Explant/Capsulectomy with Lift; NO Replacements EVER!!! - Albuquerque, NM

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9 years ago tummy tuck with breast augmentation,...

9 years ago tummy tuck with breast augmentation, Mentor smooth medium profile 350 cc overfilled to 425 cc under muscle. I was never informed of the possibility of overfills by previous doctor I chose Dr. S.M.. I was a droopy full B pre BA and was happy and comfortable with my cup size but not the droopiness and large areolas. I am 45 years of age 5'2" weighing now at 148 lbs. I was down to 127 pounds when I got the implants and tummy tuck. I initially wanted a breast lift not implants. My left breast has less tissue than my right and had always been noticeable. I was made fun of growing up about my smaller breast. Dr. S.M. suggested implants to help fill my breasts and give volume. Throughout the consultation I kept telling him that I was not looking for a bigger size and that I was comfortable with the size I had. I wanted to look natural as to not be noticeable in increased size. He assured me that the 350 cc would be a great fit for me and would look natural. I had also made it clear that I did NOT want any silicone in my body. To my surprise after reading a study and paper written and done by Mentor on their site, that the outer shell of the saline implant is SILICONE! Makes me wonder if some of these doctors do not know the product that they are selling and putting into us. If he knew about this, why did he not inform me about the silicone shell. I definitely would not have had saline implants if I was informed about the silicone shell. I question whether this doctor knew his product and blatantly disregarded my statement or was ignorant of his product. I put my trust and my precious body into this doctor's hands. I was naive and ignorant in not consulting other doctors. I had seen many of his patients results, due to the fact that they were my clients, and they were beautiful results. Unfortunately I woke up with a D cup on my small frame and definitely hugely noticeable. These implants made my already droopy breasts into LARGER droopy breasts and eventually increased the my areolas more. For the first two years I was terribly self conscious of my breasts because now everyones eyes were on them which made me embarrassed, so I walked with my arms crossed over my breasts and I have been wearing a bra minimizer for the past 9 years. Why has it taken me this long to do this? TRUST AND FEAR! I was so scared of trusting another doctor. In reality, we don't know these doctors personally and they don't know us personally, and we are putting our bodies in their hands. SCARY! I have my surgery date set on August 27, 2015 with Dr. Micheal Hopkins in Albuquerque, NM. He and his staff are super friendly and take as much time to listen and go over all of my concerns and questions. Hoping this surgery turns out great so I can have my botched tummy tuck fixed, as you can see on the pictures. Dr. Hopkins assures me that using a silk mesh will fix my protruding tummy area. My tummy has looked like this since the day of my surgery. I remember a pop in my tummy when I threw up because of the anesthesia on the day of my surgery. I called doctor and was told that the drains probably moved. Throughout my post op visits, he tired of me questioning my tummy and belly button popping out and told me that it was extra fat that he left around the area so I would not have necrosis. He did not perform any liposuction on me and nor did he offer to correct it since he said it was good the way it looked. Now I know that the stitches popped in that area when I threw up, so my insides are pushing out my muscles. I paid a lot of money to have a flat belly.
I have been watching and following doctors and patients on this site for months. Thanks to all of you brave women who shared your experiences with all of us so we may gain insight through you. I appreciate seeing the knowledge these doctors express through answering questions for those in need of answers. Thanks to Realself site to allow us all to have this opportunity of sharing experiences and knowledge with one another. I AM NOT ABLE TO UPLOAD MY PICS WITH MY MAC. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW PLEASE HELP.

Pictures of before explant/lift

These are pictures of me before my explant and lift. I have 425 cc saline implants. I look pregnant but I am not. My tummy has been like this since my botched tummy tuck.

Hoping to feel better heath wise

I totally forgot to post that I started having symptoms 3 months after my breast implants. I started with anxiety and panic attacks. Sleep started becoming an issue and I have had insomnia since then. Brain fog, muscle & joint pain, muscle spasms all over my body, chronic fatigue. Throughout the past nine years I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and adrenal fatigue. My list of symptoms kept getting bigger from sinus issues, allergies to what seems like everything, swelling of my feet, legs, hands and fingers, eyelids and face. I have lost patches of hair on my arms, legs, eyelashes and eyebrows. Migraines, constant neck and back tension, restless legs, and I can't get the weight off with diet and exercise. I didn't connect all these symptoms together with my implants until I started wearing invisaligns for my teeth, about 4 years ago. I noticed my lips turning purple and more sinus issues with the invisaligns. When I took them off for a 2 week period, I noticed my lips going back to my natural color and sinuses cleared up. I put them back on and back to purple lips. I realized that my body was reacting to this plastic in my mouth and that is when the light bulb clicked for me. My general physician and I were discussing the issues I was having and that I believe that the implants have played a major role. She agreed and said that my body has been having an inflammatory response to the implants and that it has been an on going thing that it would compromise my immune system. This has impacted my life in so many ways. I feel like an 80 year old woman but I see 80 year old women having a better quality of life than me.

