36 Year Old 200 Lbs W/ 1 Child & I Need my Body Back! - Alexandria, VA

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Scheduled for Monday 8/10 Smart Lipo of upper and...

Scheduled for Monday 8/10 Smart Lipo of upper and lower abs, flanks, and bra strap. :)

Had a consultation last week, mixed feelings, but I think I am scared of the after look. Which sounds stupid, but I think we put too many expectations on what life will be like AFTER we lose the weight or look a certain way... I was once nice and curvy, with a perfect hourglass, and was often very self conscious. Gained a lot with my son, went through being homeless and then finding out my son has special health conditions which makes the rest of life stressful everyday. My security it my tummy flap, when it's gone what next? I think I inhibit myself all the time by not taking the next step, so I am getting closer to just get it over with be happy and keep the motivation to stay in shape. I am not at an ideal BMI, despite my working out like it's a job for over a year and clean eating. No visible cellulite or problem areas, slight hypothyroidism, but through diet and exercise not on any medications and labs are normal! I worked hard for that, not succumbing to the "spread" and my b-day just passed so not getting any younger so what the heck. Pics to be uploaded soon.

Before pics 8/6/15

Took some pics before my workout. Waiting for Monday!

Pre-Op Shopping

So had to go by the office today, some paper work went missing and I was a little leery, but read through the past reviews again and am trying to stay positive. You just never know. Ok so I am coming to grips this procedure is similar to getting braces. LOL! Not like that but hey, we correct teeth for beauty and health, why not correct body defects, and yes extra fat stores are a defect, for beauty and health. I plan on giving referrals to quite a few folks which will give me credit toward another procedure. While I am more than happy with my over workout and healthy eating regimen and plan on sticking to it, I could be hyper critical and look to tweak my inner thighs, upper back, and arms. Right now let's focus on the midsection!

Ok shopping. LOL! Went and picked up puppy pads, bulky maxi pads, polysporin, Tylenol, choc covered pretzels, and Bio oil. So not trying to overthink this, I feel like it is when you have a new baby and all you really need for the new baby are milk and diapers but you feel like a bottle warmer is a necessity! NOT! Still plan on going grocery shopping this weekend so I have some easy nutritious foods around and am looking forward to sleeping and being a bit out of it for a couple of days. Cleaning up so I am not tempted to do much. Plan on sleeping in the easy chair day 1, then to my bed. I have an old foam mattress cover I will use for support so I can roll around and not have to bend while in the bed. Scheduled my F/U for the next week, I could return the next day but I feel like that is too much too soon. Going to be on my own for most of the recovery too but I was after my C-section too.

Took some pics in bed this morning, quiet time bidding farewell to my tummy. :(

more before pics

Final info and inches

Funny no one posts pre op and post op measurements! Since working out this past year I have been aware of my measurements so alone I have lost a lot! But here is where I am now...

Bust 36 1/2"
Top of tummy 37 1/2" where back roll is
Around belly button 41 1/2"
Lower stomach 43 1/2" where muffin top is
Hips 45"

I wear a size 10/12 in jeans if they stretch. Non stretch material I have to wear a 14 just to accommodate stomach bulge. :(

My current weight is 196.4. When I was went for consultation I was weighing in at 201 but I had started lifting again. My lowest in the past year has been 192. I still have been working out and just got back from vacation. This past week, bad times with BF plus have been busy with my kid on summer break and not eating much. Funny how life goes can't wait to look amazing!

Ok all done! :)

Overall not terrible. I managed to not be a wimp and get through it. Pain during procedure was around a 4. Did not like flank area or bra strap area worked on that sucked. And the area around the belly button. Lots of breathing and doctor and nurse checked in making sure I was OK. Total fat removed was 1.75 liters. Lots of leaking now. Murder scene in the bathroom! LOL! Feeling OK, got the chills and a little shaky but that is normal. Will post more later.

