Breast Lift Without Implants

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Well this is my second post on a procedure, and I...

Well this is my second post on a procedure, and I love all the people I have met, and the great reviews and great advise. I love also that I encourage people and that I am able to help them through a decision like this as well.

I have already had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and liposuction. I am now getting a breast lift without implants for now, but will possibly do them at a later time. I am actually having gastric sleeve not long after this so once I have reached my goal weight, I will then reevaluate what size I should get.

I know that I am doing it backwards than most people do, but I swear there is a science to my madness... Ha Ha And I'll explain.

When you have a tummy tuck, it's pulled so tight it almost looks unnatural, well thus the reason I got that first, so that after I have gastric sleeve, I will then have a tummy that it a little more lax. From my research and in person experiences, I feel this is better for me. After a tummy tuck a lot of people need scar revision, which is also while I am waiting after gastric sleeve, so that IF, it does lax more than I want it to, it can be pulled a little more, and lower my scar a little more as well. I am doing my breasts lift now because I want it to heal, I see to many times with smaller breast when they shove an implant in their, it wants to split open underneath the breast. So I am good with waiting. I lift is enough, and once I lose my weight, I will then see if I want to be a C or a D. Before children, I weighed 115-120, and had a 34-C. So my goal is to get between 120-140, and see if a C or a D will look better. I am wanting to look natural, not porn star. I will post some before pictures, and then after as soon as they unwrap me after surgery. I am having this procedure tomorrow morning, so today is the day to write this review while I am with it sort of speak. Ha Ha...

SO.... I have purchased all my bandages, tape, and gauze. I just found out I am allergic to neomycin that is in triple antibiotic ointment, so I am having a perception called in for something better. I have purchased two really firm "high support" sports bras. One is smaller than the other. The looser one is for right after surgery due to the swelling. Then I'll use the tighter one once I have healed.

Last thing, I have Tricare Reserve Standard Insurance. If some of you are wondering why my cost is $0.00. Insurance is covering my breast lift. They covered my Tummy Tuck except for the muscle repair and liposuction in which I paid for those out of pocket. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. But please DON'T ask me "how I lied to my insurance to have them cover it", or "how did you convince them to pay for it"... I hate questions like that. I got enough of them from my TT blog. If you want to know please just PM me and I will gladly explain the process if you have my insurance.

Day 1: After Surgery

Hello Ladies,

I am all done and home settled in. I had surgery early this morning, and came out 6 hours later. Why I was in so long I have no idea. I asked immediately when I woke up if their were complications, and they said no. Everything went fine, and they said he took his time making sure he sewed me up carefully and perfect! So hey, how can I complain about that. I am glad he did what he did then.

I really love this doctor already, he is known for breast reconstruction after mastectomy's and women just rave about his work. So if he can give women beautiful breasts after not having any, I am sure he did a fantastic job on my lift.

So same story different verse as other ladies. Went in at 6 am and got an IV, questions galore. and got marked by him. went into surgery a few minutes later. When I came out, I am not going to lie I was crying I hurt so bad. They didn't have any pain medicine in my system of course, so I begged for something right away. Once they got my pain under control, I was a happy camper. Since being home I have stayed on top of my ibuprofen and hydrocodone. All seems to be ok. I have been up walking around, and have got to eat. The only thing, is I cannot lift my arms to do anything. It hurts way to bad. I also cannot push or pull, too painful as well. So I look like T-Rex, Ha Ha...

I have JP drains I have to leave on for a week, and then come in his office to be removed. He said I can remove the dressing tomorrow, but then put the compression garment back on. I am to leave it on 24/7. Only off to shower. The JP drains are the only thing I am really annoyed about. With my tummy tuck, as soon as they were draining less that 10 cc a day, I was allowed to take them out. He is making me wait a freakin week regardless!!! Ugh!

Anyways, on a happy note, I was so curious, I had to look down my compression garment, and I almost cried. They look so perky, and it reminds me of when I was 18. I have tight full cleavage. I can't wait to see the entire thing. I will post once I can take this darn thing off.

2 days PO photos

Day 2 Post Op.

