39 Yr Old BF 2 Kids 14 Mo Each - Albuquerque, NM

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Ok guys I'm around 10 days out for my BL & BA....

Ok guys I'm around 10 days out for my BL & BA. I've had my pre-op and made a final decision on size shape. I'm going with smooth round 450cc silicone. I've been getting the hubby, kids, myself, the house , bills, etc ready!! Ordering my vitamins tonight!! I'm so ready to do this! Scared of anesthesia and the nausea it gives me and also just not being there for all the families needs. I'm preparing meals ahead of time and getting ready to camp out in the recliner downstairs for a few days. Wish me luck! Next pics will be of my new girls!!


It the end of the day and I'm on the other side!! I did it, I did it!! My husband& kids have been wonderful. I have awesome friends who have checked in on me too. Im sleeping in the recliner tonight and probably for few days. I've been in and out of sleep all day. I'm close to the bathroom which is great because I'm letting go of some of that fluid. Then I take a walk around for a few minutes. Pressure on the chest and feels like I've done to many push-ups, but totally tolerable today. Staying on top of my meds and taking it easy. I know tomorrow through day 4 will probably be a beast. So excited to be done with the surgery! Love Dr. Hopkins and the whole staff. They are wonderful. Going for check up tomorrow at 10am. I let you know how it goes. Hope everyone is healing and staying up beat.. xxoo

Day 4 post op

I'm on day 4 and I'm am completely off percocet. I did have a muscle relaxer last night and a benadryl. I've had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics but that is normal for me. I went for a short walk outside with out any problems. I have the rolled up washcloth in my cleavage bc PS says my skin is stretchy. Wants to make sure the cleavage looks good. I ordered the thong bra but it's very uncomfortable. UGH! I feel like once the swelling goes down it'll be fine. Keeping up with the ice, massages and walks. I have feeling every where and my nips are nice and pink. I'm hanging in there!! Doc said everything looks perfect. Go back in 2 weeks

Happy 2wk birthday!!

I'm right at 2wks and I'm feeling great. Still get the morning boob but I get it here and there all throughout the day. I notice it more when I drive alot. Been getting out and about and I'm feeling more comfortable about being around crowds of people without getting injured. Still cautious, however! My steri stripped are loosening and I'm getting it more itchy by the day.
I'm on the hunt for a sports bra that zips in the front. The med bra is stating to bug me.
Still taking my vitamin C, bromelian, chorella, ran out if arnica tablets. I must say I really think the arnica works! I barely had any bruising at all on the surface. Which is strange because I usually bruise easily! I'll have to give props to Dr.Hopkins for that as well.
I'm looking forward to going to my next follow up to see what restrictions are lifted. I've had to wear a " thong bra" which I hate. Doc told hubby I have stretchy skin and wants to ensure my cleavage turns out perfect. So there's that one issue, which is easy to deal with. I think just the first week I was so swollen. And he was worried about tenting but this week my swelling is gone down so much. I've started rounding out to! I appreciate his better safe then sorry attitude and will continue to follow directions to the T!
Hope everyone is happily recoverying!!!
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