Implant Removal After 8 years

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I got my implants in 2005. A few mouths after I...

I got my implants in 2005. A few mouths after I got pregnant. Luckily my boobs bounced back but ever since I have had chronic headaches, shoulder and neck tension everyday. I tried chiropractor, massage, acupuncture, pain medications, muscle relaxers I even removed my IUD. I was happy with my body before implants but since everyone else was getting them I wanted them too. I was young. After implants I couldn't wear all the cute little shirts I use to wear because they didn't look right. Evertime I lifted my boobs up I felt relief in my back. I am a tall girl with a small bone structure so any added weight causes my pain. I can't believe I went so many years with all that pain. Recently I got to the point where I couldn't exercise anyone without getting a headache, shortness of breathe and weak. I stopped working out a few months ago and got really depressed. The headaches have affected my performance in school and my energy levels. it really amazes me to see how much I got through with all the pain. I asked professionals if they thought it was the implants but they all said no. As a last resort I got them removed this morning and I cannot wait to start the healing process. I am excited to have my natural breasts back.

Day 3 post op

Hello so today I had a bad day. I thought it would be ok to wear a sports bra instead of the ace band and the doctor was not happy with that AT ALL. He said I have fluid building up because I did not wear the ace this morning or last night for that matter. I feel like I am gaining weight. I really do not like the way my saggy little boobs look. I wish I had never got the implants to begin with I could have avoided a lot of trouble. I asked the girl at my doctors office if my boobs will stay like this and she said yes, but when I look at all the photos on the site it looks like everyone bounces back to normal. I can't wait to at least get to the point where I don't have to wear the ace band and I can wear a push up bra. Meanwhile im on a strict diet now that my stomach is once again competing with my boobs. :-(((( Today was not the best day but could have been worse.

Four days post op

Sorry I don't have pictures up my daughter took some pics that I need to upload to my laptop. Any ways I have been required tall tightly in my ace. I wore a loose sure with a bra over the ace band. when I got home my mom wanted to take a look because it felt kind of weird on the upper part of my boobs. she said that they look a lot better than they did after surgery and I must admit they do feel a little fuller.I have been freaked out about getting a seroma ever since my doctor made that comment when I was not wearing my ace band. I know things will get better I'm trying to focus on eating a healthier diet and waiting until like where normal bras and exercise again. here is a pic of my implants.

Sorry about my typos in the last post it is a real bummer writing post with my phone.



Hi I went to the doctors office to see the nurse to make sure that there is no fluid build up. Everything was fine. Incision sites are starting to itch. I have been wearing one of my old bras over my ace band so i don't look weird in shirts. I had to go back to work two days after surgery. I have been
Feeling better and trying not to look at my boobs to much. Here are some photos. I have better ones but I'll post when I have more time. I did notice that I always had to have caffeine and I have not needed any at all. I did have a horrible headache yesterday but I was better today until the evening I am experiencing pain from the surgery, itching, tenderness, soreness I just took some ibuprofen. I try not to take any of the pain medication the doctor prescribed me unless I absolutely have to. since I'm limited with exercises really trying to eat healthy and drink lots of water.


when I take my ace bandage off to put lotion on to help with the itching I hear little noises and its kind of squishy. I did have it checked out at the doctors office. They both look the same size. I was just wondering if anyone else experience is this?

never mind.

Never mind the last question. It went away.
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