Chin and Abs Lipo at American Lipo Centers - Alexandria, VA

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I'm posting my worth it rating as "unsure" because...

I'm posting my worth it rating as "unsure" because I have to weight until I finish healing to see results. But so far so good!

I'm not overweight but I am a very soft girl. I've always had a belly and a bit of a double chin all my life and no matter what I did it would not go away. I have worked out like crazy since I was a teenager and tried every diet there is. I'm just not supposed to be skinny naturally! So I finally said "screw it" and decided to go under the knife.

Before my procedure I was extremely nervous. I pretty much had a panic attack and tried to cancel my appointment but thankfully Elisa, one of the nurses, calmed me down and was very kind. The day of my procedure I was still sooo nervous but as soon as that valium hit me I was all smiles. I laid down on the table and the doctor told me I'd feel a little pinching pain while he cut each incision. That was a piece of cake. So was the numbing step which is when they stick a cannula in you and fill you with numbing fluid. I felt some minor pain here and there but it was so not a big deal at all. My tattoo hurt more. The nurses and the doctor talked to me the whole time about music, sports, whatever, which helped a ton to keep my mind off of what was going on. The suctioning part didn't hurt. It was just kind of uncomfortable cause the vibration rattled my ribs a bit when he was doing the upper abs.

Overall, pain was minimal and the whole thing was SO SO SO SO SO much easier than I thought it would be. I felt so happy. I had absolutely no reason to worry so much. I was tiny after the procedure but swelled up like a balloon in the car. I felt like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Recovery was fine. I popped a pain pill every 6 hours for about 48 hours and slept a lot. No real pain or discomfort. I could walk around my house just fine and took care of myself for the most part. My parents were kind enough to make me food. I called the doctor about a question and he picked up immediately and was very nice and told me that I could call again with any questions and concerns.

4 days post op I swelled back to my original size which worried me. I kept wearing my garments and watched what I ate a little more closely. Stopped taking pain pills cause I didn't feel any pain. I have one tiny little bruise on my belly button. I'm in my early 20s and healing pretty quickly.

7 days post op. Went for my follow up and the doctor said I am healing evenly. I'm a bit smaller than I was but I'm still swollen under my chin quite a bit and on my upper abs. Doctor said its just fluid from being swollen and it will flatten out while it heals. I CAN'T WAIT. Feeling very impatient! I will update all of you as I heal. Keeping my fingers crossed

Be prepared for the possibility of post-surgical depression!!

Swelling has gone down some and my lower abs look good. My upper abs are still really puffy but one side seems to be getting smaller already. Hopefully the other side will catch up soon. Chin is still swollen.

I'm optimistic about how my body will heal and look. It already looks better but I hope my upper abs will get flat. Despite my optimism however, I've fallen into a deep post-surgical depression. Its really weird. I just feel so depressed. I looked it up on google and apparently its very common. It could be a side effect of the pain pills or just the trauma in general. Knowing this is a common thing has already helped me feel much better. So be prepared that this could happen to you. Knowing that will probably lessen the confusion and worry that I experienced.


Ughhh I'm back to looking how I looked before the procedure again. I'm so worried it won't end up working. My bruises are all healed up but I hope I have much much much more healing to do cause right now I see no difference. :-(

Still have a big hard lump under my chin

I have to wear my compression thing around my chin most of the time if I'm not around anyone cause that softens the lump and then its not as noticeable. Its so embarrassing hanging out with my boyfriend in that thing. But he says I look cute cause my cheeks get all smushed. :-P Hes weird.


I guess its still early but I'd say I'm only about 50% happy with the procedure. My chin shows no difference and my belly shows a small difference and there is lumpiness and uneveness. Hopefully the uneven parts will heal and who knows maybe I'll still get smaller.

Updated review to "Worth it"

Well its been 7 months and I have to say I finally see a difference that is to my liking. Though my results are definitely not perfect there is definitely a noticeable improvement in my abdomen and under my chin and I'm satisfied with how I look. I hope that my results will continue improving as time goes by. I may go back in for a revision but even if I don't I'm still pretty happy with how I turned out. Thank you Dr. Segev!
Dr. Gilad Segev

Very very kind guy. Listened to exactly what I wanted and did his best to deliver. Answers phone calls on his cell promptly. Nice office. Nice Nurses. I had an extremely pleasant experience working with them. They're very busy this time of year so I felt the consult and follow up meetings were a tad rushed but I was also late both times so it could have just been my fault. :-P

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