A lot better!!! Headed to the gym

Getting up the nerve to hit the gym today... Really I can't stay away, I have been too active and sitting around is making me nuts! I am at thr point I am only taking Tylenol as needed and having some tingling, numbness, and bruising. No real pain just stiffness and tightness. Wearing compression gear feels way better. Working out I have on a sports waist trainer, just pulled as tight as possible over my tummy, hopefully enough support to workout in. Not doing much, will attempt some weight training and the stair master, haha, all or nothing! Maybe break up the stair master with the elliptical. Total 25 mins cardio and 30 mins of weight machines and free weights, chest, back, arms, shoulders.

Day 3 recovery

Update can finally see it!

Just checked measurements and no huge differences there just yet. Weight is stable, which is to be expected. Is it wrong of me to already think I want to go back and get more done? Lol! Results are showing a bit more now and had to drink coconut water because I felt too bloated and swollen. Eliminated a lot more since then, water wasn't cutting it so I feel a little better. Worried about that lower pouch, he worked on that and around the belly button a lot so hopefully it is just swelling in the way. I know he said he could not get me perfectly flat but I have faith he did as much as he could but didn't want to get me too excited if the results weren't perfect.

Lumps and hard spots

Not as diligent about keeping the CG gear on. After 1 week f/u appointment went straight to Macy's and found a comparable undergarment with firm tummy control and man feels so good to be so bound! Now I hate and have always hated Spanx but now I don't mind. Even found a Wacol high waisted thingy for later for $15! Totally unheard of and it is a size small so I am dreaming but I will try it on one day. Right now measuring in a medium.

Back/flanks area is the worst right now. Very stiff and I can feel hard spots and lumps. I massage areas daily but these spots are not loosing up like I'd like. I know be patient! Tried on a smaller dress I bought pre op and I don't look as bad. But it just made me want to put the binder on tighter tonight! Lll


Went back to the gym and did a lot, prob more than I should but I am too active to be at home another day. If it hurts I will stop. Plus I have eaten a lot that I usually don't, overconfident that the fat is not coming back! I think now I am ready to see more results but I have to wait. Updated photo, I was too excited I am way smaller and don't have that gut anymore, when I drive I can see down, when I shave I can see down and not over my hump and oh there is my tattoo. Lol! Still wearing my CG but not constantly but always when I work out.

Last follow up appt

Last follow up appt was yesterday and not sure how the end will be. I am already anticipating some revisions. Hmmm. I am so swollen right now I feel like my old self. Been in the gym and not on my compression recovery garment regimen so all my fault. So does it get better? I know too soon to tell. Already looking better but was thinking more dramatic and less subtle. Funny how my mind shifts when I originally didn't want to look different now I want curves and more curves to show off. Lol.

Numbness tenderness and some pain persists. Working out core and recovery time is longer and contributing to most of the swelling. Ugh. Can't win!

Almost 2 mths...

Back to full speed workouts, HIIT program right now and eating clean. Swelling and numbness comes and goes. Not really worried about it because I am sticking to the workout plan and focusing on where my total body is in 9 weeks.... Did some quick measurements and already down some inches which is encouraging. Will followup with inches lost after 3 months. Already thinking of revisions, I have a pouch on a shelf, lol, I have a line under my stomach to my pubic area and a TT is prob best, I don't want that line or a recreated belly button so curious if he could suck out some more. Also I contacted the office about my arms/ armpits and upper back, if I do get this done, it will be around the holidays. Final 6 mths on abs and flank area will be Feb 2016. I hope to see how everything is, get touch ups if I can, then rock all kinds of two pieces and small clothes this summer!!! :)

New pics

After working out hard and eating better this is where I am... And contemplating some revisions if closer to target weight and not seeing the smooth back I want. One note of caution, with the bulk taken out of my stomach, I have a new problem with a minor skin flap over my stomach. Took a few months for gravity to pull it down, it really is loose skin, but exercise is pulling it back, just trying to remain patient.

Pics :-)

pics :-)

11 months post... almost a year!


Waiting for final results. Anxious I my need some revisions but way too early to tell.

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