35 Yr Old Mother of Two, Short, Diastasis Recti, Extra Skin - Albuquerque, NM

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I have been on this site for a year just reading...

I have been on this site for a year just reading reviews and I think I am ready to do this for myself. A little about me. I am just 5 feet tall, if I have a slight heel on my shoes. I have two wonderful children who were fairly large despite barely gaining pregnancy weight.

My daughter was somewhat large-8 lbs 2 weeks early. My son was breech and we decided to have a version done where he was flipped to have him naturally. He sort of got stuck sideways for a bit but we finally got him flipped. Afterwards I was excited my son was a natural vaginally birth but the process had destroyed my ability muscles.

For years people would ask me how far along I was for our third child or random people would come up to my stomach and feel touch it like a baby was there. I would usually answer with some sarcastic comment like "oh it likes you, did you feel it kick?" Or I would say "thank you, what do you think of the name calamity or decay?" After a while of messing with people I would tell them the truth, I wasn't pregnant, just fat!

People would usually be so impressed I had a good attitude they felt I was OK with it. Truly it was a humiliating and depressing situation. A couple Dr's. Suggested I get my hernia fixed and possibly the diastasis recti, but a general surgeon doesn't remove extra skin which I had wanted so I just avoided the surgery. I absolutely hate needles and have a huge phobia of them, to the point both my children were born naturally without iv.

Well at a dinner party for my husbands work one of his employees was super happy to see I was pregnant again, of course I wasn't. He felt so horrible humiliating the bosse's wife he couldn't stop trying to fix the situation. Finally I just left the dinner. My husband came home and told me I was beautiful and strong and that it broke his heart to see me so sad. He had gathered money for me to get the full tummy tuck if I wanted. He said I didn't have to, but if I wanted to he wanted to do that for me. Seriously, what kind of guy does that? He's a keeper.

His sweetness and giving personality did not change my phobia of needles though so I continued to avoid surgery. Then I needed an emergency appendectomy and I actually managed to deal with an i.v. so I feel I can handle a tummy tuck. Here I am on real self very grateful for everyone sharing their stories so I had a realistic expectation for all of this and I'm excited to see how the future will be. I will post more info as time goes by.

Surgery scheduled

Well I have officially been scheduled for June 10. Somewhat excited, somewhat that omg feeling and somewhat terrified.

Paid the balance, this is getting real

I went in on Friday to pay the balance before surgery which was due. Had to run to the bank and pull out money. I am a little bit frustrated because I had mentioned I would be coming to pay in cash and they offer a cash discount of 3%. I was excited to hear this, great perk! However, when I actually was going to pay I had put my $400 scheduling deposit over the phone on a credit card. Since I had already paid with a credit card I wan't able to get the 3%. So I needed to get more cash and pay in full. Not a huge deal, but I would have brought in the scheduling deposit in cash if I had known there was a discount. Just wanted everyone to ask about cash incentives before hand. This made me a little bit nervous because I don't know what else they had forgotten to tell me LOL.

I am also looking at renting a hospital bed and I need to get my prescriptions filled. I have a prescription for valium to take before hand since I have a phobia of needles. Has anyone taken valium before hand? I also had a prescription for Norco. I haven't really taken pain meds in the past because they make me sick. Has anyone had nausea taking Norco before? Is this an effective drug. Getting closer to surgery! June 10, crazy!

Couple more days to go...shopping haul.

Thank you so much for the lists of things you will need for surgery. I rented a hospital bed because our bedroom and beds are all upstairs. I'm not sure how long it will take to get up there, I'm picturing moving like the sloth from zootopia and having nightfall come before I make it anywhere. I will post some before pics of me before in jeans. Nothing sexy to look at maybe to see the difference. I usually wear larger pants to tuck in my belly like an extra shirt. I've tried to wear Spanx to cover up the pooch but I have what we like to call "short people problems." Lower tight underwear rolls down under my flap of skin so I am awkwardly trying to pull them up throughout the day so i look like i am a six year old with a wedgy but in front. Higher tight underwear is designed for tall people, not my figure that would be described as a box with turkey legs. The tall underwear usually pushes up on my breasts to they push up toward my chin. If anyone watches outlander you can get a glimpse of the too tight corsets pushing up their boobs until they look sort of oblong shaped.

I finally gave up trying to tighten my pooch in so instead I had a deluge of people asking me when my baby is due. I won't miss that.

I'm trying not to overly panic or chicken out at the last minute. I'm praying God has this recovery and surgery go smoothly. I am a Christian and I feel like I will be judged if I tell others I'm getting a tummy tuck, not sure if other people are going through the same thing. Usually when I have something stressful I have a lot of spiritual support but I feel like I don't really this time.

