After 5 Years of Thinking About It.. 32A to 32D Overnight.. - Albyn hospital, Aberdeen, UK

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Can't belive it's 2 days till my op, in fact in 48...

Can't belive it's 2 days till my op, in fact in 48 hours time I will have new boobs.. such an exciting feeling especially when it's something I've been dreaming of for so long.
I was never blessed with boobs of any shape or size with my chest resembling that of a teengage boy for as long as I can remember. Spending 5 years researching the procedure includinget the pros and cons hasn't been easy, it's almost easier to talk yourself out of it the more educated you get however all of this research has has actually fascinated me and has helped me make an informed decision about having this life changing procedure ( definitely life changing for me, I've never had to wear a sports bra in my life, never not been able to see my feet and never experienced this back pain allike you gifted ladies talk about ) having said that I'm not entirely sure if I class there as pros...

I am from north of Aberdeen and so having my procedure at the albyn hospital in Aberdeen City, My surgeon Dr Amir Tadros who specialises in breast and hand surgery and is very highly ranked - I done my research on him too! I felt instantly comfortable at my initial consultation and there again for both further consultations . Mr Tadros was great, he anewered all of my queries professionally and was very helpful when choosing my implants, we tried various implants again and again weighing up all options and finally settling on the perfect size for me.

I have chosen 450cc, moderate plus profile implants which will be inserted over the muscle, initially I was a tiny bit apprehensive of such a large implant size however being 5ft5, and weighing in at 9.5 stone with a slim but curvy figure I could see why Mr Tadros said 450cc implants would compliment my figure perfectly. As per his procedure he does order at least 5 sets of implants per patient and would never leave in implants that look abnormally large or silly. His aesthetic nurses are on hand to assist with implant decision and I know that whatever I wake up with will have been the best, most practical choice for me.

I can't wait......

12 hors since I woke up..

I feel like im getting sorer but I guess thats the GA wearing off. I had my maximum doseage of morphine following my OP and have been on oral meds since.. I also have a cathator in as I was finding it extremely difficult to wee and it was getting me a bit stressed. I havent seen all of my new boobs yet but I can see the top and im really happy with them. Originally we planned 450cc overs M+ however when I was under these were a bit wide and very-un natural looking, I had always mentioned to my surgeon I wanted to keep somewhat of a natural look and something that suited my quite small frame. I think we have gone for 350cc M+ overs and I am actually filling my D cup sports bra very snuggly, I know the swelling will reduce and I think I will be left with a nice D.. which is what I was hoping for anyway so im super pleased. Maybe the 450cc would have been slightly on the big side for me..

Sleepwise ive gotten a couple of hours, I am a very light sleeper at the best of times and with nurses doing obs and just general hospital environment noise I have struggled a bit but im glad im here as they have been great. I would have never coped at home. These electric beds are a god sent!!

Hoping to be discharged later on this morning if the pain eases off but for now I think its back to sleep for me.. n'night ????

2 days post op..

Being 100% honest these last 24 hours have been tough.. not having the aid of an electrical bed has been very difficult and I have been feeling really quite sore, more on one side than the other.
I have been keeping right ontop of my meds and would strongly recommend that to everyone.. don't wait until it gets sore!
Sleeping is a bit of a nightmare as I am not used to sleeping on my back at all, I really dont like it :( Hoping that it wont be too long before I can get onto my side but we shall see..
Wonder if anyone else has had this sharp pain in just one boob? not really sure what it could be.
In general terms, being in recovery is a bit boring.. I went out a walk with my boyfriend tonight and the dogs and got some fresh air which did take my mind off of the pain and discomfort. He has been absolutely brilliant so far helping me with everything he possibly can.. he even see's the funny side of my mood swings. I feel bad because he must be feeling a bit bored :( will definately make it upto him when im feeling a bit better. On the upper hand my bestfriend asked me to be her bridesmaid today which definately cheered me up big time.. roll on the wedding planning ????

1 week post op

Loving my new boobs.. don't get me wrong I've been in a bit of pain for the past week, mainly from one side .. not quite sure why but apparently it's quite normal so I'm not worried.. I can honestly say it's totally worth the pain!
I'm seeing my surgeon tonight to check my stitches etc and make sure everything is healing as it should be, and hopefully won't be too long before I get rid of my dressings altogether.
The worst part of the recovery so far for me is the difficulty washing my hair, and sleeping.. I've found both of these tasks incredibly hard and as a result I've been quite moody etc but my boyfriend has been amazing, really helpful and really keeping me going.
I tried on a basic non padded D cup bra and completely fill it which is so exciting, can't wait to bin all my old ones! I've went from barely an A cup to a D cup with 30th Moderate plus implants placed over the muscle and I couldn't be happier. I don't feel as though they are sitting high, and they are very even..
I'm still taking strong pain killers as I previously mentioned I am getting a fair bit of pain from one boob, I think it's more the muscle that's sore, I maybe gave slightly over done it in terms of moving around too quickly so probably my own fault.. I'm going to really take it easy this weekend as I'm meant to be back to work on Monday so don't want to tire myself out..
uploaded a pic of my boobs today, it's not the best pic, and I'm looking and feeling a bit chubby right now ???? can't wait to get back to running and horse riding.