Hello Ladies.

I posted some pictures just to show you guys the profile of my breasts. Now that I have gotten a good look at them, I feel they are so tiny. And there is still a lot of swelling. But, they are the size they were before I had children. He basically just took all that extra skin away. Don't get me wrong though, I am not upset. small and tight is good. For the simple backwards way I am doing things. Once I get my sleeve, I will lose a significant amount of weight, I know they will shrink a little more, and then I will have room for implants, and with those they should be a great size and perky again. I am not worried. I was almost 90% I was getting them anyways, so just looking at myself now just made me gain that extra 10%. I am looking to being a big C; small D. I love the way those sizes look on other women, so I am leaning towards that. I will know once I drop all this weight.

Now for some of you who don't know, I am about 90lbs overweight. I hold my weight very well. No hanging blobs of skin or anything. I just need to drop the weight. I am 5'3 and was about 115-120 all my life until my second child. It has just stuck with me and slowly added more over the years. So with failed diets, exercising, I just feel it's the best decision for me. Not to mention, I have bad family genetics in regards to weight. So it's also a preventative measure. It's a great procedure for someone like me. I am not going to let myself get to 400lbs before making a decision. I'd rather do it now, and enjoy life.

So anyways, back on subject! Ha Ha... I am just so excited for all these changes! I got a call from my PS today, he said to take my dressings off and take a shower and then redress them. I said "Do I have to?" Ha Ha, I really am just not in the mood for it. But I will do what he says. I am just dreading it. I will post new pictures once my hubby helps me do everything.

I have just been staying on top of the pain pills. The pain is not bad at all. It is very tolerable. I can walk around just fine, I still need a little help with pulling my panties and pants up and down when going to the bathroom, but that's about it. These JP drains are more annoying than anything. They pull and tug and burn. I know I will much happier once they are out.

2 days PO photos

So last night I changed the dressings per my PS. I was not happy, pulling tape off of skin that is sensitive and hurting doesn't make for a fun time. My husband did help me get everything off though. I then was able to hop in and take a quick shower. My husband washed everything for me, but I didn't get my breasts wet. I was too scared to. He is such a good man though. He takes such good care of me when I have had to have surgery. He is very patient with me even though I am not the nicest person when going through this process. I took a couple pictures to show you ladies. I think he did an amazing job of sewing me up. Everything is even and perfect. I was SO HAPPY he did not use steri strips on me. I'm so allergic to them and they just peel my skin off, not to mention the blisters it gives me. He did close everything with sutures and durma bond? I think it's called.

12 days post op... Whew!

Well I am 12 days post up. Feeling great. My derma bond started flanking off and I would just gently tug on it to see if it were ready to come off, I never just peeled it off. I have been using ointment on my entire incision just to help the healing process and to moisturize it. I do still have a few sutures that rub on my clothing and are irritated because of it. The doctor said they were dissolvable, so just leave them alone... I haven't taken any pain pills since 1 week post op, because I really haven't had any pain. I do still take ibuprofen everyday, just so the swelling is minimal. I am very happy with the lift, and I think he did an amazing job to give me nice clean incision lines. The derma bond was amazing, and I would recommend it over anything. Screw steri strips!!!! Never again will I ever allow anyone to put those on me! They just peeled my skin off when I had them for my tummy tuck.

I have to say though that since a lot of the swelling is gone, I know now for sure I will get implants. Because they are small. No regrets though... I've included some new photos...

Almost 3 months post op!

Well let me say this was one of my easiest surgeries yet. Really nothing to keep updating about. The surgeries worst part was the first week of pain, then just waiting for the healing to start. By 12 days post op, I was all healed on the exterior. The swelling still went on for about a month. Now that I am almost 3 months post op there is no more swelling. I did have my sleeve, and now I am just waiting for the pounds to melt away so that I can see what implant size will be best for me...
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Becker is amazing.... Love, Love, Love his personality, and demeanor. He explains everything and wants you to understand it before he leaves the room. He jokes and has a sense of humor so it makes for a funny room when you're standing their naked! Ha Ha...

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