomen , Flanks, Pubic Area, Lipo Face (Neck and Jowels), and Phalloplasty - Alexandria, VA

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I am a 43 year old male looking to improve upon my...

I am a 43 year old male looking to improve upon my appearance. I am confident in who I am but have never been objectionable to having a little help in making the body be more attractive for myself as well as my spouse. After years of thinking about different procedures and looking round at many doctors I found one in VA that I feel has worked with the male body for many years and so would be who I have chosen to perform many surgical procedures at once. I have plenty of options closer to home (West Coast) but not many that work a lot with the male body. The doctor is Dr. Stephen X. Giunta and has been in practice for a very long time.

I am looking to have the equivalent of the female body makeover but for a man. I am having the following procedures done:

1) Mini Tummy Tuck: Liposuction of abdomen, muscles below navel to pubis tightened and excess skin removed

2) Lipo of Flanks

3) Neck Contouring (Liposuction): Fat cells are removed from neck, jawline and jowls.

4) Facial Filler for my smile lines

5) Phalloplasty (not sure how much I can post here so I will keep this part clean but you can look it up or send me an email if interested.)

I am really excited and have the full support of my spouse on this so this makes it even easier to do. I am still firming up the prices on all the procedures and so the cost I hope will be a bit lower than I have posted. His site claims that the prices should be all inclusive on operating room, anesthesia, and follow up care. Also claimed is that if you have multiple surgeries some of the others will be at a 50% discount. We will see about this because so far it looks like the price I am quoted has been full published rates but I have an email to the office staff to send me a list of procedures with costs and discounts. I am sure they will come though because who would want to go to a doctor that can not follow though on what he published.

I will post some pictures and more information shortly.
Dr. Stephen X. Giunta
Alexandria Facial Plastic Surgeon

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