Can't Wait to Explant and Rid Myself of These Artificials!

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In 2007 I lost 120lbs and was left with empty...

In 2007 I lost 120lbs and was left with empty sacks as breasts. They were tiny and I was flat chested for the 1st time as I always had big breasts as a teenager to adult. But with the weightloss, I was running and flat chested loving my size XS tops and the feel of lightness. Fast forward 5 years about to get married - embarrassed of my ugly empty sacks, I had implants 6 weeks before the wedding/honeymoon.
I knew right away I hated these boobs. They were too large (doctor used his judgement to put in very large implants). They felt fake and unnatural -- even hard. I was uncomfortable and I had pain. I knew instantly they were too big and made this tiny proud weightloss girl feel "fat" again. I lost that super slim and petite proudness I had worked so hard to gain. I now felt fat in tops because I had to move from XS to Large. And with the huge boobs protruding out, it made me look less slim. I tried to hide them wearing minimizer bras and the works.
The only good part was how pretty they were when I was naked. Yes, naked, they were gorgeous -- which is what the newlywed needed and wanted. Fast forward another 5 years - I have lived with 5 years of minor pain in my left breast, great discomfort, and although I still workout a lot, have gained 20lbs of the 120 I lost. I lost ALL feeling in the left breast nimple and the right is at about 75% with pain when my husband "enjoys" it. If someone had told me I'd lose feeling, I would NOT have had them put in. I used to love having my breasts be a main form of foreplay. Now it's NOT an option.
So when I shared all this with my gynecologist, she suggested some insurance co's pay for explants if you have pain and scar tissue. So I got my consultation with Dr. Chan and the insurance improved my explant for Dec. 6th. As I sit here typing, I feel like I'm in a straight jacket because these boobs are so uncomfortable. And I feel that they've contributed to symptoms like hard to breath or shallow breathing, tired all the time and maybe even the weight gain and allergies. Just a hypothesis.
I am worried to have them out from the perspective of letting my husband down. I feel I already have let him down by putting on 20lbs. He married this cute little athletic petite thing and now I am feeling so down about myself. I hate to add deflated sacks for boobs to his new reality. But I know he does love me for me so I have to think if I am feeling better about life and myself, he can overlook the boobs some. I am also nervous about going under as I always am. You just never know. Okay that's me -- all I can think of right now. I cannot post pics for fear my son, who uses the computer, will see them. If I think of another way, I will later.

Pre-Op appt today

A bit nervous.. went in for my pre-op appointment today. That's when it becomes "real". Am posting before pics now

One day till surgery

Getting nervous. Knowing it's the right thing because they are so uncomfortable but worried it's the wrong thing for my self image, self acceptance marriage.Always nervous about going under too

Arrived home; surgery done

Sitting here in bed sore and sleepy but made it through ok???????? I have 2 drains in and the surgeon found lots of scar tissue (more than expected). I'll post pics in a few days

Sore but feeling pretty good

I'm sore when I walk or move but that's to be expected! My chest area already looks smaller yay. Now I can see where I need to slim down some in my belly & waist (January goals). It's funny but when I got these put in I was super slim trim and. A size 0-2. I immediately felt FAT after a few days of them in. I felt too heavy. My son (27 yr) thinks I've gained 25lbs since then because my body is trying to balance the load. Not sure I believe but does seem to lineup. I'm really hoping to get back to longer runs again & more athleticism. I've battled weight & food for so long! It's exhausting! I just want to heal & then make exercise my primary goal. Will be so glad to not have those foreign objects in me. I hope anyone contemplating implants will reconsider

Day 3 post op

Didn't sleep well... can't roll onto side or tummy so I kept waking up. A lot of random itchiness too ( from meds). I actually have to work today ( from home). I'd rather have one more day of laziness instead. Oh well Am really hoping I can start to lose a little weight soon too

1st shower post explant

Took my 1st shower... they make you wait 48 hours. Wow felt good..was afraid to look at the boobs for fear they would look terrible but I looked. They actually weren't all that bad! Maybe cause of swelling they still look bigger than they are. It was a little scary trying to wash up for fear I'd make a wrong move and hurt them. Also the drains were hard to mess with. Was glad to put my compression bra back on. I am now exhausted from my shower and am going to rest the remainder of the day.

Day 3 post op - had some minor discomforts

So woke up today with the infamous nausea that they said I could have -- well I did. And this darn compression bra feels so tight. Still pain but haven't done any pain meds today. Been itchy all over like crazy - read it can be the pain meds. Overall not feeling too badly. I already like how much smaller chested I am. I feel like I've dropped 10lbs in the mirror at least just from the boobs coming off. I am sure it's not 10 lb, but looks it! I cannot wait to be healed and start working out hard again. I also think that with most of our time in clothes 99% of the time, no one but you knows you have saggy boobs. Push up bras and padding are great. For that 1% when you're naked with hubby, you can make do. It's worth it. Of course I haven't gotten there yet -- just hoping. Not sure when I'll be frisky and healed enough to try it out lol.

Day 4: ITCHY!

Have been so itchy everywhere and can't scratch. Swelling has gone down and the girls do look flatter than I had hoped. Drains still in and are very sore. Feeling really tiny again .. petite (yay!) Just hope hubby not terribly disappointed

6 days out.. queasy

Spent the entire weekend with nausea. Surgeon said some people get more of it for longer with this type of surgery. Seems to come if I move around too much and go away if I just rest. Sleeping in the compression bra not being able to roll onto a side has been difficult. I think once the drains are out, (tomorrow?), I will feel much better overall. No regrets just ready to get on with it and feel comfortable again

6 days out: pics

Going to my 1 week postop check in

Really hoping drains will come out today. It's hard to completely heal with them tied to your body and the hole open where they go in. Had more energy yesterday so ham the past week... so things are looking up

Feeling SO good!! No regrets!

Loving my small boobs!! Actually fit into old size small shirts!! They're soft and squishy and hubby loves them too!! Super happy!! Wish my bottom half would match and miraculously be a bit smaller LOL!!

2 weeks post op update & pic

Very satisfied with the look, shape, & form. Much more comfortable than a week ago! A little worried if I lose the 20 extra pounds I put in they might not look as good. But very happy with them today!!

3 weeks post op today

Every thing is going well. Still sore but minor pain. Still wearing compression bra 24/7 which drives me crazy at night. Ready for a real bra in a week. Dying to get back to good workouts too. The shape of the girls has held steady and they look good!

5.5 weeks post op -- love my small squishy boobies!!!

So I am out almost 6 weeks. I love my soft squishy boobs. I feel them everyday and smile. They look better than I expected and feel so good in small tops. I am still a little sore and tender. Trying to run didn't work - the doc said 4 weeks post op but it still really hurts. I did upgrade from recumbent bike to the elliptical though. I am so happy I had this surgery done and wish I could tell everyone with implants to get them out.
Dr. Jennifer Chan

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