45 Years Old, 3 Grown Kids, Can't Wait to Have These 38GG Breasts Reduced! UK. Aberdeen, GB

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Hello all, been browsing this site for a couple of...

Hello all, been browsing this site for a couple of weeks, trying to pluck up the courage to write a review myself lol (you know the feeling, right?) ;-) Like many of you I've always had large breasts, first bra was 34C at age 10 :o by the time I finished school at 17 I was a DD. Continued to grow with each pregnancy, been a 38GG for past 10 years or so, considering I am only 4ft 11ins tall I and size 12/14 on bottom I am rather top heavy.

I have suffered back, neck and shoulder pain and grooves in shoulders from bra straps since my late teens and am sick of either spilling out of or looking "matronly" in most tops and paying a fortune for well fitting bras and swimsuits. Like many of you i'm sure, the first thing I do when I come home from work every day is whip my bra off and breathe a sigh of relief lol (don't you just hate it when you get an unexpected visitor and have to get someone else to answer the door while you duck into another room to put your bra back on?!) haha

Had consultation 2 days ago (am going self pay as I don't think I could handle the stress of jumping through all the hoops to get it done on the NHS). My surgeon put me immediately at ease, explaining the procedure in great detail and answering all my questions fully. I am booked in for op on 5th January 2016 (unless a cancellation comes up before then). He is fully booked up till Christmas, which I dare say is reassuring that he's a popular surgeon. So provisionally I have 11 weeks to prepare myself for the surgery. It has been a massive help reading everyone's stories on here, good to hear (and see) all the bad bits as well as the good. I'd been having a mini meltdown just preparing for the consultation!! I was so anxious in case he wouldn't think I was a suitable candidate for the surgery as my BMI is 30 but it wasn't a problem thankfully.

I have been so relieved to read so many of you are having or have had the same anxieties as me, after dreaming of having smaller breasts for over 30 years I have been shocked to find myself doubting my decision now it is finally going to happen! Like some of you I keep imagining the worst and wondering if i'm being selfish putting my life at risk going under general anaesthetic and potentially leaving my sons without a mother, i'm sure this is a very common worry and my sons think i'm being silly thinking that way because they see how much I've suffered over the years and know I really need the surgery. Maybe it's because it's an elective procedure for what many people think of as a cosmetic surgery. Those of us carrying round huge boobies all our lives know this procedure is a medical necessity to vastly improve our quality of life right?

Anyway I've rambled on long enough for now, thanks for listening ;-) I feel much better already just getting those thoughts out, happy to hear from anyone with any words of wisdom over the coming months lol

Happy healing ladies x

Before pics

Took some before pics today

18 days to go :)

Thought I better update as I have just over 2 weeks to go. I have been reading so many of your stories over the past few weeks and can't emphasise enough how much each and every one of your journeys has helped me ride the emotional rollercoaster we all have to ride on the path to "enlightenment" (see what I did there?) lol
Even though I have come to terms in my own mind that I am absolutely doing the right thing for my health and well being, (in fact these past few weeks my neck, back and shoulder pain has never been worse!) I found myself experiencing something which I thought I was well prepared for but apparently not.........the insensitivity of some people!!!
Long story short, I confided in a couple of colleagues at work yesterday (women whom I have worked with for many years and thought would understand my reasons for doing this) and I wish I hadn't!
Now, as i'm sure any of you looking at my photos on here can testify, I have very big boobs for a woman of 4ft 11ins? Well apparently I must hide them well as their reaction to my news was a disbelieving "but why are YOU having that done? you're not THAT big!" now JILL (name changed) SHE really needs a reduction!" (after a conversation with "jill" it turns out I am actually at least 2 cup sizes bigger than her!)
I was just so gobsmacked at their insensitivity, made me feel like I was being silly having such a procedure, just because I've learned to disguise my size! It really knocked me for six because I know how much I am suffering with these huge boobs and clearly they have no idea. I was pretty upset but maybe it's because it's getting close now and my feelings are a bit sensitive. Has anyone else experienced negative feedback from people? If so how did you deal with it?

