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I am 39 & tired of hiding my bad teeth. I've...

I am 39 & tired of hiding my bad teeth. I've always had a phobia about the dentist but decided it was time it get them fixed so I don't pass on my fears to my daughter. My teeth are quite crowded top and bottom.
After deciding to proceed with Invisalign I had to have several procedures done including wisdom tooth removal, 2 tooth extractions to allow the crowded teeth to be able to move and a filling.
In July I finally got my Invisalign fitted. I am on the 3rd set of my aligners, almost ready for the 4th. I will also be using Acceledent to speed up the process meaning from the 4th set I will be changing the trays weekly instead of fortnightly.
I have 34 sets of aligners but have been told I will need more after that.

I've been reading about people trying to keep their invisalign clean. After having tried vinegar and water, then toothpaste I found that the trays were discoloured and still didn't smell too good. I have bought an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner from eBay for $40 AUD. I put my trays in there in the morning & night and every second day I put a Polident tablet in with them. Occasionally I need to brush the outside with a toothbrush but they are much cleaner now and don't smell at all.

I can't wait to start changing the trays weekly and finally start seeing some results!


Tomorrow I finally get set 4 and hopefully my Acceledent. Here are some photos of my teeth at the start and with the attachments. Also a photo of the jewellery cleaner I use daily.

4th set

Today I finally got my 4th through to 6th set of aligners. I was supposed to pick up my Acceledent also but unfortunately it hasn't arrived yet :(. Hopefully that will turn up on Monday so I can start finally changing the aligners weekly.
I must say that this set is better than the previous one for my speech. I found it really difficult to talk without a noticeable lisp with the last ones. Much better this time! Not sure why it would be different?
I can feel the tightness of these new trays but it's not too painful thankfully. Just a little tender when I remove them or put them back on. Like the previous set (but not the first 2) these ones seem to have a little indent at the top on the front 2 teeth. Any reason this would need to be there or is it just a fault in the tray?

They showed me my 11th set while I was there today and I must say that it was a boost to the confidence in the process. I haven't really noticed any difference yet but I could see heaps and that tray is only about 7 weeks away. Made me feel much better!


Hooray! Finally picked up my AcceleDent today, was given another 3 sets of aligners and the ok to change them weekly from this Friday. Very excited to get started tonight.
A run through on the use of AcceleDent explained that it needs to be used for 20 minutes every day. It is supposed to make the transition to the next tray much easier and less painful.

I also got to see my ClinCheck for the first time. Great to see it and see what the results will be like at the end of the 34 aligners, although I have been told I will definitely need more. Apparently it will be 90% correct by then.

Will post updated pic when the 5th set go in!

Tray 5

Tonight is my first weekly aligner change. I have been using the AcceleDent for the past 3 days now.
The 5th set are tight but I don't feel any pain with them as yet and they were relatively easy to put on. I think once I have been using the AcceleDent for the full week it will be even better. Still haven't noticed any changes yet!

I have attached some photos of the AcceleDent and my ClinCheck video (hopefully!)

Tray 6 - only 28 more to go! ????

Last night I changed to tray 6 and I'm happy to say I'm finally seeing some slight results. My front tooth that stuck out the most has definitely started shifting down and across.
I've been using AcceleDent for over a week now and it did make a big difference in the pain levels changing aligners. I put tray 6 in and it was extremely tight. Certainly would've been painful if I didn't use AcceleDent. I used the Acceledent immediately after changing the tray and I would say it cut the discomfort levels down by 80% immediately. A couple of my teeth were slightly tender in the morning but that appears to have completely gone by this afternoon. Glad that extra $1000 dollars the AcceleDent cost to my treatment is paying off!

Speaking of costs, here's the breakdown of what my treatment is costing me. The overall treatment is $9500, $1000 of that is the AcceleDent. My health insurance covers $1500. I received $1200 back from the health fund once treatment started and will get the remaining $300 when it's completed. I had to pay approx $2000 upfront to the orthodontist and am paying back $50 per week on a no interest plan for 3 years with DentiCare.

Tray 10 - Ortho visit

Today I had my 6 week orthodontist visit since tray 4. I changed to tray 10 and received another 4 trays. At tray 15 I need to go back for IPR. So far so good, they are happy with how my teeth are moving and there have been no issues since my tray 6 update.

I am loving the AcceleDent and would recommend it to anyone considering it. Not only is it great to change the aligners weekly, the reduction in pain when changing the aligners is well worth it. If I was only changing fortnightly I think I'd go mad with the entire process, adding so much more time on to the how long I'd have to wear them. I don't think I'll ever get used to wearing invisalign. Some people say they barely know they've got them on but I'm aware I'm wearing it every waking moment! I've still got a slight lisp, sometime it gets worse with particular trays.

I'm happy to say that I'm seeing the changes now and although there is a long way to go it's starting to be worth it! My bottom teeth do not fan out as much and the top teeth that really stuck out are definitely on the move.

Tray 14

Thought I'd add a comparison again this week of tray 4 verses tray 14. Can't believe how far my teeth have moved in that 10 weeks. Everything seems to be going well.
Have to change my title next week from "Almost 40-y-o" to "40-y-o" :(
I'm heading in to the ortho on Tuesday for more IPR and to get my next set of trays.

Just a question - now that my bottom teeth are starting to really straighten out, they are very uneven. Can they be shaved slightly at the end of treatment so they are even or do I need to put up with them being uneven but straight!?

Tray 18

Things are moving along well. My next appointment will be after the Christmas - new year holidays then I'll be having my 3rd lot of IPR.
I'm past the halfway mark now and so far I'm happy with the results. I must admit it's very hard to wear the aligners for the right amount of time over the festive season!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Tray 25 of 34

I didn't realise it has been so long since my last update. I've just put number 25 in tonight so only 9 more trays to go before refinements.
My last lot of IPR was done several trays ago. This time they not only used the little file, they used an electric contraption that filed off a bit more of my teeth. It didn't hurt thankfully!
The gaps caused from my teeth extractions are almost closed now and I'm feeling much more comfortable smiling without hiding my mouth with my hand.
The dentist gave me some little brushes that have helped get food out of those larger gaps in my teeth - flossing just didn't seem to get everything out. I'll put a photo of the brush up - I think they are great! Also I'll put on a photo of tray 4 v tray 25.

Tray 27 and ortho visit

Today I was fitted with tray 27 of 34 and was given the next/remaining 7 trays that will take me to the end of the original 34. I had some more minor IPR done and was sent on my merry way! I've made an appointment for 8 weeks time where they will remove my current attachments and scan for my refinements - here's hoping that there's not too many!

Finished first set!

So a few weeks ago I finished tray number 34 of 34. Since then I've been in and had my attachments removed, new scans taken for refinements and another set of X-rays taken.
I've got an appointment next Wednesday to be fitted with new attachments and receive the next lot of trays.
I noticed during the last few trays that one of my teeth no long fit properly but they seem happy enough that it will be corrected with the refinements.

Refinements - confused :(

I thought refinements were to finish off the last little bit of the straightening. After reading everyone's reviews most people have minimal trays in refinements but I have more than my original 34 sets of trays. My refinements have 36 sets. I'm so disappointed, thinking I was nearing the end of treatment. Now I feel like this process is never ending. :(
Has anyone else had so many refinements?

Tray 1 (sigh) of 36 refinements

Here's an updated pic of tray 4 (original trays) v tray 1 of refinements.

The never ending story!!

Finally finished my 36 sets of refinements, was rescanned for another round.
Unfortunately I now have my second set of refinements, another 34 :(
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