In Pre-op

Hi ladies, I'm in pre-op and so excited to get these implants out and lift. I'm so chill. Did meditation this morning on surgery through you tube. It worked my hubby is SOOO nervous. I'm marked and ready to go.

Day 3 post op explantation & breast lift

Hello ladies, today is day 3 post op for me and I took a wonderful shower. Yesterday I had a low grade fever most of the day without realizing it. My hubby noticed I was warm. He took my temperature and followed the post op info the doctor gave us. I ate a Popsicle and put an ice pack on the back of my mech and forehead and ibuprofen. I was good within an hour.
Today I feel better and I am only taking ibuprofen, muscle relaxer, and my antibiotics.
I am not a back sleeper and I keep waking up at night. Patience I say. I am using a bandage to hold my pads in place for the rubber drains to drain better.

RASH Day 5 post op pics and Day 7

I woke up on day 4 post op with a rash around my steri strips. I had more on my left breast than the right. I called doctors office and spoke to nurse who said she would see me next day. The next day which was day 5 post op, the nurse took out my rubber drains and prescribed me a steroid ointment to apply to rash area. She did not remove my steri strips at this time. She said to call her if it got worse. I did as I was told and applied the ointment and iceing 3 times a day and Benadryl 3 times a day. Day 6 oozing started and I called and spoke to nurse and was told to take steri strips off. So I did and it was nerve wreaking because I was afraid to do damage to my incisions. The rash was much worse looking after I was able to see what was under the steri strips. Once off I washed my breasts well with dial soap and applied ointment and gauze over my breasts. Day 7 now and the itching and ooze still happening. Have any of you girls have this happen to you? If so what helped and how long did the rash last?

14 days post op rash ordeal getting better with home remedies

I was in a 3 day depression over this rash ordeal. I then got over the depression and had been in a frustrated state because of limitations . As soon as I realized that I was getting worse, I stopped using the steroid ointment. I decided to stop my anxious mind and listen to my body and back track on what was happening to me. I looked up the side effects of the steroid ointment prescribed and boy am I glad I did. I stopped on the 4th day on the ointment because of the horrible side effects. The side effects I was having; discoloration of skin applied to and peeling of skin, more rash that ended up on my buttocks and labia area (worst parts other than breasts), headache, muscle pain and weakness on my legs, and blurry vision. Luckily these side effects went away in about 3 days after I stopped the ointment. The day I stopped, I started using aloe Vera meaty leaves cut apart and placed them on my breasts at night while i slept with them with pads over them since they are pretty moist. In the morning I would throw them away and shower and use coconut oil on my breasts and they are getting better. I was unfortunate to have this happen on Labor Day weekend and it was hard to get my PS or any doctor to see me. I will post pics of my breasts on how they are looking. Even with all this going on I LOVE MY BREASTS!! I do finally see my PS tomorrow Saturday. I want to thank you ladies for taking time to ask me how I am doing. I truly appreciate it!! I will take new pictures tomorrow since I am laying here with my aloe Vera plants already placed on me.

I was so nervous and fearful when I went to my consultation. I had several other plastic surgeons consultations, in my area, before seeing Dr Hopkins. These other plastic surgeons made me feel like another body coming through the assembly line. Get them in. Get them out. Get the money. God complexes most definitely! Robert and Dr. Micheal Hopkins are down to earth men. No God complex here! They listen with compassion, patience, and understanding. They went through the whole procedure and process as if it were the first time I was going to have surgery. When Brenda goes over the fees of the procedure, there is no pressure to schedule or give your down payment "because we have a great special only until a certain day." No car salesman setup here because I had already been through some. She tells you to think about it and take your time to make sure and if and when you are ready you can call her. They have always answered my calls and questions with kindness and have made me feel that there is no stupid question. Due to this experience, I am willing to drive 3 1/2 hours to have my procedure done, my post ops, and in a years time have Dr Hopkins fix my botched tummy tuck.

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