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Yesterday I went in for my Laser Lipo experience...

Yesterday I went in for my Laser Lipo experience with Dr. Segev (Alexandria, American Lipo Centers). I had heard horror stories from other posts that the numbing and fluid in was the absolute worst part. It was not! There was a little pinching and burning, but that was it. The strangest feeling for me was what felt like the rod going through my fat (which felt almost like it was going through muscle--it was very hard). I didn't like that feeling, however it did not hurt. I had both my lower and upper abs done, and flanks. He had me stand up a few times and look in a mirror to make sure I was happy. I was concerned about one area so he went back in. I have today, today my body looks completely different (in a good way).

I got home yesterday around 2pm and that is when the worst part for me set in. I was nauseated from that moment through right now. Even lower doses of pain medicine still are making me sick to my stomach (yes I am eating during taking pills). This morning was better than this afternoon. There is definitely a fair bit of pain around the wound site. It has been a little over 24 hours and my draining has almost completely stopped. One of my ab holes looks pretty bad---I am keeping up with my antibiotics and putting neosporin on the wounds.

I don't have any before pictures yet (I will request those from the office), but the after photos I already see a significant difference. I am bruised, but that is to be expected. I will post more about my progress so you can follow along.

2nd Day

Hi guys, I had the procedure Friday mid-day and today is Sunday night. I have swollen back up to my size before the procedure (because I have been trying to walk around all day). Last night was pretty bad--I woke up in pain. Now I am feeling OK, I found some anti nausea pills so all is OK on that front. Just one thing--I went online and ordered a second girdle (since you have to wear that for 4 weeks). One that goes a little further down my thighs. The one they gave me is cutting off the circulation to my legs almost. It is cut like regular panties. I am excited to see the results and am trying to be patient with all the new swelling.....

5 Days Post Op

Hi guys....update. Swelling has gone up (much like I've heard from other people) so that I basically look like I never had the procedure done. Except I'm terribly bruised and incredibly sore. I know that is to be expected and am not worried about it.

My biggest worry is that I haven't gone #2 in SIX DAYS. I ate prunes for 3 days, had a cup of coffee, at salads at every meal and took a Ducolax 6 hours ago. I think tomorrow I will probably go to the doctor or call my doctor if something doesn't "Move". Its incredibly uncomfortable---especially under compression garment!

I am wearing the girdle all day and night and the compression belly band only at night. It sucks (the night thing). I can only sleep on my back and it's pretty darn uncomfortable and hard to breathe.

One thing I will notice---the upper drains near my boobs and my upper abs are basically pain free and bruising has gone away, while lower abs and incisions still hurt badly and its terribly bruised down there. Also holding a ton of fluid in my lower abs/groin area. I do hope that goes away because it looks pretty darn funny!

The main is SIGNIFICANTLY better today by the way. Went to work without issue---still going a bit slowly but sitting down doesn't really hurt. Getting up HURTS. Going to pee and pulling down girdle--excruciating pain! :-p

Oh well--hopefully pain is gain! I have been eating exceptionally well, drinking 75 oz of water a day at least and cannot wait to exercise to get my arms and legs in shape!

1 week POST OP

Hi guys,

So here is what you need to know about Liposuction in a nutshell. Yes, it will hurt during the surgery (not too much)---but the POST recovery is the real struggle. I am 7 days out, still bruised and my flanks are still in terrible burning pain most of the time. I am done with all my pain meds and antibiotics, and some days are better than others--but sitting down and getting up are brutal. My stomach still feels like it is going to melt off my body when I move as well. Yes, I've been wearing a compression garment 24/7 and a "belt" type girdle at nights---still feeling the "burn".

Also, and update on the constipation situation from last post. I spent yesterday on the toilet in terrible pain (sorry, TMI). It was as if I was cramping to have diarrhea, but nothing would move. Then when it did happen, it happened for HOURS. Actually, that has been the worst part of this experience so far. I literally slept on the cold bathroom floor because I was sweating and in pain.

So---definitely don't take the experience lightly. You aren't getting fat sucked out and "ta da!" you are all good. There is more work and self-doubt after the experience than you could ever image.

Also, I will attach photos. I am so swollen that I am back to my original size (at least I feel that way). I've purchased 2 more medical grade compression garments (one with leggings attached and is so easy to wear under a dress, but still it's a compression garment). So I suggest people get more than one for the month afterwards that you are stuck in this thing. Lastly for today---people WILL ask why you are walking around so slowly and why you wince in pain so often. Come up with a good cover story.

PS: Day 7 and my doctor hasn't followed up yet. No call. Nothing. I will be calling them today to see if--HELLO---they want me to come in for a post-op exam??
Dr Segev

Very happy with Dr Segev. Laid back but professional. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect, which I can appreciate! He even gives his cell phone to clients for after-care.

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