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On my 2nd day of Invisalign. OMG my teeth are sore...

On my 2nd day of Invisalign. OMG my teeth are sore and my tongue is taking the beating of brushing up on them. Plz tell me this will go away. I feel like my tongue is getting scraped by a metal wit brush throughout the day. It's the back right of my tongue, the side.

I'm still trying to figure out a non-painful way to remove my upper tray when eating & tray. I know it's my 2nd day but geez I'm stuck with this for 2 yrs. now in thinking wat I got myself into. I feel like a prisoner, chained down with these trays lol
Hopefully as time goes, it will get easier!

Well today is my last day of tray 1, tonight i put...

Well today is my last day of tray 1, tonight i put on the 2nd tray. Kinda scared especially the pain for the few days. It took awhile for me to get use to tray 1, i had to file certain parts to feel comfortable. My last post, i forgot to mention (i was in pain and angry, as you could see in my typing ha) i also have to wear rubberbands on each side. The rubberbands took a lot more time to get use to and it makes my mouth very sore especially the bottom tooths of where it grabs onto of the tray. I certainly have a noticeable lisp. It was bad enough i was self consious about my teeth and smiling, now i have to worry about my speech impedment. I feel its the rubberbands making it worse, it just seems it automatically keeps my mouth closed. I cant yawn that big because i have rubberbands pulling down on my trays.
After the 1st week having the trays, i got used to popping them out and finally got strength to eat chewy but not that chewy foods. i still have limitations. But this past wknd, i will admit i had them off for a very long period of time during the day. Drinking wine is my bad habit since i sip on it which makes me keep the trays off longer. By bedtime, i put them back in and when i wake up the next day, my teeth are so sore. They're still sore right now and it's Monday.
I know i need to keep them in for the recommended 22hrs but its so difficult on the wknds.
As i look through everyones review, i get impatient. I want to see results now but wont see any proly till next year. I will have 29 trays for top and bottom but my dentist said he wont be done with me. He said my teeth will look straight but i still have more work to be done. ugh! i was a little disappointed but I am literally paying for a 7k smile.
Hope tonight goes well for me on switching to tray 2. I know i would need to file it down to prevent it cutting in on my rightside tongue :( I will post in a couple days of how i am doing but dont be surprise i post earlier from an angry rant of how painful the 2nd tray is.

1 May 2013 - Tray 3: Well i started tray 3 a week...

1 May 2013 - Tray 3: Well i started tray 3 a week early. Tray 2 i only had on for 5 days and the fifth day, it cracked when removing. It happen on a Friday evening, therefore i couldnt see my dentist till Monday. Over the weekend i went back to Tray 1 for the top tray. By Monday, my dentist was able to see me the next day, Tuesday but was told to not wear Tray 1 or anything for the top. So that day i only had my bottom trays (2) in. It felt weird especially when i clenched my back tooth, i had a sharp pain. Instantly i thought OMG im getting a cavity. So i just took the bottom tray out while i was at work

When I came home, ate dinner, brush and put on Tray 2 for top and bottom. I didnt care if it was cracked but couldnt take the feeling of the attachments poking my gums. And i had a feeling my dentist would switch me to tray 3. And he did. Tray 3 is super tight. I'm on the 2nd day and my teeth are sore and achy. Also they put another attachment on. Its the top one with the teeth hiding in the front. It feels weird and hurts. So right now i have a total of 15 attachments, 10 at the bottom and 5 on top including the rubber bands i wear :(

I still havent manage to get my lisp under control. Its so embarrasing when i talk and i feel like i need to talk a little louder. I see others say the lisp goes away in a few weeks but its been a few weeks and i feel with this 3rd tray it got worse.

Even with all this pain and discomfort, i know i will LOVE the end results.

29 May 13 - 5th tray

Well my 4th tray went very well. For the 2nd & 3rd I managed to crack them in the same spot. But I perfected a way to take out my top tray, therefore my 4th tray didn't have no cracks and I DIDN'T have to file them :)

Last night I started on my 5th tray. So far it's going well. Just had to do minor filings but other then that, I have very little soreness. But on my last trays I notice on one of my teeth it doesn't cover it well, it's my top canine on the right. It doesn't hug the tooth, kinda weird. Not sure if I need to go in.

The biggest problem I have is keeping them on for 22hrs. It's so stressful that I have to rush through my meals. Since I got Invisalign, I can't enjoy a cup or 2 of coffee. I'm literally burning my throat trying to hurry up.

Also still having a noticeable lisp. I hate it, so embarrassing! Again having these rubber bands are so thick that its not very stretchy which makes my mouth keep shut.

Well hope this works! I'm paying good money for a good smile :D

17 Jun 13 - 6th tray

It's been a week having my 6th tray in. At first i was having difficulty for the top tray to snap in. I am thinking my "problem tooth" (see pic), the attachment is too big for the tray to track on. This is the same tooth, of having my tray's getting cracked when i removed them but i finally figured a good way to take it out. Also it's the same tooth, of when they put on the attachment (during tray 3), it was also attach to that front tooth sitting in front of it. I had to go in and had them file it down and they apologize for not noticing it when they let me go.

I don't see a difference at all of my teeth, only my bite. But i guess i won't see anything for a long time.