9 days to go ????

Hope my BR sisters had a Merry Christmas, i've been more excited about upcoming surgery to be honest! Haha. Just 9 days to go eek! I am amused to find I'm becoming calmer as it gets closer, has plenty time over past 10 weeks to go through all the emotions, nerves and deal with fears i suppose (still a bit nervous though) ????

Been busy buying post op supplies, got some supersoft pillows, wedge pillow and a v pillow. My youngest sister son (17) is letting me use his electric recliner chair which he bought for his room earlier this year so will be moving it downstairs next week. Should be comfortable in it as it has heat and massage aswell and the electric rising should help with getting in and out of it without having to use my arms too much. Bought 2 triumph triaction workout bras ( recommend by my surgeon) and a few cheap front fastening post surgery bras fom asda (wallmart). Got a new fleeced blanket to snuggle up in and brushed cotton pillowcases. Have prepared and frozen some meals and got all the little jobs around house done. Everything deep cleaned and cupboards tidied ( good distraction therapy if nothing else haha)


Went to hospital yesterday for pre-op bloodwork, didn't need appointment as it is a "drop in" clinic. Phoned ahead a couple of weeks ago to double check they would be open as It was new years eve and was informed by receptionist that they were open from 8-4. When I arrived at 12.15 I found the door to be locked so rang bell and was greeted by the caretaker who informed me he was locking up building and all staff had gone home already!!! Because it's new year the hospital is closed for weekend and won't reopen until Monday morning, I am scheduled for surgery 8am Tuesday! My concern is that it doesn't leave enough time between bloodwork and surgery, I don't know how long it takes for results to come through. I am hoping that because it is a private hospital and they have their own lab it will be fine. Emailed my surgeon to let him know what happened but don't expect a prompt reply as it is new year holiday and I believe he is out of the country for the holidays. I am totally stressing over this as I am terrified this hitch will delay surgery! Any insights would be very much appreciated x

Panic over!

Checked my email just after my last update and surgeon had replied, he assured me bloodwork will be processed in time for surgery! yaaaaaaaaay! happy, happy happy :-D

More pre-op pics

Getting real now!

18 hours to go, had pre-op bloodwork done today, did a bit of last minute shopping too (new pants, socks and a comfy top) also got a couple of brushed cotton pillowslips. Plan to just chill for most of the day now, had a mad cleaning spree yesterday so no housework to do today. Got my recliner set up in living room with cosy blankets and pillows ready. Got a small table next to it for my essentials (water, tissues, remote control, phone etc). Have a few homemade meals frozen including chicken broth, sausage casserole and liver and bacon casserole. Stocked up on frozen fruit for smoothies, multivitamin fruit juice and fresh fruit and veg.

Hospital bag is mostly packed, dressing gown, slippers, 2 pairs of button front pj's, cosy socks, toiletries, lots of magazines, kindle, puzzle book, throat sweets and fruit and bottled water. Planning to have a relaxing soak in bath later tonight and take off make up and nail polish then maybe watch a funny movie to keep my mind off things lol will update again later

On the other side

Hi all, sorry it's been a few days but the hospitals wifi wasn't great so couldn't update til i got home! Still feeling a bit shellshocked to be perfectly honest so i will wait another day or so before posting an indepth update. Have managed to take a couple of pics tho xx

Surgery day

I arrived at hospital at 7am and was soon taken to my room where the nurse went through the admission paperwork process, shortly after the surgeon came in to chat and mark me up with felt tip pen. Then the anaesthetist came in to discuss the anaesthesia. At 8am I was wheeled through to theatre prep room and a canula was inserted into back of my hand and I was given oxygen by mask, then the anaesthetic was put in through canula and the next thing I knew I was waking up at and it was all over! The nurses made sure I didn't 1.20pm have any pain by keeping on top of my pain meds throughout the afternoon, evening and throughout the night...I was woken every 2 hours for pulse, blood pressure and temperature obs throughout the night.

