42 Yrs Young, Breastfed 3 Babies, B Cup Before, 300 Cc Silicone Mod - Albuquerque, NM

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I'm 5'1" tall (short!) and 103 lbs. I've always...

I'm 5'1" tall (short!) and 103 lbs. I've always been a B cup and always wanted more! Even before breastfeeding my babies, I was never satisfied with my size, I'll admit I thing large full breasts are desirable and sexy. The rest of my body is cute and shapely, but my boobs? Sadly lacking! I could fool people of course with expensive padded push-up bras from Victoria's Secret...but at the end of the day, that's not good enough. And what about spaghetti strap sundresses? And sexy bikini tops? Heck no! The loss of volume over the years couldn't be hidden in those things. Over the years I yearned for BA, but just never took the plunge. While breastfeeding, my boobs were full of milk and SO much bigger...and I loved it!! Now, 13 years after my last baby nursed, all circumstances in my life just lined up and it was time. The surgeon I chose made me feel SO comfortable with all of it. We originally decided on 250 cc silicone (under muscle). That doesn't sound like much probably, but I am very petite and the 250 cc sizer looked great in the office consultation, and I wanted to look as natural as possible. But of course as so many women seem to do, I couldn't shake the notion that maybe I wanted a little more (you know we get greedy, ha!) So a week before surgery , I returned to the office and tried sizers a little bigger. The clinical assistant was so helpful and advised me not to go with the bigger 350's, saying that because of my small torso, the bigger implants with wider bases would ultimately not look right on me. So I went with 300's. I just had surgery YESTERDAY, and am SO pleased! The size looks so perfect in me, even though they will still need to drop. Coming home yesterday after surgery was horrendous I'll admit. Such terrible back and shoulder pain, chest tightness too of course! My particular surgeon does not have his BA patients wear anything on their new boobs, no surgical bra, no bands, just hanging free.....I love it. Then he called me here at home in the evening to check on me, so professional and a very caring manner. The excruciating pain of last night has seriously eased up this morning, Thank God! Still just hurts to get up out of the bed or even trying to open my bottle of antibiotics....it's amazing how much our chest muscles are used during simple little movements! I will post pics during the healing and dropping process because that was the information that helped me the most on this site!

Day 4 post-op

Ok, day 4: easier to get up out if bed today, the screaming chest muscles have calmed down and now they are just whimpering. My right boob is more painful and swollen than the left. It is also numb, no sensation at all...I'm optimistic though, once everything is settled, I'm sure it will all come back. I swear I will not take another narcotic pain pill...for some reason they have caused me to feel weepy and depressed, ugh! I don't need them at this point anyway. I'm very pleased with the way my boobs look, but of course yearning forward to drop and fluff....they are still tight and super firm, can't push them together yet...

Day 5 post-op

I'll be honest, today I'm annoyed with them, lol....but that's just my impatience talking. They look fantastic for so soon post-op, but dang it, they're still so tight and sore! I want them to be soft and moveable..NOW!!!! Haha. I know the healing process and the stages I have to go through. Right boob still numb, but having shooting pains though it today, so I'll take that as a good sign....hope for the future, ha! Had no choice but to go get a few groceries yesterday afternoon...ugh, felt like death warmed over afterwards! Too much too soon, for sure! I'll go see Dr. Chen tomorrow for my first post-op followup, looking forward to that! Still feeling like the man's a genius! I haven't seen too many people mention having a lot of crepitus around their implants...? That's little air pockets surrounding the implants. You can feel it when you lightly press around your boobs and it even makes funny little air bubble sounds. Perfectly harmless, perfectly common, and today it seems to be disappearing.

One week post-op!

They're one week old today! Still really tight, chest muscles VERY sore, especially all along the sides of the implants. I saw Dr. Chen yesterday and he showed me how to do the massaging exercises....I'm glad to get started on this! Anxious to expedite the softening process. I can almost push them together all the way...yay! Right nipple still numb...

2 weeks post-op today!

So...I reached the 2 week mark today...here's the lowdown: still a lot of muscle soreness, especially along the sides of my boobs. Still no sensation in my right nipple. A new thing started a couple days ago...my nipples harden at random times- totally unprovoked! It happened all day yesterday and it isn't pleasant, kinda hurts. I guess my poor stretched nerves are readjusting....coming back to life! I am VERY happy with the way my boobs look at this point of the healing process. They are not sitting too high, they look fairly natural in my opinion, which is awesome. The ONE thing that I want the most at this point is for them to soften more! You can't tell from the pictures, but they are still really firm and it takes a lot of effort to push them together...but you can bet I'm being religious about massaging them to speed this process along...and I have read enough to know it can take MONTHS. Still no bra yet, incisions look great though...love Bio Oil! I'll probably post again at one month...
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chen was kind and soft-spoken and seemed very intuitive about what I wanted. I trusted him immediately and that never waivered. His office staff was wonderful. I ended up calling Yvette the clinical assistant/surgery scheduler several times during my wait leading up to the big day. Every time she answered the phone (no phone tag!) and was super sweet and patient. I only had a small window of time to have this surgery due to my job. Yvette was so understanding and added me on the surgery schedule even though I'm pretty sure that day was already quite booked.

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