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It has been 2 months post laser and my face is...

It has been 2 months post laser and my face is still covered with lines and grid marks. My face is now very dry to the touch and looks like reptile skin. Because of laser I now have tiny bumps and acne throughout my face. Unfortunately due to anxiety I have been picking at these bumps and have caused more scaring. Is there anything done that can be done to improve my damaged skin??

5 months post laser and no luck!

I no longer suffer from post laser acne as shown in the first pic. I've recently added Obaji Nu Derm to my skin care routine and have had slight improvements with the texture. I still suffer from pinholes/lines that can be seen from miles away. My face is still several shades darker than the rest of my body. My entire face is deflated. My cheeks have seem to disappear. I'm emotionally distraught over this procedure. Please ppl do not do laser!

6 months

My skin is still a nighmare. I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to see what could be done to correct damage. The consultation lasted less than 5 min. The ps was an arrogant and rude. He first told me there was no way lasers could cause fat atrophy he told and I was imaging things. Next I asked about the texture damage and his comment was maybe I should stop looking in the mirrors.
After his very educated solution he walks out of the room
and waves goodbye. I cant believe I wasted 5min of my life with a complete jerk.

Biggest mistake!

I am reaching the eighth month of healing and have not noticed any improvement in the texture or appearance of my skin. My skin has a poreous dry texture with visible lines of where the laser hit. I can not the hide the damage with make up because it only seems go emphasize the horrible texture. Having this procedure was by far the biggest mistake I have made. In artificial lighting the damage does not look so bad, but in natural lighting I look like a freak show. Im not sure if the fat loss is ongoing or if it has stopped. The loss of fat has caused my cheeks to drop creating an aged saggy apearance. I am having a difficultime time dealing with this ongoing transformation. Unfortunately I will have to get another cosmetic procedure to try and correct damage so that I can feel comfortable in social settings. I strongly urge others to consider alternative methods of skin rejuvination because the outcome of laser procedures is very unpredictable.



I visit this website often and can't help but read countless reviews. I find it odd that many reviews do not mention the procedure they had done nor does it include cost/photos. Instead the page is dedicated to how wonderful of a human being the provider is and how her or she changed theire life. If your procedure results were so "amazing" wouldn't you share the details?!?

When does it get better?

I've reached the 11 month mark and unfortunately I have nothing positive to share. My skin looks like a tape and textured wall. I posted a pic so you can judge for yourself. I'm not sure if the texture is permanent or if it is acne (closed comedowns) in the pattern of the laser. I have severe hyperpigmentation on my forehead from walking my dog. I Look like Simba from the Lion King, when he gets the ashes on his head. Lol... Due to the horrible state of my skin I will be starting a low dose of accutane. I also plan to faithfully use Obaji Nu Derm. Hopefully I will start seeing improvements soon.

Another photo

This texture is horrible.

Obaji Nu Derm

After several weeks of using Obaji Nu Derm I can already see a difference in my skin. I am currently red and peeling but my skin is smooth to the touch. The rough sand paper feel has completely dismissed. I have been experiencing a initial purge that has pushed whiteheads to the surface. Unfortunately, I am a picker and could not resist squeezing each one out :/ I did not purchase the entire system. I am only using 3,4, and 5. I've been mixing the blender with 0.025 Tretinon or 0.1 Avene Retin Al based on how irrated my skin is that day. I also purchased the sunscreen but I am not a fan of the white mask residue it leaves on your skin. My forehead looks amazing! The dead skin is sloughing off creating an even surface. Yes the pinholes are still there but my skin actually looks healthy and not like leather. I'm unsure if it is helping with hyper pigmentation due to the red bronzed look I have going on. I will be sure to keep you updated. Thank you for reading!

A year of hell

For over a year I have sat back and watched my face deteriote. The damage is like a wild fire I can not put out. My face is covered in raised lines and micro tears that appear to be permanent. My skin hangs off my face similar to a 70 yr old woman. I can not be in the sun for more than 5 minutes without turning bright red. My skin has turned paper thin allowing veins and blood vessels to show through. The loss fat makes me look withdrawn. I try my best to remain positive but I am running out of hope.

