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I'm wanting to remove my four year old 425cc...

I'm wanting to remove my four year old 425cc mentor silicon implants. I got them at the age 24, right after having lost a pregnancy at five months justation. My BF at the time (not anymore) was heavily judgmental of my decrease in breast volume after losing the baby. Being over emotional and extremely insecure at the time, I sprung for a BA and locked down the first doc I met with. I loved them at first and enjoyed being full again, but as time has gone by, I have been experiencing tons of sporadic nerve pain, back and neck pain and soreness and tenderness throughout my breasts, and the most pain in my right breast. I am ready for these things to be gone ASAP, be back to my natural self.. I'm currently going to consultations and trying to find a surgeon. Looking to have this done before fall. I'm so on the fence about whether or not to get a lift. I want to be a 32C, I think that's perfect for my tiny frame but I do have quite a bit of breast tissue, and am afraid they won't go back to that size without a lift to remove the skin. I really want to split the procedures apart but the cost is outrageous to do it that way. Struggling with what to do.

Explant surgery scheduled!!!

I have decided to have just the explant procedure and see how the healing goes and whether or not i will need a lift after a year or more. My health insurance is covering the removal, and I cannot wait to be back to my whole, natural self.

Counting down the hours...

It's almost 4am and I haven't slept a wink. Not a single position is comfortable as I feel these huge implants squishing into all corners of my breast pocket. I was so annoyed earlier tonight when I tried to cuddle with my BF and be the big spoon. I couldn't get close to him without my implants hurting me and being in the way. 8 days and it cannot come soon enough. I find it so mind boggling that I wanted to look like this and didn't get my implants a second thought until the last year and a half. Funny how life works out and your mind and outlook matures. I wish I had never done this to begin with, but I'll be so glad when it's over. I really have a good feeling about the results post explant. I'm also reading a lot about women finding sensitivity back in their breast after removal. I know nothing is guaranteed, but I'm crossing my fingers big time for that kind of result. Anyone else notice sensation coming back after explant/removal? Any hope would be awesome. Wishing I could fall asleep even for just an hour or so.....

Getting Nervous!!!! Surgery is tomorrow

Hi all!! I am starting to get really nervous!!! I really do want to be back to natural and be able to focus more on my health and fitness after explant, but I do still enjoy my full look in some tops. Plus my boyfriend, as supportive as he has been thru this whole process, admitted to me that he is going to really miss my big full boobs. That really bums me out cause its not like I let him touch them, or play with them, because they hurt and feel weird or uncomfortable when they're touched!! I just have to keep telling myself I'll be fine and he will get over it. I am praying praying praying I get some sort of sensation back in my right one and I am also hoping beyond hope that they wont feel weird or painful once they are healed and normal again. I want to feel like me again in my chest area and I don't even know what that means. I used to really enjoy that part of my body as a part of intimacy and since my BA surgery, the part they played in my intimate life has died. I am hoping that changes with the explant. Any thoughts from others who noticed an uptick in sexual intimacy post explant?

Collagen builder? Post surgery supplements?

What has everyone used or looked into for post explant that helps plump skin, speed healing, muscle and tissue recovery, skin firming, scarring and stretch marks??


Holy crap I am so incredibly itchy all over after waking up from surgery!! Lord help me to not tear apart my skin!!

32C - 32DD - 32C After surgery pics: removal of 4yr silicone 425cc high profile implants

Yikes!!! I haven't really felt them much yet because every time go to do it, I get super light headed and nauseas. I'm in a little bit of pain at the incision site that's it. Now I'm researching supplements to go buy.

6 days post explant - feeling great!!

So it's been 6 days since the procedure to remove my 4 yr old 425cc high profile silicone Mentor implants. I am LOVING sleeping on my stomach, the weight of them being gone from my torso is noticeable immediately, they are very empty and flopping and saggy but I have noticed improvements daily. I am taking collagen, biotin, coconut oil, fenugreek, and using a topical collagen builder cream. I'm spending time getting to know my new old body and massaging and examining. It's helping me reconnect with my breasts in a way I haven't been able to over the past four years. I'm gaining sensation back in my dead breast (righty) and the sensation in my left breast is back to normal and not overly sensitive. It's crazy what the body can do. I can't wait to watch them progressively get better over the next 6 months to a year.
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My surgeon will be Dr. Tina Smith through Kaiser Plastic Surgery Walnut Creek

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