Next week I go in to pick up more tray's and see if they need to do
something with my attachment on my "problem tooth"

15 Aug 13 - 10th tray

Been MIA but still trucking along with my tray's. I noticed the appearance and my bite lately. Especially with that one tooth on the top coming out from behind my tooth. Still have a few more days left with this tray and onto the 11th. Yay!

26 Sep 13 - 13th Tray

Nothing new. Just changing out tray's. Still having problems with the "Problem tooth" Somehow my trays are not tracking on it. I feel the attachment it too big for the tray to fit in it. I have told my doctor about it and said we have to wait till im done with all my tray's and remold it. I'm getting sick of it. I go in next week to pick 3-4 more tray's and making sure he does something about it. I'm paying an arm and 2 legs for this. I will get my money worth and i dont care if i'm the worst patient. I will bug him and his nurses.

Wish me luck! lol

Update from Tray 13 going on Tray 14

Well yesterday went in to pick up my trays and the doctor filed down my attachment on my problem tooth. I no longer have an attachment on it, feels weird but kind of relieved. Will be posting photos from the end of tray 13 w no longer the attachment.

21 Oct 13 - 16th Tray

Just took a pic and notice a huge difference. Feeling pretty happy and excited. But I really need to stick to the 22hrs of leaving it on. I've been slacking pretty bad

10 Dec 13 - 19th Tray

So on my last update for the '16th tray', it was actually the 15th tray. I was getting way ahead of myself haha.

Tonight I will be putting on the 19th tray, have it right now. Chewing on my chewy thing. In the past months, I have seen a difference which I am glad.

I have been lazy of not wearing it for the whole 22hrs. It seems like everyday I wear it for 4-5 but mostly not at all. For sure I wear it to bed. During the day is the one I need to work on of keeping it on. I know I know bad me!

Cont 10 Dec 13 - going on 19th tray

28 Feb 14 - 24th Tray and a pulled tooth

So yesterday I walked in to my regular dentist office and thought I was getting my gold crown replace. Once they removed it, it was not good. On that tooth I had a root canal and several crowns on it. With that being said the new crown couldn't place on since that tooth has been shaped so much and file down, their was little tooth for the crown to stay on. So they had to pull the tooth. I was freaking out since I never gotten a tooth pull. I wanted to cry and they just looked at me waiting for my answer. So I just said go ahead and pull it. It was not fun. I had them numb me real good.

They finally got the tooth pulled out (in pieces, the root was so long), packed with some kind of bone powder and covered w a membrane and stitched it up.

Today I called my Invisalign dentist guy to see what I need to do. Last night I only wore the top tray. He told me to cut the bottom tray of where the tooth was pulled. It's not so bad. Just my jaw sore and keeping up on these 4 meds I was prescribed.

With that missing tooth, I have an option of getting an implant, a bridge or just keep that open space but that back tooth will try to move in at a angle.

Going on my 3rd set

Sorry I haven't been on here lately but I have been truckin along with these trays and rubber bands. So now I'm getting ready for the next set, the 3rd phase, I guess you would say. I'm just going to sum up the past 2yrs:

1st set: I had 29 trays for top and bottom. Changing them out every 2wks. The first 8mths were hell. My mouth was scared up and had sores. Every time I changed out the trays, I had to file them down. But after awhile I got use to it. Then towards the end, around the 25th tray, my back tooth got pulled from having a crown on it so many times that by the time they had to change it out since there was cavity underneath, they had no choice to pull it out. So now I had the cut the back tray so I wouldn't cover it up. My ortho just decided to start the next 2nd set. I think I was at the 27th tray and didn't finish the last two that ended with 29.

2nd set: by this time I was a pro ha. I got 22 trays for top and 17 trays for bottom. I wasn't as much sore with changing out these trays or even have to file it at all. Just pop them bad boys in and I was alright. I felt more confidence in smiling a lot but I did get lazy of keeping the trays in for the 22hrs.

3rd set: have yet to start them. Today they scanned me teeth and now I just wait for them to come in the next few wks. I still have to wear my last 2nd set tray at night only until these next one comes in. All my teeth are straight except that "problem tooth" it still won't look like I want it to look. I know I can't conplain since I came along to now. I say now my teeth are about straight.

Before and after

21 Jan 16

Well last Tuesday night I started my 25th tray out of 27.....so close.

So it will be 3yrs this April that I been putting these suckers in and so ready to be done with it. In late March I go to get my buttons off and get my retainer :)

I've been 3 rounds in the past 3yrs. 1st round was the initial, 29 trays for top/bottom. I had to ends that early since I had my back tooth pull. Story is in previous post.

Started the "Mid-Course Correction", this one different. I had 22 trays for top and 16 trays for bottom. No problems during this course. I got use to trays where I never filed them around the edges

And the last round, "Refinement". This one has 27 trays and right now I am on 25. No problems during this except I moved out of state so I only saw my doc maybe 4xs. I for sure need him to file in between my teeth on the bottom, I feel it's getting crowded and notice the tight space when I floss, can't wait to see him in March.

Stay tune in March 2016 when I will post the final pics :)


So I've been officially for a wk. beyond satisfied. Thank you Dr. Harnick in Albuquerque,NM. Of all the ppl I met they said I needed traditional braces of how severe my teeth were but Dr. Harnick said I can fix it and he did!
Dr. Harnick

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