I wouldn't say I have had a lot of pain as such, but a lot of discomfort and mild to moderate pain. I have a lot of thick tape around my chest holding everything in place which is rather uncomfortable as the swelling increases and it is pulling at my skin I think. I can't say how they look so far because they are covered with tape but wow! they seem so small! :D Hard to say how they feel too as so far they feel like two little rocks which may explode at any moment! haha

I am shocked at just how difficult it is to do nothing! I thought I would handle it okay but am going nuts already! lol Hubby is being fantastic, doing all the cooking, laundry, chores, helping me wash etc so I shouldn't complain really.

Strangely I was pretty freaked out after surgery and it took me several hours before I could bring myself to look at my new chest, and even longer before I could touch it, it was all so overwhelming. Am I the only one who reacted this way, or is it quite normal?

Day 5

Day 5&6

Updating days 5 & 6 together as I lost the day 5 update when I posted it yesterday.
Yesterday the itching began, omg it was driving me crazy! lol Took some Benadryl and it seemed to help a little. Been getting some weird sensations in both breasts these past few days including feeling like they are icy cold (but warm to the touch) also a few short sharp stabbing pains and a vibrating sensation too. From what I have read in other reviews these are all perfectly normal so i'm not worried about any of them. Still have a lot of swelling under the arms and tenderness at the drain incision sites too. One area under left breast has been consistently tender, where I am guessing the T-junction scar is (still have dressings and tape on so haven't actually seen any of the wounds yet, get them off tomorrow though) so i'm hoping there aren't any issues with this area. I still have a lot of numbness in both breasts and not much nipple sensation so far apart from the odd shooting pain which i'm sure is perfectly normal at this stage, everything will be starting to "knit back together" inside.

Sleeping is still proving a challenge! had a good night on Saturday night, slept for 6 hours straight, had breakfast then slept another 2 hours! But last night was back to just getting a couple of hours here and there during the night. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow to get a fit note (sick note) for work so I might ask her to give me something to help me sleep.

Two bits of advice I would offer at this stage would be to take your pain relief religiously or you will suffer for it, and just because you feel like you can do something doesn't mean you should do it, (like reaching for something high, opening a stiff door, bending over to feed the cat) . I am looking forward to getting tape and dressings removed tomorrow with mixed feelings, on one hand i'm looking forward to getting relief from the tape pulling at my skin, feeling trussed up like a xmas turkey lol and finally getting to see the new boobies but on the other hand i'm quite scared to see them, i'm thinking I might not actually look when the nurse does it, I might just wait and peek slowly in my own time at home, I don't know but I am feeling pretty squeamish about it to be honest. I don't know if that's common but it's how I feel at the moment.

Will update again tomorrow after dressings are removed (if I am brave enough to look at them) lol Better make sure to wear my big girl pants :-)

Day 7- Hello girls!

Had my 1st post op check up with PS today and finally got to meet the new girls! Having the tape removed was pretty painful but quick. As expected i was too afraid to look at them but PS told me not to be afraid and led me to mirror and i saw them there all proud n perky, wow!
Later in the evening i took a tentative shower (PS said i could shower NEXT WEEK after the steristrips are removed!) and I couldn't hide my disappointment at having to wait another week to shower so he relented and aaid i could have just one or two quick showers this week (better than nothing i guess haha)
Hubby helped with first shower incase i felt woozy. He wrapped the new girls in clingfilm to keep steristrips as dry as possible. Afterwards i took some time to get to know the new girls (like bonding time i guess?) pampered them a bit with sudacrem on skin irritated by tape removal and some calamine lotion dabbed on the itchy bits.

Day 7 pics

Wow! Moments

Forgot to add that surgeon told me yesterday he removed around 2/3rds of my breasts!! 760g from leftie and 860g from larger righty. So glad, i feel he really listened when i asked him to make me as small as safely possible. At the moment the 38D cup bra I'm wearing is too big in the cup (but I'm having to use 2-3 extenders at back to accommodate ribcage and sideboob swelling) so i'm suspecting i will end up a C in the end :-) time will tell.