Same story different Doctor

Yesterday I meet with the Dermotolgist to see what could be done to improve the condition of my skin. Prior to meeting him I was greeted by his extremely rude staff. While waiting to be seen, I overheard the young nursing assistants commenting on the condition of my skin. After waiting the longest 15 min of my life, and trying to fight back tears I was finally introduced to DR. C. He was friendly and made me feel at ease. He simply stated I had acne and the laser was not to blame for my damaged skin. I asked about the hyperpigmentation, micro holes, and orange peel texture. He simply lied and said he could not see what I was talking about. He knew good and well that my skin was damaged but did not have the heart to tell me. Instead he changed the subject and did his best to keep me from crying. I was prescribed 0.025% tretnoin and 50mg 2x minocylin for the acne. I wish he would've been brutally honest after all I did pay $175 for 10 minutes of company.

Visible pinholes and orange peel texture

Indention from laser

Maybe it's time for bangs?

Soo mad

Today my mother was talked into gettin her invisible spider veins zapped by a 19 yr. old tech. My mother has watched me struggle with my horrible outcome from laser, yet she still decides to laser her face as well. The worst part is she has near perfect skin!!! When will this madness stop??

Laser damaged skin in natural light

This is not me but the texture is similar to those who have been damaged.

Gritty acne post laser

My skin has been fluctuating a lot. My skin can go from clear to a face full of gritty acne in the pattern of the laser. If you look closely you can see the vertical lines throughout my face. Sometimes I wonder is actually acne of some type of bacterial/fungal infection. My current skin care routine includes: Retin A 3x/week, Minocycline 2x/daily, Dove cleanser 2x/daily, Cetaphil 2x/daily, and Aveeno SPF 50. I try to avoid wearing makeup, but I have severe hyperpigementation and redness from the laser that needs to be covered daily. Call me crazy, but I've also noticed a significant increase in facial hair. I am of Spanish/Native descent so I am naturally a hairy mammal :( but I feel like the laser excited my hair follicles resulting in more hair growth. I would like to eventually be tested for PCOS just to make sure I do not have an underlying problem. My diet is fairly clean. I am a vegetarian and rarely if ever consume dairy, sugar, and carbohydrates. If you have any suggestions or help tips please comment below. I am aware of the horrible condition of my skin so please be nice :) btw I am wearing make up & skin is peeling from Retin A use so I apologize for the unflattering pics.

Gritty texture

Helpful responses needed

I think my skin has turned into leather. My face has the same characteristics as a leather handbag :( My skin is always dry/dehydrated and only seems to respond to oil. Has anyone had any luck reversing damage? What products do you use? Am I forever doomed??

Micropen Eclipse with PRP

I have an upcoming appointemt to get Microneedeling with PRP on September 4th. I have mixed feelings about the procedure. I know microneedeling has been proven to correct skin irregularities, but I'm not completely sold on the PRP hype. I know I should be excited, but I am so nervous about spending a small fortune on something that may not work. Fortunately this procedure is rather safe and I will not end up looking worse off. The procedure will take an hour, and I will be paying a discounted fee of $485.00. I will keep you all updated!! If you have had the procedure please share your experience. Feel free to leave your thoughts opinions and suggestions. I know this won't cure my compromised skin but if it helps I would be estatic!! Wish me luck!! :)

Dr. Emer Feb 15

I have an upcoming appointment with Dr. Emer Feb 15. I will be getting microneedeling w/ prp, Fraxel, and 2x sculptra. I am extremely excited yet nervous. I was a little disappointed with the staff as I requested no sculptra multiple times yet they still charged my father an extra 2,000 for it! When I asked _________ about the charge she told me the Dr. recomended it and your face needs it :/ . Clearly my face needs alot of things but that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen your customers. She simply stated your father had no problem paying for it! Of course my father would do anything to make his daughter happy but that doesn't mean you should take advantage of his kindness after I made it crystal clear "No sculptra!" Sorry for the rant. I find it extremely bothersome when people do not respect the customers wishes. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for the support. Sorry for the typos I'm jogging at the moment.
G med spa

I should've ran for the door when she asked "Why did you arrive so early?"

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