5 months Post Op!! Tumescent Laser Lipo at ALC

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Hi All- I'll upload pics over the weekend but I...

Hi All- I'll upload pics over the weekend but I just wanted to share my experience
with Dr. Segev in Alexandria, VA with American Lipo Center this past January 20, 2014. First and foremost, the office was lovely and extremely comfortable. The scented candles and aromatherapy took away all of my anxiety. During my consultation, Dr. Segev was a man of few words, but the nurses were so amazing that I didn't really feel uncomfortable at the surgeon's lack of words for me. He got straight to the point and I can only imagine how busy he was or simply wanted lunch.

I sure wish I read how painful it would be, but let's be honest, this was a quick solution since I'm getting married in 5 months and the pain was worth it. Anyways, I arrived at 7 am on a Monday, a VERY kind nurse led me inside, finished off my payments and took me straight to the operating room. She took my pics and led gave me my medication, Valium and antibiotics I believe it was. No more than 30 minutes later, they were ready for the dirty work. I was immediately injected with anesthetic all around my abdomen. I got my total abdomen, flanks and bra line done. The anesthetic worked very well on my stomach so I couldn't feel a thing during the numbing process, however, (just like a tattoo), my sides and back HURT! I mean, I was biting my own skin just to divert my pain. Then again, I might of had less fat in these areas, causing me to feel more pain...who knows...

Dr. Segev, the nurse and I had plenty of conversations throughout the procedure and I've never felt so comfortable on an operating table!

Fast forward because the REAL pain didn't kick in until I got home and laid in my bed. Ended up taking off work for 2 more days. Everyone can see a difference in my shape. My waist actually has a curve now and I suspect it will get better with time as my skin tightens back up with the help of my compression garment which is a size small and tight as hell! The compression garment helps keep the pain in check because I can't twist and turn too much while my points of entry (8) are healing. I ditched the binder btw...it got too bloody and I can't hand wash it in this pain!

Ok done for now, just know that my pain has been getting better by the day and patience is key. I am sore and swollen and so there may not be much to update for a week or so. Will post pics asap!

P.s. Thanks Jerseygirl for your support, totally lost ur number so I hope you come across this, you answered A LOT of my questions, much appreciated!

First Post-Op Appointment Today!

Finally have some 1 week post-op pics for you all! Dr. Segev says I'm healing well, looking better, etc. I still have to wear compression garment for 3 more weeks which sucks because I hate this thing! I ditched the blood stained binder and bought a Gold's Gym sweat belt between getting home from work and bed. Longer on the weekends, but I'm not a fan of casually sweating.

Speaking of working out, NO WAY! I get swollen and sore just chasing my 1 year old around. I'm just eating light (of course) and staying on my feet as much as possible but no gym just yet.

Now for the pics and my results...first, the only reason I'm so confident in the work I had done is because I physically saw two containers full of bodily fluid and fat. So, I know the doc did the best he could and I know I just rid my body of years of stubborn fat. I LOVE my silhouette from the front, even though I'm extremely swollen. The curve between my bra and lower abs were NOT there before! I knew I wouldn't get hips nor the illusion of hips out of this, and my back view is kinda disappointing because I want to see immediate results but after some research I learned that the back takes the longest to get results. I want to be ROLL FREE and that may or may not happen. So that's my only dislike about all this, you don't really know HOW your skin will snap back or IF it will, but you do know that a percentage of fat has been removed from those areas and that's the upside!

ALC can't release my Pre-Op pics until they do the three month shoot. So I apologize I couldn't give you all something to compare...if it helps, I look WAY better and that roll I had when sitting down or bending over IS GONE.

Will update soon!

Here are the other 2 pics!

Almost 2 months post-op

So I had my 3rd post op visit today, June will make my 6 months. The office will email me my before and after pictures in 2 weeks so I will upload then.

Swelling has gone down so that's no longer an issue, however, they did noticed I had a few "knots" or "nobs" I think they called it (lumps)- on my flanks and right above my navel. She advised me to massage these but they should be going away as the tissue continues to heal and redirect blood flow.

I also mentioned that some days I have INSANE itching and maybe even some stinging around my flanks. I'm told this is completely normal and will subside.

Finally, I expressed my disappointment with my bra line. I've seen no changes so I was told that in June the Dr will evaluate if I need a touch up (if it's fat) or if it's just loose skin. I think it's loose skin, and I've started lifting and doing back exercises to help. We'll see where my back is in June!

Either way, I totally have a bikini body!! At least more than I did last year. I'm not spilling over jeans, skirts and have been wearing crop tops which I could never do before.

I still have a lot of work to do in the gym, this procedure was no complete fix but I acknowledged that before the procedure was even done. I've been slacking in the gym because of school but my eating habits are more clean now than ever and I've started a tea regimen that has been a God to my metabolism. I'm losing pounds but since I've started lifting weights, I'm not on the scale as much! No point! Here's a bonus photo of my abdomen, more pics in 2 weeks so stay tuned!!

Finally got my BEFORE pics

The pre-op pics make me shiver, I didn't even know I looked that awful. One thing is for sure...I came along way and I'm still going. No overeating, no cake, no brownies and consistent exercise!

Most importantly, I'll be looking great just in time for my wedding!

8 months post-op

1 month post wedding and I gained 6 pounds =(
But at least I looked GORGEOUS on my wedding day! Everything was worth it, my wedding dress was a size 14 in January, right before the surgery (bridal stores always knows how to make you feel bigger)..but my dress was taken down 2-3 inches in June. That was a big deal for me because I would have never been able to lose 3 inches on my waist without hard HARD work and as a working mother and grad student, there just wasn't the time.

Stick to your diets ladies. After the surgery, I have not had refined sugar, refined salt or white potatoes in my house. 100% fruit smoothies are my best friend and I also drink tons of water now. I still wear my Gold's Gym sweat band around my waist every morning and evening (helps A LOT when I am bloated with water weight).
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