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Hello I'm new to this. My username says it all....

Hello I'm new to this. My username says it all. I'm only bout to be 19 and have been wanting a brazilian butt lift for a couple years now. I'm 5'6 and I weigh 213 pounds (yes yuck). My budget is about 6k I'm leaning towards Yily or Duran. Please help. I have a lil bottom but want a bigger one due to bullying. I know I'm young but I've been saving money since I was 16 for this.


Do any of you amazing ladies know how to contact Dr. Dra Duran, Dr. Cortes, Dr. Yily & Dr. Salama. And can you tell me how much you paid total. Thank you so much :)

Dr's in Miami?

Does anyone know of any good BBL surgeons in MIAMI. I'm planning on Going to DR for Duran or Yily but if I can save a couple thousand ill go to MIAMI. Please help. !!!!!

Email's Dra. Duran &' Yily

I just sent emails to Yily &' Duran &' now Im just Waiting for there reply. I'm also looking at Dr. J curves but he is a lil on the pricey side and I would have to take out a loan. Do you know of anyone else (;


I tried to send Dra. Duran and email to get a quote but it keeps saying message delivery failure cuz my email is 2.1MB and its also saying her inbox might be full do I have the wrong email. Please help

Ugly Post Op Pics!!!!!!

i look terrible for my age stretch marks and all :(

Still waiting for emails

I've emailed Dra Yily &' Dr. Baez about getting a brazilian butt lift and haven't received anything back. And I can't get ahold of Dra Duran because her email is full. I don't want to do the states because I will end up paying more then my total cost to the DR. I can save a couple grand going to the DR. I'm just so anxious and wanna start preparing for this (:

Email from Baez!

I jut got an email from Baez saying I need a tummy tuck! That's crazy a tummy tuck she said cuz if the stretch marks :(


Does anyone have Dr. Salama's email. It's going to cost more then I want and will have to finance it. Parents are helping me for this surgery.


Got a quote from Dr. Salama. $9,000 is what he quoted me and that includes abdomen, flanks and upper & lower back. That is to say the following is included in the surgery package:

· Surgical fee
· Anesthesia Fee
· Facility Fee
· 2 Custom Compression garment
· 2 Post-operative massages!

Possible TT and BA!

Every doctor that I'm getting a quote from is saying I need a tummy tuck &' breast augmentation! But won't do all three at once. This is why I'm choosing the DR to get my surgery done! I would rather pay all at once Instead of going back multiple times! I didn't know I would need all this. I thought a bbl would be enough.

Finally gotta quote from yily!!!

I finally got a quote from Yily!!!! She quoted me $4,100 for a tummy tuck and bbl.

I need all the info about hotels in DR nd other important stuff (:

Dra Duran Facebook.!

So I sent a Facebook message to Duran. Hopefully she gets back soon. It's all happening so quick now.

I'm torn between yily and Duran. :/

Sent another email!!

I sent another email to Dr. Baez I just read she includes 10 massages in her quote which would save me a lot of money!! Hopefully I can get a good quote!!

Goodnight all (:

My wish pics!!!

I'm 5'7 and weigh 220 now ( ugh! )

But I'm loving these pictures. Duran and yily said they could inject 1500ccs or more which is amazing !!!

Still waiting!

I'm still waiting from quotes from Dra Baez and Dra Duran. Hopefully they get back to me before my birthday which is Thursday. As a birthday gift my Bestfriend is paying my down deposit for me. He's so amazing lol (:

The waiting game!!!

The waiting game sucks. But ill keep waiting.

I need a list if everything I need. Can you guys help me out. I wanna buy all the stuff first. The deposit is going to be sent Thursday. I have the maxi dresses I just need everything else (:

Thank you in advance (:


I'm scared for getting this tummy tuck :( the scar looks so ugly and idk if it will ever go away. Hopefully since I'm dark complected it won't show as much

Finally got a quote!

I finally got a quote from Dra. Baez. My quote is $3,800 and it includes 10 lymphatic massages which is good.

Here is what she told me!

Hello It is an honor and pleasure to be chosen for a plastic surgery consultation, sent you estimated budget of surgeries you want performed. Included in your package: · Transfer to the airport my clinic, cosmetic surgery in a recognized center of the country · Overnight stay at the clinic where you will be operated. · Drug and care to your egress from the clinic. · Laboratory tests and imaging studies (x-ray and EKG). · Consultation and pre-and post-surgical cures. · Evaluation by cardiologist and anesthesiologist. · Clothing postsurgical (sash and / or post-surgical bra). · Postsurgical therapy (10 sessions of lymphatic drainage and massage, ultrasound) and medications after surgery. The estimated cost for this package abdominoplasty, liposuction of the abdomen, waist and back with Butt Lift (Fat grafting to buttocks and hips) is U.S. $ 3.800. I can not predict the amount of fat that can move you just seeing your photos with a person evaluation has a rough idea of ??how much fat can you graft. For any queries or questions you have regarding the surgery, the price of this or the items included in the package may contact us and I will answer as fast as I can.


