28 Mother of 2 Getting 450cc Silicone Implants and Crescent Lift - Albuquerque, NM

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I breastfed both my sons for a year each and...

I breastfed both my sons for a year each and recently got to my goal weight of 130lbs. I'm left with no volume in my breasts and excess skin.
I went in for a consultation and my surgeon told me that if I received only implants my nipples would be low. He went on to say that I had minimal sagging and that a crescent lift with implants would be the best approach to give me the look I'm going for.
I scheduled the surgery for February 18th and am super excited. Sometimes, I get scared thinking about all the things that can go wrong but reading the reviews on this site has helped. My biggest concern is that my nipples will look funny after they heal or that the crescent lift won't be enough to keep my nipples from being to low. Still, it's very exciting to finally be happening! It almost doesn't seem real!!!

Time marches on

I can't believe how SLOW time is passing. I actually googled 'how to make time pass by faster' lol
I told my mom and my sister that I'm getting a BA and they both tried to talk me out of it! I kind of expected this to be their reaction which is why I wasn't going to tell anyone in my family until after. But, I figured it is surgery so I should at least tell my mom. She told me not to tell my father! So ridiculous. sidenote – my parents are the ultimate hippies, they are against anything unnatural in the body but I don't care. I'm getting boobs!

Fun with sizers :)

I was going back and forth between 400cc and 450cc's but I finally decided on 450cc mentor silicone mod profile. Can't believe it's next week!!!

450cc's not to big

Ok, so there aren't a lot of gals that seem to go as high as 450cc's so I just wanted to post some pictures for any women who have similar body types as me. Just in case your having sizing dilemmas. I am 5'6" and 130lbs. I have a very wide top frame, broad shoulders and as you can see from the pictures a very wide chest. I also have a big booty so my bottom doesn't quite match my top (yet). The 450cc's will give me a curvy look and go with my butt while not looking to big. Originally I wanted 375cc's like my friend who is taller than me. But when I spoke to my surgeon and gave him pictures of the look I wanted we decided 450 was what I needed. -Bring photos with you to your consult! So so helpful
Here are some pics -with clothes on- a few days before my Big Boobie Day.

Boobs are in

Two hours post

More pics


More pics

I can't wait until my nipple eyebrows are removed and I can see the final result!

Nice boobs!

I'm finally starting to feel like my normal self again. Most folks seem to not be sore about a week after but for me, I'm not sure if it was the implant size, it has taken a while.
I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and was throwing up all of the pain meds when I first got home. I must have had an allergic reaction to the hydrocodone that they prescribed because it made my skin red. The only pain meds I was able to take was Tylenol, which wasn't too good. But it was all worth it, I love looking at myself in the mirror now and would do it all again. Here is a current side pic. They are dropping nicely.

Nipples revealed

Finally! Mystery solved, my nipples are okay! I was so nervous that they were going to be shaped funny but they are still round. My left side is still dropping a little slower than the right, which has settled in nicely.
I still have the surgical tape on the incisions under my breast. I was told to let it fall off by itself.


Loving my new body! I should have done this years ago. My left boob is almost caught up with my right as far as dropping goes.

Boobie update

I still feel electric shock-like pain in a few places around my breast. But luckily I've gained almost 100% feeling back in my nipples and surrounding areas. Here is a recent pic showing how my nipples have moved up as the implants have dropped.
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