35 Yr Old Mom of 3(All by C-section), 5ft 110 Lbs, Barely a B Cup, Getting 375cc BA & Abdominal Scar Revision. Albuquerque, NM

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I have had three children via c-section (ages 10,...

I have had three children via c-section (ages 10, 4, and 18 months) and after dieting and exercising for close to a year have lost all the weight from the last child and along with that weight went my boobies. They are deflated and I don't even fill out a B cup WonderBra. I went to another doctor and was so happy to find Dr. Hopkins! He and Robert and the rest of his staff were so informative and helpful to me and my husband as we were there for the consultation. They answered all of our questions and then some. It was comfortable and he was light hearted and had a sense of humor. We never felt rushed and took as much time needed to try to determine the size that I was comfortable with. He also made another suggestion to fix the small problem I have with the extra skin hanging over the scar from my c-sections, instead of a more invasive procedure like a tummy tuck. I am excited and a little nervous but comfortable knowing that Dr. Hopkins and his staff will take great care of me! Keep you posted!

!0 days out and a little anxious

So today I had to go into the office to swap out my prescription for my pain meds and they were so wonderful with this and other questions I had. I have had a problem with some pain meds in the past making me really sick and they were completely sympathetic to my situation and wanting to make sure I am taken care of. I also confirmed that I am getting 375cc Mod+ Mentor. I had gone back and forth between 350cc or 375cc. I am confidant in my choice to go with 375cc.

Being Active While I Can

I am usually very active by running 2 miles three times a week, doing ab/core exercises 2-3 times a week and also taking my large dog for walks for 20 min a couple times a week. I am doing as much of these things as I can now this last week and a half as I was told that these activities will have to be discontinued for 4-6 for my recovery from surgery. I will miss it as it helps me to have the energy to keep up with my three kiddos. I think my dog is going to be the most upset though.

Excited, Nervous, Anxious, Stressed, …. So many emotions and feelings a week away from surgery

So I have had so many mixed emotions these last couple days and now as it is getting closer to my surgery date they are running wild. I even read another person on here who mentioned something about trouble sleeping. I have had a couple really bad nights sleep and yesterday ended up with a migraine headache I know was partially related to my bad sleep and stress. I am a full time wife and mommy and keep worrying how my recovery is going to go not doing all the things I usually do for over a month. I am fortunate that my husband will be able to help a lot but it is going to be hard for him and that stresses me out more. I do a large majority of the cleaning, cooking, getting kids ready in the morning and at night and baths and so much more. I know my husband is very capable and will do a good job, but this momma has a hard time letting go of the control and usual routines. I hope I don't drive my poor husband crazy by trying to manage him to do it my way. It is going to be so hard to just let him do things his own way. He already is being so wonderful trying to help me to realize everything will be okay and get me to relax right now. Just a week away! Getting my emotions out on here is very helpful.

It's so close!!!

It is so close to the day. I am excited and getting ready! I have been cleaning the house like crazy and I got all the laundry done! Woohoo! I made foodt to feed the family for a few days. I feel like I am ready for the big day! I just hope I can get to sleep the night before. I am the first surgery of the day and have to be there at 7:15 in the morning.

Today's the day!!!!

Woohoo! Today is the day! I am soooo excited! I am up at 5am because I just couldn't sleep anymore. I wasn't planning on even getting up till closer to 6am. I am the first surgery of the day and I am glad I don't have to wait in anticipation to long today. I took Benadryl last night to help me sleep last night and I am so glad I did. Even on Benadryl I found myself waking up at a couple times in the night. Good thing I went to bed at a pretty good time.
My mom is taking me into surgery this morning and is going to stay a little while so my husband can take care of the kids this morning and get them started with their days. Later they are going to swap out so my husband will be there when I wake up. Depending on how I feel I will hopefully post an update later today!!!!

Yea Boobies!

