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Hello all! I'm a 38 year old mother of 2 who has...

Hello all! I'm a 38 year old mother of 2 who has been trying mercilessly to lose the belly fat gained from back to back pregnancies. After dieting, different work outs and discomfort from wearing spanx to squeem girdles, I decided to try laser lipo. After going to a popular doctor in Alexandra who was rude, made me pay for my consultation and made we wait 2 hrs for my visit, I heard about American Lipo Centers. I met Dr. Segev and was pleased with his professionalism and honesty.

I am a size 8 but pear shaped but more like a 10 on the bottom. At my age and having 2 kids, I did not expect to look like a swimsuit model after this procedure. I did expect a flattening of the "donut" roll of fat around my belly button and the handful of fat I could grab on my lower abs. I hoped the laser would tighten some of my wrinkling skin/stretch marks. Even though I knew that a bikini may never be in my future, I really wanted to just look better in my clothes.

The procedure hurt! I'm not going to lie and say that it's a cake walk. However, a sew in weave is agony to me so that explains my threshold of pain. I also don't think local anesthesia is quite my thing (I might need good ole knock out drugs) nevertheless, I'm glad I did it but hope to never get it one again! Segev was great during the procedure. His nurse held my hand, talked me through things and even asked me about my life (I'm not sure if I made any sense). I was sedated but still nervous as heck (yeah I need the knock out drugs).

Day 1
The pain from the upper ab incision started to hurt within an hour. The lower abs were still numb. I felt sedated and tired. I took my pain medicine as directed. I couldn't remember how I got in the compression garment but I hurt too much to take it off. The draining was terrible. When I changed the pad on one incision, the bloody fluid literally shot out! That freaked me out!i changed the pads about every hour.

Day 2
The pain was worse!! I was sore from every incision! It was hard to get out of bed, walk or anything. I did finally get out of the stained garment so I could wash it! Yuck! I took a pain pill and all it did was make me nauseous all day. I was too sick to watch tv, the light bothered me and reading made me want to throw up! I laid in the bed in agony wanting to kick myself for being so "vain" to get this procedure! However, I was too sore and sick to kick myself. I remembered I had some anti nausea drugs from my tubal last summer. After a while that worked and I felt normal again.

Day 3
I'm totally off the pain pills. Since its been 48 hours since the surgery I was able to take ibuprofen! Yippee! I actually got out the bed today. I spent time with my kids and they no longer think I am dying! I did some light house duties. Still some soreness and I'm walking kind of bent over. However, my results are looking great!! Less swelling than day 1. I am so glad I did this. Even in my frumpy sweats and stretched out t shirt, my body is looking better. My waistline looks flat and young. No middle age mummy tummy silhouette here!

My follow up is in a few days and I ordered another compression garment so I can was one while I wear one. I can't wait to update you all on my journey!! :) I hope to post pictures soon.

4/22/13 It has been almost 3 weeks since the...


It has been almost 3 weeks since the procedure. I am getting used to the garment. I ordered another one so I can have one for the day and night. I am feeling great! I am only sore if I have been sitting or laying down for a while. I have not started exercising yet. I love my results in clothes but I am not sure about the wrinkling of my abdomen 3 weeks post op. My skin was a little lax before the surgery due to 2 large pregnancies. Do you think the wrinkling will diminish with time? I am doing nightly massages. Any recommendations?

So Far So Good!

I'm at 6 weeks post op. I have no pain or stiffness at all. The swelling is going down and the wrinkling is getting a little better. My post op check up was last Tuesday and the nurse said that I have some nodulation and need to do a specific type of massage. I was assured that I should see more results in the next few months.
As stated earlier, even with the wrinkled skin (which I had before the lipo due to multiple large pregnancies), I am happy with my results. My results are not perfect but I know that I can get a tummy tuck in the future. I look great in my clothes so it was well worth it! I'd love to get your opinions.
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