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What a journey, I have been researching this...

What a journey, I have been researching this procedure for a very long time; well, maybe I should say I have been looking into a procedure to get rid off my stomach. I am having a birthday and this is a present to me. I must admit when I first went into the office I thought Dr.Segev was friendly and to the point. He asked a few questions, looked at my stomach and said he could take me down two dress sizes, but he also explained that the numbing precess to the procedure was a little tough. He basically said there would be some pain involved, while he completed the numbing process; it scared me, but I respected his honesty. I really wanted the procedure and a pride myself in being a tough girl so a paid my deposit and and scheduled my appointment for two weeks down the road. when I arrived for my procedure I was nervous as HELL, but ready. The area was clean and the professionalism of the staff was TEN stars; it kinda helped the Dr. Segev had a welcoming warm smile when he entered the room too. OK! so here is the part I feel bad sharing because I don want to discourage anyone, but the numbing portion was a BEAST. OH EMM GEE, the pain was unbelievable and it clearly made me cry. On a lighter note, not all area of the body was as painful. I had my lower, upper and flanks done, and the most painful for me was right below the breast line. However, the nurse was a breast too, because at one point i no i must have fractured her had, and she continued to comfort me and talk to me step by step. When you get pass the numbing part, the laser was a breeze, you just feel a little uncomfortable, but no pain. On average I think the procedure took 2 1/2 hours.

I had a two hour drive home, so I am glad that they gave me a few pads to put in the car. " YOU WILL LEAK". lol.........Ok, so I was happy because my leaking was close to none after the first 9 hours, and I had no leakage at all from the top incisions. The pain and discomfort was the night following the surgery. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU, and take your medication every for hours. It day two for me and although, I am sore and still uncomfortable, I am not in the pain I was in yesterday.

Oh! the compression garment is not so bad, but the white garment that goes over that is a killer when you sleep. I hope to do better tonight, because last night I had to take it off in the middle of the night, although I do think it helps with the swelling. When I have on the compression garment, I can see the curves and my girlfriends say the notice a difference already, But I still look fat in the front, and feel like I need a belly message " no seriously" and I wounder if it allowed. I am just so SORE!!!!!! I wanted to take pictures today but , I will not have anyone here to help mt get back into this damn garment; i have a house full of boys, but my sister will be here to help me tomorrow. the first day after surgery i need some serious help, and I would not have been able to do it with out the help of my family.

I will post picture soon, I have some before and I will give you some after; am actually looking forward to seeing the results too. My cousin asked me if I would do it again, and I told her to ask me an six week. I will see if the gain out weighed the pain.

before and second day after pic

Sorry fir the type error in the previous message, keep in mind I will still a little high from pain mess lol. This is a before, after and with the garment ...I will post more as the weeks go by. I see a result, but nothing to make me jump up and down about. I am hoping I can put on my work clothes this week. The after pics r only two days old, so am not gonna Discouraged.

Dr.Gilad Segev

This is my second review on Dr. Segev, the first review I did with my phone and really do not no if it worked. He seem like a laid back kind of dude and I like him. I realized I like him more the day of my procedure. When I first meet him it was for the consultation and I really didn't have anything really good or bad to say about him. He had me in and out of his office after asking a few questions about my health and what I expected.In the end, he told me he could get me down two dress sizes and the numbing portion of the procedure would be painful. He said many of his clients said it felt like a tat, and when he began the numbing process on the day of the procedure I thought " oh its not worst then a tat, this is fine". I was wrong and so was his clients ( LOL).I guess it would depend on what area of the body he had to numb..........OK, back to the doctor! his staff was awesome and the office was great ( clan and professional). The day of the procedure he didn't talk much in the beginning because he was perfecting his craft and I respect that. However, towards the end he talked more and he always responded to me when i made a comment or asked a question. He bedside manner was excellent and that is very, very important to me. Would I recommend someone to him, yes I would; he was down to earth and I liked him.

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