I think I'm going to go Dra Baez. She said she can put between 1500ccs and 1700ccs depending on how much fat she can get out. (:

Yes finally!!

I got a working email for Dra Duran (: hopefully it's a good priced quote or I'm going with Baez for sure. (:

Hell yeah!!!

I'm about to book my surgery date with Dra Baez for various reasons.

I like how her quote includes 10 lymphatic massages and her quote isn't at steep as Yily's.

Dra Baez's tummy tuck scar is nice and clean and not jagged.

I know she is up and coming but I feel like she is the right one for me.

On another note Dra Baez does NOT need a deposit down which has me skeptical but I trust her.

I found a nice hotel for a total of 200 which is fucking amazing (excuse the language) I'm just excited (:


I'm leaning towards Baez but I'm still awaiting my reply from Duran. Yily quoted me 4,100 which isn't bad. But I'm still waiting.


My OFFICIAL surgery date is December 17 (:

I'm officially excited for everything (:


So I've been emailing Baez all day and I finally asked her everything I need to do before surgery &' she said she doesn't have a list of anything I need. I got all the tests I need by looking on here. But with everything else fajas, vitamins, shopping list all that and whatever you can come up. Please help :(

It is done!

I've officially gone with Dra Baez. Dra Duran still hasn't gotten back to me! So my Offical surgery date is December 17th (: and now I'm starting to buy whatever I need and gonna take the tests (: flights &' hotels.

I found a hotel right around the corner from Dra Baez Office (:


I need a buddy if anybody is interested (:

I'm planning on going to the DR from DECEMBER 15th - the 24th maybe till the 28th (: with my SX on the 17th


Great now my boyfriend wants to come lol. He lives in MIAMI and I don't want him to see me after my surgery until I am healed properly.

I can't tell him no :(


I sent another email to Dra Duran just now. Hopefully she replies soon or I'm going with Dra Baez

So fustrated!!

A couple days ago I sent an email to Yily about lowering my prices because I start college in September. My original quote was $4,100 and now my new quote is $4,000. She only dropped 100 dollars. So she is outta the question.

I'm still skeptical about Baez because I need AGGRESSIVE lipo.

Do you know of any other ppl in the DR that you've seen or heard of. Please help. If I cannot find someone. I'm just going to stay in the states


I'm getting different quotes from DR's all around the country and even out of the country. so far ive gotten these.

1.Yily De Los Santos ' Dominican Republic' : BBL & TT ($4,000) which includes lipo of the stomach, underarms, back, flanks, and waist. it also includes 1 compression garment, ALL pre-op testing, all clinical expenses (room, operating room, nurses, 3 meals, surgical assistants)

2.Dr. Salama ( Miami) : BBL ($8,000) includes lipo or the stomach, flanks, and upper and lower back. it also includes surgical fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee, 2 custom compression garments, and two post op massages. ANY additional areas of lipo cost $500!!

3.Dr. Cardenas ( Mexico): BBL, ETT, & possible BL & BA ($10,000). Quote for just ETT (extended tummy tuck) and BBl is $6,200 and Breast lift is $3,500 + $1,000 implants for a total of $10,00. quote includes stay overnight, clinic expenses, surgical and medical staff fee, anesthesiologist fee and post op blood work. quote DOES NOT include recovery stay, reconstructive bra for BL & BA, medication, and first stage compression garment.

4. Dra. Baez (Dominican Republic): BBL & TT ($3,800) which includes transportation to the ariport, and clinic, overnight stay at the clinic, drug and care to your egress from the clinic. ALL pre-op tests. post surgical clothing and 10 LYMPHATIC & ULTRASOUND MASSAGES.

5. Kenneth Hughes ( L.A ) : BBL &' TT ($13,000) DO NOT KNOW what is included in the price yet.

I am awaiting replies from Jimmerson, Pantoja, Duran, Campos, and 4 others.


Just saw Dr. Jimmerson on Love &' Hip Hop Atlanta.

He's a cutie pie lol ^.^

So much Confusion!!

I was looking here on RS of a lady going to Baez and her email and her quote does not include the lymphatic and ultrasound massages. But MINE does. My SX buddy's email is completely different from mine as well. Does anybody know what is going on.

Pre op pics

Here are more pre op pictures

Buddy :)

Hello ladies. I'm looking for a buddy to go with. I'm staying in the DR December 15-24.

I don't know what recovery house yet. It will either be Yasmin's or RRA.

If Interested please PM me :)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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