11 Days post op..

Still experiencing some pain mostly in the mornings and predominantly from my right boob but im getting there with some pain meds etc
I was supposed to be back to work yesterday but i havent gone back just yet, i dont feel right enough to go back and im a bit scared with the whole driving thing.. I had a drive round my village at the weekend and i really dont feel safe at all, I dont feel confident when braking and steering hurts from my right side, id never forgive myself if something happened so im just gunna lay off the driving a little longer.
I tried on a bikini top i bought last year for after my op and i am so over whelmed that I actually fill it, so happy!

16 days post op

Feeling much better now. Still getting some pain mainly from my right side and mainly in the mornings. I've been able to sleep half on my side which has helped my sleeping so much!
Im still taking dehydricodine but try only to take them in the morning and before bed.. seems to be going ok just now.
Posted up some pictures from the past few days, so happy with how they are coming on, personally I think they look fab :-)

20 days post op

20 days on, can't believe it's basically 3 weeks since I had my op. It still feels like this is all one big dream and I'll wake up with my pancake boobs.
I am so happy with my progress to date, since my last review I have had little pain, mainly only at bedtime and first thing in the morning. I still take pain relief when I feel like I need it as I don't want to get overly sore but I don't need them half as much as I did for the first 10 days.
Being able to move around in bed a little is helping me so much with sleeping, sleeping on my back was a total nightmare and I am so glad it's over, saying that - my travel pillow was amazing and I actually still use it to this day :-) I think I'm a bit addicted to it.
Driving wise, not going to lie it's a little uncomfortable - I have been sharing a lift to work with my boyfriend as we work at the same company and that has been a great help. Steering and gear change can sometimes be a little painful and at such an early stage in recovery I am just not willing to risk my perfect results. I am going to try and drive to work next week and see how I feel - it's got to happen one day however that day can wait if need be - I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Working is totally fine, I am a Project Administrator and so the majority of my work is at the computer and so not strenuous at all, I am still slightly more tired than usual however I put this down to broken sleep, and an extremely busy period at work right now.
The one thing I am really missing is getting out and about - going running, swimming, horse riding and just generally being active, it's really getting to me however as I mentioned previously I would rather be safe than sorry. I hope I can get back to all my favourite things very soon!

Top tips for my recovery so far would be
- Keep on top of pain relief, don't wait to get sore
- Travel pillow, it's even great for sitting on the sofa watching tv
- Don't over stretch that's how you pull muscles, keep everything in easy reach
- Eat well, you will generally feel better if you eat well, keep up a high protein diet, lots of fruit and vegetables and oily fish for omega 3! Be careful with your fibre intake as pain killers generally make you constipated, you dont really want it getting worse. I have IBS (suspected colitis) and so I know what my body can and cant accept. Learn to listen to your body, it really helps :-)
- Multi-vitamins, and supplements are good. I took one a day multi-vitamins with iron and also hair, skin & nails supplement, I feel like they are well worth it.
- Make sure you have a drink by your bedside, and adequate pain relief as I personally experienced broken sleep, and having meds available at my bedside was great, was easier to drift off as still in the dark. I feel as though once you get up turn on lights and stuff your mind becomes alert and it becomes more difficult to wind down.
- Don't be afraid of your new assets, I was a little scared to even touch mine for the first 10 days, mainly because I felt like it wasnt really happening. I now massage mine around the top and sides (not the incision scars yet as they are not healed) and it's a great feeling, it also helps with the circulation and re-activating the skin sensitivity lost during the stretching of the skin when the implant is placed.
- DO BE PROUD, don't listen to anyone else. If you are happy that's all that matters! I have had a few people stereo-typically saying to me 'oh i thought they would have been massive' and so on.
Quite frankly I feel that this is 'massive' for me, I went from flat chested to a C/D cup overnight, it is a massive change and it's also what I wanted. Who cares about anyone else, they dont have to look at them!

Hope that's given you all some tips :-)

If anyone would like any questions answered I will happily assist, just message me

Edinburgh Plastic Surgeon

From the outset and throughout Amir Tadros, and his lovely Secretary Helen Dow have been fantastic. They are always available to answer any queries I have, and to chat about my pre & post op progress. Having this operation was a big change for me and Helen has been absolutely fantastic, she has been so reassuring throughout everything - the only complaint I would have is it would have been nice to meet her! Amir's qualifications / experience had me at 'hello'. Being one of around only 4 BAAPS registered surgeons in the UK I was instantly drawn. The fact he specialises in breast & hand reconstruction also had my attention as attention to detail is paramount in such areas, I just had a great feeling about him and I couldnt have been more right. Mr Tadros also works as a surgeon for the NHS and can be operating on all parts of the body, including the face - which as you will all agree requires great skill, efficiency and amazing confidence and attention to detail. I had no doubts he would be fantastic. He has completely exceeded my expectations when I seen my results. I found it completely amazing that he turned my FLAT barely A cup, in to a full, round, and perfect C/D cup - I could not be happier! I would definitely recommend him to anybody considering this type of surgery, and any other!

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