22 Years Old Hope I Finally Get Rid of Cellulite - Albuquerque, NM

I am 22 years old have cellulite since I was 17. I...

I am 22 years old have cellulite since I was 17. I am getting celulaze on back of my thighs and outter thighs, smart lipo and lipo max. My story is like everyone else here. I dont like to wear any thing that shows my cellulite and if I do I feel so uncomfortable. I feel so embarrassed its sad how am only 22 and cant be happy with my body. I hope this procedure works for me??:)

today is the big day

I just took my antibiotics!! Waiting for them to punch in!!:-)

sorry ladies haven't had time

My phone broke the next day of the procedure and I lost all the before pictures I been trying to get them from the docs every time I asked them for them they said there going to email them but they never do?

i will post

I will post on Wednesday when I get my picture's that way I'll know how to explain myself better. The fact that I been asking for my pictures since the day of the procedure 4 mouths ago has me every unhappy!!


The procedure took 3 hours. The most painful part were the needles for the anesthesia and the doctors inflating underneath the skin with fluid the numb area

before pictures


after procedure



4 months after

please let me know what you think


I feel that this doctors work very good as a team they really took there time on me

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