33 Year Old Petite Mommy with 300CC High Profile Silicone Implants - Albuquerque, NM

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Two weeks after my breast Augmentation and I am...

Two weeks after my breast Augmentation and I am very happy with my results. I am a very petite woman 5 2" and 93 pounds. After breast feeding my children my breast became a very deflated and very flat A cup. I waited a year hoping I would gain a cup size, that never happened; before having children I was a C cup. I read quite a bit of reviews and did quite a bit of research before deciding to get breast augmentation and decided to post pictures of my operation to help others who are contemplating breast augmentation. I am a very petite woman and wanted my new breast to be in proportion to my petite frame. I did not want it to be noticeable, except to me,that I had breast augmentation done. My husband was supportive of my decision even though he believed my breasts looked fine. I did this for me. I received 300CC high profile silicone implants. I had initially wanted moderate plus implants but because I have such a tiny frame my Dr. recommended high profile implants. Truth be told, I am glad I took his recommendation. It has only been two weeks but so far I am more than happy with the results.

1 month Review a few days shy of 1 month

On the third, I will have had my breast implants for one month. My soreness and pain has subsided significantly. Occasionally, my chest muscles will feel a bit sore but that does not last very long. I am now able to sleep on my side comfortably and I can sleep through the night. My breasts are dropping nicely and they are feeling squishier by the day. The left one is a bit more high and firm than the right but as the month has passed I have noticed it is dropping and getting squishier too. Thus far, I am quite happy with my results and will be seeing my Dr. on the 14th of July for a check up.

Getting squishier and starting to drop

Just wanted to give an update on my boobies. I have noticed that the skin on my breasts are starting to peel a bit; almost like I have a sunburn. I put cocoa butter on them regularly and that helps with the dryness. Occasionally, my right breast still has the zingers but they are not as painful anymore. My incisions still tend to get sore from time to time. I am able to squish my breasts together now! My left breast is a bit more firm than my right. I received some gift cards from VS and am so ready to buy new bras. What a bummer that I have to wait a few more weeks.

2 Months Post op

I am now able to squish my breasts together! The shooting pains in my right breast has stopped. However, my chest muscles in my right breast still continues to be sore at times.

Breast are looking like they settled

Well, it looks like my breasts have settled! The left one was riding a bit high but it had finally dropped and both breasts have evened out! My left incision scar sometimes gets mildly irritated but other than that all seems well.


So excited to be wearing real bras now! I usually wear a lightly lined bra but if I want to really be va-va-voom I put on a push up bra. I have not had this kind of cleavage since I was in my twenties with no kids! :)

3 Months Post Op Review

Wow! I cannot believe that I am 3 months post op. I am measuring at a 34C which is what I wanted to be. Under clothing I look more like a full B cup. I wanted to go with a more natural look and I am really happy with my results. Sometimes, I must admit it think it would have been nice to have gone bigger but I heeded my plastic surgeon's suggestion about not being able to go larger given my small frame. I would like to have more cleavage without the use of a push up bra but then again I started from absolutely nothing. I am able to sleep on my stomach comfortably... Yay! My scars are starting to fade to a light pink and they no longer look and feel so bumpy. I feel more confident with my body and my breasts are no longer a "no touch zone" for my husband". I'm grateful that my husband was patient with me given my insecurities around my breasts. He thought my breasts looked beautiful before the surgery and I am happy that he supported by decision to move forward with getting a BA.

Not as much cleavage I had hoped for...

This is how my breasts look without a bra. I think they look natural and do not have the look of balls sitting on my chest. However, you can see I don't really have a substantial amount of cleavage. My PS did let me know that this would be the case. Despite that, I am so happy with my new breasts!


Forgot to post that I saw my PS on Monday and he was happy with my results. He said you could see a big difference from how I looked before. I am using Mederma PM and will continue to do so until my scars fade. I will check in with my PS a year from now unless I notice anything that is cause for worry. I did let them know that from time to time my right chest muscle feels a bit sore but they said that is to be expected and will dissipate over time. I'l also right handed so I am sure that contributes the my right side being sore too.

Side view

This is how they look from the side. 3 months post op.

4 Month Post Op Pics

5 months post op

More pics

Loving my breasts and am super happy with how they are looking. Hoping my scars fade as the scar on my left side is more prominent. Wearing a lightly lined bra helps give me the cleavage I am
Looking for when I want it. Also posted a pic in my favorite J Crew bikini that I purchased two years ago but never wore until now.

6 Months post op

8 Months Post Op

8 months post op and all is going well. I am still measuring at a C cup. I have not gotten any smaller. My scars are almost faded. My left scar is still a bit raised and I am hoping it will not be within the next year.

11 month update

My scars are finally fading and no longer look purple. My scars are also no longer raised. A lightly padded bra helps create more cleavage when I want to up the sexy factor. I am 100% happy with my results and am happy I went forward with my surgery.

One year post op

Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gallegos was very knowledgable and he is a board certified plastic surgeon. I would have liked him to have spent a little more time with me during the consultations but he was more than happy to answer all my questions and gave me a realistic opinion of what breast augmentation could do for me. I wanted to be a full C; like I was before I had children. He initially recommended 350CC HP Silicone implants. However, once my surgery was performed he let me know that 350CC HP silicone implants would not fit and he went with 300CC HP silicone implants. I am very happy he made that call as I did not want to risk having stretch marks or breasts that were too large for my frame. I did not want to look obscene. Although, it has only been two weeks, I am very happy with my results and at my one week post op appointment Dr. Gallegos was happy with the results and said that I was healing nicely.

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