Had a funny moment a couple of days ago, went to fold my arms across my body and was gigging like a schoolgirls when they crossed UNDER my boobs not OVER them!!!! That's a new experience for me haha

Day 10

After feeling pretty crappy for several days and having increasing discomfort and pain i took a trip to local practice nurse to get checked over and it turns out i have an infection at T junction on left breast. Got area cleaned, steristrips replaced and wound redressed. Got a weeks course of antibiotics (flucloxacillin) too, glad i decided to go today and not wait til next PS checkup (they did advise me at first checkup to visit local practice nurse between checkups if i needed to, as PS hospital is 40 miles from my home). Feeling more relaxed knowing the infection should be nipped in the bud with the antibiotics and i should hopefully start to feel better soon :-)
Just wondering if anyone else has/had a "raw skin" sensation on breasts? It's like when you have a bad 'flu and your skin can't bear to be touched? Don't know if this is normal or symptom of the infection? Any input would be appreciated :-) xx

Day 12

Went back to hospital today as my infected wound had oozed through dressing and is feeling more sore than yesterday. Nurse offered to take a pic for me but I left my phone at home lol She said the T junction has opened slightly where the infection is, she cleaned it, took off old steri-strips and redressed it. I've been on antibiotics for 48 hours now so hopefully they will kick in soon and it will start to heal. Otherwise, I am feeling a little stronger every day, starting to feel like me again :-) I managed to dress myself today, dried my own hair and put a little make up on too! I had such a good sleep last night, which i'm sure has helped lift my mood too, slept 9 hours, had breakfast, then slept another 2 hours!! I think I tired myself out yesterday, went shopping to local Asda (with hubby), I didn't lift anything or push trolley or pack bags, all I did was walk round and point at what we needed haha but it still knocked the stuffing out of me! Taking it easy today though :-) Hubby busy ironing whilst he has a sunday roast in the oven (I could get used to this! haha)
I have next check up with PS on Tuesday so I will update again after that x

ZINGERS!!! OOOOffft! :o

Been getting sharp stabbing pains around left nipple today, wow they hurt! Lol i'll take it as a good sign though as up to now i have had no sensation around both nipple/areolas, so i guess it's a sign the nerves are reconnecting inside? Infection site not feeling quite so sore today so hopefully the antibiotics are doing their job. Looking forward to getting all dressings and tape off at PS check up tomorrow :-) will be great to finally see the new girls properly!

Day 14

2nd post op check went well today, nurse was happy with my healing so far :-) got all dressings and old steri strips removed yaaay! She put an iodine dressing on wee infected area so hopefully that will help with the healing. Got some scar care instructions from ps too, a week from now i can start light massage with any bland moisturiser such as E45 or Nivea, building up to firm massage after a few weeks. Have attached some new pics too x

Day 17

Not much to report today really, apart from a small spot at T junction under right breast opening slightly :-( Have been half expecting it though as the nurse said when it happened on left side it was likely to happen on right too. Looks healthy enough at the moment though, no obvious signs of infection. Took last of antibiotics today, hopefully won't need any more. Was quite pleased when I managed to wear post op bra with only one extender today (instead of 3 which I needed for first week, and 2 for the second) means the swelling must be going down at last :-) Bought E45 Itch relief cream today to help with the itching and some Vaseline to soothe the tight, dryness of the horizontal incisions (neither working so far but I will persevere haha).
By far the worst symptoms I am having is the "sunburn/raw nerve feeling" all over both breasts which has been constant from day one and non-responsive to any painkillers or anti-inflamitories I have been taking every 4hrs) :-( but I suppose it will just take it's own time to heal? All in all feeling a little bit stronger every day though, am now fully independent regards showering and dressing which is fab! Still not driving yet but hope to get back behind the wheel some time next week (for short journeys at least). Still being careful not to overdo things like lifting, stretching etc too. Patience is a virtue, apparently ;-)

