Eliminink on Neck Tattoo - Alexandria, LA

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So, basically I am trying to leave for the U.S....

So, basically I am trying to leave for the U.S. Air Force as soon as possible and obviously, their tattoo regulations prohibit neck tattoo's. (Wish I could slap 16 year old me! What was I thinking?!) My tattoo is about 4 years old, had some fading from constantly being in the sun, while being a lifeguard, and lacked pigment in small area's (I had really bad scabbing during the healing process, which I've never experienced before and chose not to fix it). After doing a lot of research and speaking to multiple dermatologist's, I decided to try the Eliminink procedure, rather than going to laser right away, mainly because I'd like this removed ASAP and I can go back as soon as a week after my first treatment, rather than 6-8 weeks later, like with the laser. Cost also played a big factor for me. I was recommended 3-5 treatments, but after my first, I was told it would probably only be 2-4 (fingers crossed!) but not guaranteed.

So far, I feel fine.. Exactly like I would after getting a tattoo done. The procedure was nothing.. Exactly like getting a tattoo and putting Eliminink on it during the "tattooing," rather than wiping with aloe (etc.) throughout. Still have the wrapping on the back of my neck and will keep it there for the recommended 72 hours. No soreness at all and hopefully none to come! I will be posting pictures in 72 hours, as soon as my bandage comes off and before and after each procedure.

Hopefully, this "bad boy" will be removed from my neck in the next month or so and I'll be on my way!

Day 2 after Elimink

I am still not sore! Finally took my bandage off this morning and with clean hands, gently washed any gunk off of my tattoo.. There's already noticeable fading and it still hasn't full scabbed and obviously the scab hasn't come off, so results for this session still isn't final or fully clear :) I'm so incredibly hopeful that this will work!

Day 3 after Eliminink

So, i didn't plan on doing an update today, however I am BEYOND itchy today.. I've been patting it lightly, hoping that will ease the itching some, but holy cow! I seriously don't know what to do to ease the itching, but I'm thinking it's time for Google. Everything is completely scabbed up and I'm still seeing fading. Still no pain, just the horrible itching. I'm hoping it goes away soon...


A lot of my scabbing has fallen off and looking from my pre-first session picture and one I just took, i'm not personally seeing much of a difference.. My husband said he saw a big difference, but then I showed this a before and after and now he's not sure. I'm growing really discouraged and nervous that I'll end up having to do laser and wait a year, if not more, to leave for the Air Force, if I'm ever able to. :(

Contacting Laser Centers.

Basically, after speaking to 6 different laser centers (as a possible back-up plan,) I learned that since I began the Eliminink procedure, I am disqualified from doing laser treatments until 6 months after my last Eliminink procedure. I'm not sure if I should just continue with my treatments and pray they work , weekly for the next 4-5 weeks, or if I should just immediately start my 6 month wait. I'm thinking since I already began Eliminink, I might as well finish all of the recommended sessions (especially since it's only 4-5 weeks) and worse case scenario, if it's not gone like I'm hoping, I will just have to wait the 6 months. Any advice? I'm truly not sure what to do :(

Session #2

Session 2 was on Saturday (6/6) and hurt much more than last time. The nurse ended up pushing much deeper into my skin because apparently my tattoo is raised and had some pretty gnarly scarring already from my botched tattoo. I removed my wrap today and my husband said he could already see some line break-up on the left side, but couldn't see too much on the right due to the nasty white scabs. Itching, yet again, so I'm assuming the healing process is in full swing. Hoping for some better results this time around than the first, but we will see in about a week!

{to those who asked about me taping the procedure, I haven't forgotten about you! My 8 month old was having a break-down while at the clinic, so my husband's hands were pretty full. I will attempt to record it this upcoming weekend. :) }

Session #4

I completely forgot to do some updates on here, but.. I did sessions 3 and 4 and while I didn't see TOO much of a difference with session 3, 4 is already showing great progress! My entire tattoo is scabbed and even with the scabbing, it's very clear this thing is going away! I definitely will need more than the recommended 3-5 sessions I was originally quoted, but hey.. it's still taking WAY less time than doing laser! I will be posting more pictures once these scabs fall off. :)

Session #5

I had session 5 before my skin was ready. Definitely feeling it now. I thought I'd be fine getting it done again after 1 week, but it seems like the more sessions I get done, the worse it feels getting the removal done and the worse healing is pain wise. For the first 3 sessions, I felt completely up for doing each session exactly a week apart... No pain, no nothing by day 5 of each week and my scabs consistently were gone by the morning of day 6, giving me a day of "scabless" healing time and it was great! I'm now on day 5 after my 5th session and my scab is thicker than ever and still looks pretty dang gross.. It still hurts really bad and my entire neck is just.. sore. All over. I'm definitely going to wait at least another week before my next session, if my scabs are even gone. Hoping after these scabs are done, they will show even more progress, considering my last one was super painful and I had significant fading and even skin breaking through! Keeping my fingers crossed.
Mrs. Karen

Very kind and professional woman. Extremely knowledgeable in the medical field, which put me at ease. She was very willing to answer all 500 questions that I had before the procedure, during, and even after. I will definitely be returning until this process is over!

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