More before pics...couple days away

Tomorrow is the day

Hospital rental bed delivered
Used kohls cash to get surgery outfit
Supply run to Walmart and walgreens
Drank about 20 glasses of water
Took kiddos to museum and dinner
Going to put on nausea patch

Pretty much my last day before go time. Surgery is tomorrow at 1. Will check in if I'm coherent.

Surgery today

Made the journey to the flat side. They were very nice and accommodating for me when I go there. I panicked a bit with the iv. I know pain meds go in the iv but there is a lot of tightness and burning already. Getting home was tough with the drive. We will see when I go on a few days for follow up.

Day 1

3rd day post op

Since I'm a bit more coherent today with meds I can talk about my surgery experience. I had a pre-op phone call with instructions. I took a Valium beforehand to help me get through the i.v. It was strange going to an office complex suite but when you go inside it is like a large operating room. The nurses were very sweet and tried to keep me calm and comfortable. I got through the iv placement, hit it right the first time.

Right after that I don't remember a thing. Apparently I woke up for about 45 min. But I don't remember. The nurses were putting my clothes back on me and walked me out to the car. I felt very rushed and in a huge amount of pain.

I went home and used the hospital bed a rented...best decision ever. The first day and a half were rough. I think my husband was trying to space out pain meds- 1 tablet every 6 hours vs the 2 every 4 hours. After a couple hours the pain was unbelievable and I was in tears. Taking 2 pulls every four hours on the second day is totally manageable. Trying to eat to keep up protein but feeling a little query. Have to keep on binder and clean out drains. I will get pictures on the 16th. Mostly just resting.

Omg worst tt recovery day ever!

On my 5th day po. Prior to today I had on an anti nausea patch which wore off today. Tried to take extra strength Tylenol but felt nauseous. My husband gave me a zofran. Immediately when I took it I was hot and clamly. I waddled over to the restroom asap and threw up nonstop for 2 hours. Drs. Were scrambling for a solution. Said to get off other meds which I already did. Told me to eat bland which I already did. Finally calmed down after 2 hours. So much pain but didn't want to take anything. Slept about an hour. They said is was probably the Tylenol and to take zofran again to help with nausea. Seriously the second I took it and it dissolved I was back in the bathroom throwing up another solid 2 hours. Our Dr. was great, met my husband at the clinic for another med, and was on call asap. He tried to figure out a different pain meds since I feel like I ripped out my insides. God I hope I didn't mess anything up! I started throwing up blood because the acid had burned my tube and my gums are very sore and bleeding. I feel like I am back to square 1 but I want no medicines what so ever. I had a unique reaction to the zofran. I feel so exhausted and I'm in so much pain.

7 days po pictures

Still swollen. Have on steri strips. First time taking a shower.

Emotional roller coaster...I wish I had known

I'm 10 days post op and I'm having that emotional moment I promised myself I wouldn't have. I think most of my problems are psychological so I need to work on that lol. What I wished I had known were 3 things.

1. Acid reflux is a thing....because my stomach muscles and the binder are tight I have constant acid reflux even while taking medicines for it. I can't lean back, I can't swallow and I can barely eat.

2. Circulation. I have a hard time getting circulation all the way down to my feet so I have had so feet and leg numbing and some bad leg cramps.

3. Numbness and tightness. Omg I understood I would be tight but I feel like I can't breath sometimes. The other issue is Numbness which is my major road block right now. I can't stand to have my binder off. It creeps me out to feel so numb on my stomach. I have only taken 2 showers and my husband had to come in and help me both times because I couldn't take my hands off my stomach just to make sure it is there. If I could keep my binder on the whole time I would. I really hope the numb feeling gets a lot better or I will be wearing a binder under my clothes, under a swimsuit or during sex for the rest of my life lol.

That being said I do see a little bit of a difference everyday which is great. I have done well walking around. I am about 80 % straight. I can do some light work around the house so I'm doing bettter in that regard. I just hope I can get to a point where I feel comfortable taking off my binder at some point lol.

Was going to pot photo update, however..

Swell he'll has officially set in. I an literally busting at the seems of my compression garment.

12 days po...I need a good compression garment

So I am 12 days post op and the dreaded swell hell has set in. I am sort of puffy where my torso meets my incision. I can get up more and move around more but by the end of the day I am tired. I still have steri strips very super glued to my incision and I have to say i stoll dont like having the binder off. It feels like my stomach is pushing out around me in a radius and the numbness makes me uneasy.