Day 20

Just a few new pics

Day 21

Just a quick update, didn't make it to check up today due to transport issues but spoke to nurse when i phoned to cancel appointment. She is happy for me to pop along to local surgery practice nurse if i am at all concerned with my healing (much more convenient than an 80 mile round trip to ps hospital). The wounds are not looking any worse today so that's good, I'll wait and see how they go over next couple of days. Energy wise i feel i am even more tired than last week but thats probably because of the irregular sleeping pattern ive had. Being very careful about lifting, stretching etc to try and speed up this loooooong healing process lol :-) hope you are all well xx

Day 26

Not really much to add today, not much has changed really. Still have open areas under both breasts, still having significant pain,swelling and general discomfort and as a bonus the crazy itchiness has returned today, yaay! haha. Really hoping next week is going to bring some progress in healing or at least a significant reduction in these issues. I know it is a slow healing process i have to be patient but damn it's hard going! Lol

I started using arnica cream 2 days ago for bruising and I'm sure it's working already, which is great! :-) still having problem sleeping in bed at night (just can't get comfortable) so I'm going to buy a body pillow to see if that helps. Hope to have a more positive update next time, tomorrow is another day :-) x

Hi all

Hi all, just a quick check-in, not really much in the way of progress to report but I think the open areas at T-junctions are slowly starting to heal. No sign of infection just inflammation, which I think is normal as the body sends lots of new cells to regenerate new skin to heal the wounds (ain't google a wonderful thing? haha) Feeling ever so slightly stronger each day (then crappy for a day or two, then stronger again lol) Have switched from washing with antibac soap and applying antiseptic cream before covering with dressings and tape to massaging with Vaseline and letting them breathe for a few hours before loosely covering with gauze and it seems to be helping them feel better! Wondering if I was sensitive to the antiseptic cream and/or adhesive dressings? Also stopped using the iodine dressings the nurse gave me as they were leaving big red inflamed marks on my skin. Who knows, maybe the things ive been doing to "help" have actually been hampering my healing? starting to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel though and that's got to be good! Even considering the long, slow recovery process I don't regret the decision to have the surgery for a second! I love my new little boobies more and more each day and would definitely do it again, totally worth it!!
Oh oh oh! almost forgot my WOW! moment of the week! My best friend was round for a visit and asked what size I am now, I said i'm not sure so she said "i'm wearing a 38C, try it on for size" so I did and guess what? It fitted (with a little room to spare!!) and i'm still swollen! Soooo happy :-) xx

Post op feelings

Here is a link to some info I found really useful regarding feelings post op


Just back from check up with PS and he said I am healing fine and he is pleased with my progress. Apparently the reason for the intense discomfort on the incisions is reaction to the type of sutures used, my body doesn't like the stuff they're made of and causes irritation. I have to start massaging them more firmly now to flatten and lighten the scars. I also went for a bra fitting today and guess what? I'm a B cup!! Wow! :0 yippee!!

6 week post op abcess

Hi all just typed long update but it disappeared uugghh anyway i am developing an abcess on left breast and am on antibiotics. Will write longer update later when I'm less annoyed about losing what i just wrote haha

Week 6 continued.....

A little more detail on last quick update. After seeing PS on Friday for check up, my left breast became increasingly painful, swollen and hot to touch. Showed my bestie yesterday and she said it was red too, she took a photo for me to see too as i couldn't see much in mirror. She advised me to email PS with photo for his opinion so i did and within 10 minutes he called me! He confirmed my suspicion that i was developing an abcess and suggested i get antibiotics from GP instead of making an 80 mile round trip for a prescription from him. So i did just that. He offered to see me today if i wanted but we agreed it best to try the antibiotics first then go see him if they don't clear it up. I am very happy with PS and would highly recommend him to anyone. Overall i am healing slowly but surely and hope this abcess will be easily and quickly cleared up. Hopefully it's just a bump in the long road to recovery lol still so glad i did this! :-) x

More grossness

T junction wound on right breast (which I thought was healed) burst open and drained lots of pus and blood. When will these problems end?? Left breast abcess still slowly draining and very sore too. Saw local doc yesterday and she has given me another course of different antibiotics to take along with the other ones (and warned me that I will probably get diarrhoea with them) oh joy! Lol

Comparison pic

What a great way to compare before and after, thanks for the app tip Jessica!
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