I have boobies. Everything went pretty well. I unfortunately woke up from a bad dream and was a little out of it and I might have said some weird things to my nurse. Don't really remember details, but after that I came around prett quick. The hubby brought me home and I started to feel the tightness in my chest from the implants. The pain hurt pretty bad for a bit, but was gone pretty good after I took my meds. The tummy isn't bothering me at all. The extra skin hanging over my c-section scar is gone and it looks GREAT!
My hubby has been wonderful and my 4 year old is doing what she can do to try to take care of me. Shoe is so sweet. The baby seems to be having a little trouble with not being picked up, but to bad.
I have walked around a decent amount, but not too much. I will hopefully put up some pics tomorrow 1

They look great!

Well it's the day after my surgery and I am feeling pretty good. I went in for my post op appointment and was told everything looks really good. Not to much bruising right now. My husband has been wonderful! The meds are doing good at easing the pain and I am sleeping quite a bit during the day.

I have boobies!

Here are some pics from yesterday afternoon!

4th Day post op and doing pretty good

It is the fourth day after my surgery and I am doing pretty good. My pain in my chest is not as bad today and there is like no bruising at all. The only time it really hurts is after I do some of the massaging that my doctor told me to do. My scar revision is hurts more and looks the worst. It is really bruised and looks awful. I have been taking the vitamin c and also eating pineapple that can help with the bruising.
It is hard not picking up my little ones, especially when they get a little bump or boo boo. My 18 month old seems a little confused, but also I think knows mommy is not feeling 100 percent.


It has been two weeks and I had my two weeks check up today. He said that everything looked great. My scars for my implants are barely noticeable. The scar on my tummy is swollen but is not to bad at all. I am so happy about my results. My boobies look so good. I tried on a bunch of my cute little dresses that I have not worn in years and was so excited. My hubby loves them! Hopefully I can post up some pictures soon!

Love the way they look and feel!

Enjoying my new boobies!

So I have really been having a lot of fun trying on several old bras that I have not been able to wear in a long time. I also put on my favorite bikini top on and love the way I look! I am so happy with my results and it is really interesting to me how my confidence has changed and how happy I am with me as a whole now that this part of me has changed. I really find myself just overall happier now that I feel more complete. The hubby and I are having a lot of fun with the new additions too! ;) Good luck to anyone else that is going through this experience and best wishes with their journey!

Six Week Checkup!!!

So today I went in to see my doctor for my six week check up and he said everything is looking beautiful so far! Very happy with my results and he tells me they are going to continue to look even better the more they soften and settle.
I also got the go ahead from him to continue with all my activities as usual. I was so happy to come home after my appointment and pick up my little ones!!!! I also am looking forward to going for my first run tomorrow morning! I have been going on long brisk walks but truly miss running!
For all those who are in the beginning period of their post op, hang in there and the results are going to be totally worth it. Good luck to all of you!!!

First day Running!!!

Went for my first run today and it was great! Couldn't run as far but I did pretty good. I was told my PS to make sure I had great support for my run, even if it meant to wear two sports bras. I had to wear two to have enough support. It was different running with the extra additions to my front, but it wasn't bad at all. Excited to get back into shape!
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hopkins and his staff are welcoming and friendly! They provide so much information and answer all questions without making you feel silly for asking them. They are easy to get ahold of and I am looking forward to my procedures. Dr. Hopkins is so friendly and welcoming and makes then experience lighthearted with a little humor. You can feel relaxed in the environment and it takes off the stress of the choice you are about to make in regards to plastic surgery. Anytime you might have a question or concern they are willing to help you out. He also takes pride in what he does and strives to get the best possible results. On the day of surgery everyone was so wonderful! It was comfortable and a friendly environment. They were very informative and talked to me about everything they were doing as they were doing things to me up until I drifted off. When I woke up they made sure I was comfortable and went over all the post op instructions with my husband and I. There were no signs of rushing me at all. I just want to say again to Dr. Hopkins and all his wonderful staff thank you so very much!

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