I thought maybe I felt uncomfortable with it off because something was wrong so I calledo one of my trusted drs. Yes I actually have a dr. I can call. Not dr. Chen but another dr. His theory is because I am so ridiculously short torsed. The space from my lower ribs to my waist is only a couple of inches. Anytime I try to wear a two piece it just ends up looking like a 1 piece anyway lol. This is the dr. Who told me it was pretty much a miracle I had 2 natural and big babies. He figured all the stitches and work were in such a small contained space it feels like it pulls out more when I take the garment off. The garment sort of creates an elongated middle so it feels more comfortable when I have it on. So I am still wearing the original compression garment. I have been trying to figure out another compression garment to wear since I don't really feel like I will be going without one anytime soon. Any recommendations for a good corset style or another comfortable style of binder keeping in mind how ridiculously short waisted I am? I have a line rubbed into my breasts from the binder I have. It is too long for my body.

3 weeks post op...scar pics

I haven't posted too recently because not a ton has changed. I was technically able to go to a stage 2 compression garment but most people probably design them for people who are over five feet tall. I ordered 3 and tried them and none wotked. I felt like I was being compressed up at my neck, or that my boobs were being pressed to my chin. So I opted to get a smaller and lighter binder to go under my clothes in order to give me the appropriate amount of compression. I really like it. The numbness is getting a lot better and I'm able to take a shower with freaking out.

So at this stage there are a few PROS happening and a few CONS.

PROS. 1. Starting to drive around and make quick trips. 2. Walking around more often. 3. Sleeping a little bit better. 4. Incision looks really healed. 5. Able to laugh without feeling like I'm going to die. 6. Standing up pretty straight at this point. 7. Taking a shower without freaking out.

CONS- 1. Still having a hard time sleeping. 2. Still sore in different areas over time, especially if I do too muchard. 3. Muscle spasms and feeling like bugs are crawling over my stomach occasionally and itching. 4. I hunch over and walk like a granny if I have had a hard time. 5. I still have some steri strips on in the middle which I am waiting to come off. I think the strips were great for a small incision. The tape has left a rash around my incision though so that has been burning a bit. 6. My energy levels are shothe still. I do minimal house work and I'm beat and need to rest. 7. I still swell up like a balloon anytime I do too much.

I was initially a little confused by my incision and how I was super packed over the first week after my surgery. My incision had stiches underneath, super glue and then steri strips. Once the steri strips started coming off I was amazed by the thin line that was left. My PS sure knew his stuff wow. Still haven't seen the middle of the incision but looking pretty good so far! I will post pictures of my incision.

3 weeks post op pics

Getting a little more out and about

I'm getting a bit more out and about.
So for this week thr pros- Taking kids to swim lessons, running trips to the store, doing housework, and sleeping a bit more. Doing well with not needing any drugs including Tylenol. My scar looks good and I'm excited to try some scar treatment soon.

Cons- still very tired with a lack of energy. Frustrated at not lifting or being able to work out yet but all in good time. I still swell a bit by the end of the day and I occasionally get a muscle spasm of pain or I feel really sore. I still have some strips right by my public area so I'm still too paranoid to try sex. I'm afraid I'm get bacteria in or under the strips and since I don't know what it is like under them I'm waiting. I feel better in my clothes but still feel more comfortable with the binder so still not finding a whole lot that fits.

Follow up appointment and scar treatment

I went to my follow up and everything looks good. All the steri strips are off. I was surprised not too many other doctors used them on this site. However when they all came off I was floored by the complete healing and the very thin scar. I thought...this guy knows what he is doing. I got cleared to start working out when I feel up for it, also no more binder and wearing compression panties.

I am able to lift my son and I feel almost up to par. I do still get tired at times and I also feel sore at times. Still working up to feeling good. I started rubbing body oils onto my incision at night. My mother in law does young living essential oils and there is a combination that is called scar away oil. I will try that at night. I still wear a binder occasionally at night because it helps me get comfotable. During the day I am using silicone strips from my plastic surgeon. I was a little worried about the coat of them at first so before my follow up I was using tape. My skin looked very red after wearing the tape so I brought this up with the dr. I was able to buy reusable silicon strips for 60 dollars. I will keep posting the progress. They are by new gel +. I wear them during the day. They seem to work well as far as staying on. The middle one started to roll up so I taped it over with surgical tape.

I'm very pleased and surprised by my results. I went from a 38 inch waist to 32 at this time. I hope once I work out it will go down even more.

I also had sex for the first time. I was very nervous at first and a little worried but that all worked out in the long run it is amazing how sexy you feel when you done have a pouch stomach in the way.

Scar pics 4 weeks po

Full view results

Scar treatment

Sorry my updates won't take more than 2 pics each. A combination of essential oils and silicon gel sheets.
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

I have one Dr. In mind. I am impressed with him so far. He knows his stuff and was great at pre consult. I will say more as surgery gets closer.

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