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I have been considering Invisalign braces for a...

I have been considering Invisalign braces for a few years, but considering it seriously within the last year (March 2012) when I asked my I booked an appointment for a cleaning and to see an orthodontist to inquire about Invisalign. During that appointment, he had told me I was a good candidate for Invisalign and about the product itself. Since that initial appointment, I did a lot of research about Invisalign and got my benefits/insurance in order.

11 Dec 2012:

Today I went in for my “records appointment.” They took xrays of my skull and teeth. Photographs of me not smiling, smiling and a profile shot. Photographs of my teeth and inside my mouth using a mirror to get to the backs of my teeth. This part was uncomfortable because they had to stretched my mouth open with these plastic brackets. The ortho did an examination of my teeth, giving an verbal report to the hygienist. Then he took more photos of my teeth using an electronic wand inside my mouth. This is the new way of “making impressions” of my teeth.

When all that was done, we sat down and he answered my numerous questions. He was super informative and answered all my questions very well. I felt really confident getting my Invisalign done there.

My next appointment is scheduled for 8 Jan 2012 to see my Clin Check presentation, but I might get in as early as next Thursday to see it!

21 Dec 2012: I got to see my ClinCheck...

21 Dec 2012:

I got to see my ClinCheck yesterday! I will need 18 trays with 8 or 9 attachments, can’t remember the exact number. I was told it will take about 9-13 months and cost $5400 of which I have already paid $300 for my initial records appointment. I will need IPR on my lower teeth at some point of my treatment. At the six month mark (June), they will take new impressions to send to Invisalign to determine the remaining of my treatment plan. I asked if I could take my ClinCheck home with me and he said that they normally don’t give them to patients but, he would try to burn it on a CD for me. I want to watch it over and over!

I was slightly shocked at the amount of trays I needed. I was expecting around 14 trays based on the tons of blogs/reviews I have been reading and also since my teeth aren't all that bad. Another thing I was slightly put off about was the fact not only do I have an attachment on one of my front teeth, but I have two on the same front tooth! My two front teeth aren't the problem area at all.

Overall I am very happy with the final results in the ClinCheck. They will look amazing when I’m all done! (which I can’t even imagine at this point)

My appointment to get the attachments and receive my trays is Friday January 18.

I go for my Invisalign fitting tomorrow. I will be...

I go for my Invisalign fitting tomorrow. I will be getting all of my attachments and my first three trays. I thought I should update some "before" pictures prior to my invisalign insertion. I'm extremely nervous, but also excited too. I'm most worried about not being able to remove my trays for the first time and everyone's reaction to my invisalign trays since I dont think they will be that "invisible" with my attachments.

I've had my Invisalign on for 5 days now and the...

I've had my Invisalign on for 5 days now and the time has flown by. The appointment was pretty straight forward and quick. I had a little mirror so I could watch as little or as much of the process as I wanted during the appointment. First my ortho matched my teeth with the closest tooth colored composite for the attachments. He put two gobs on my front tooth and asked my opinion on which one I preferred. He even commented on how white my teeth are, yay! Then he prepared my teeth with some kind of "tooth shampoo" so the attachments don't ruin my enamel then applied the attachment composites to my teeth in five increments using the templates provided by Invisalign and "curing" them with a light. He smoothed some of the attachments and excess composite. I have eight attachments on the top (2 on the left, 6 on the right) and four attachments on the bottom (3 on the left, 1 on the right). So twelve attachments in total! Each time he added more attachments, I would feel like with my tongue and it felt so weird to have gobs stuck to your teeth! Then he snapped the first set of trays on and showed me how they should look and feel when I do it myself. I instantly felt the pressure on my teeth, but not overly painful. I did take a couple Advil before the appointment and highly recommend doing so. I took the trays out once myself while I requested to watch my clincheck again. It looks to be about tray 7 of 18 when top teeth look pretty straight and about tray 13 of 18 when my bottom are lined up. After that its mostly minor changes. I will post my before and after of my clincheck. I received my Invisalign "starter kit" which consists of two aligner cases (a red one and a blue one) and an instruction manual then made my 25% down payment.

My appt was at 1:00 in the afternoon and by supper time I was ready for a break from the aligners. This was the moment I had been dreading. I had read so many terrible stories about removing the trays for the first time. I was relieved, it took me less than a minute to remove them! I felt pain on a couple teeth as I removed them and tenderness while I ate. I ate mostly mushy food the first couples days (soup, pasta, yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc.). Now I can pop them out in less than ten seconds. Also, the constant ache went away in two days.

I had a slight lisp for the first couple days when I said "s" words but it has gone away completely now that my mouth/tongue are used to them. Other grievances include some gum/lip sore from the edge of the tray, chapped lips, dry mouth (especially while/after working out/exercise) and soreness at the corners of my mouth.

On my second day with Invisalign, I went out for lunch and had a girls nite then out to a bar. I removed my trays for lunch and brushed afterwards in the washroom. It is strange brushing your teeth in a public washroom and that will probably be something I will never quite feel comfortable doing but not the worst thing in the world. At the girls nite, I drank white wine with them in and avoided the snacks.

So far no one has asked me what's on my teeth or anything. I'm not sure if no one has noticed or if they have noticed and not wanted to ask. Either way, they aren't completely invisible but manageable.

I made a kit for my purse as well as my office at work comprised of a travel/foldable toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste and floss sticks. In my opinion, the floss sticks are a life saver for flossing on-the-go and in a hurry. I use regular floss in the comfort of my own home.

Finally An Update on my Progress!

I really thought I would update my review more often; although I was seeing changes, it was so slow and gradual it was hard to comment on it. And the progress doesn’t show up very well in photos either. My front teeth look great, they are completely lined up, just need to bring my right lateral incisor (second tooth) forward. I started to notice obvious visual change around tray 5 or 6 with my front teeth. My bottom teeth needed a bit more time since my right canine had to rotate first and then the bottom will move out and back in to line up perfectly. The bottoms aren’t visibly straighter but I have noticed a huge changed in the one canine tooth.

My previous appt (2 weeks ago) was the halfway point of my treatment. They took another set of impressions and sent them to Invisalign to ensure I was on track. Yesterday I went in to see the results and receive another 6 weeks of trays. They remove the two attachments on my one front tooth!! I was so excited to hear that, those are the only two attachments that I absolutely hated and felt they made my “invisible” very much visible. My ortho also removed three other attachments to replaced them with new ones in slightly different placements. The only tooth being stubborn and not doing what it is supposed to is my upper right 2nd bicuspid. The updated attachments are supposed to target this tooth. He also did IPR on my lower left lateral incisor. The removal of the attachments and IPR is slightly uncomfortable. The removal of attachment feels cold and I had a few shooting pains. The IPR is just a strange feeling since its basically fine sand paper filing the sides of your teeth like floss. They also added another set of trays/2 weeks to my treatment, not a big deal for me. Another 8 set of trays/16 weeks to go!! My final ortho appt for this my invisalign treatment is scheduled for October 16th. Hopefully I will be happy with everything and I will be done with invisalign!

Pictures coming soon!

Forgot to Mention..

I am on set 11 of 19 right now.

Last Set of Trays 19/19

I am currently on my last set of aligners. Although there is a huge improvement since the beginning, I am still unhappy with a couple of teeth so my ortho took new scans and photos to send to invisalign. Hopefully I will have an extended treatment plan and new aligners by next week when its time to change them out.

Update - Bottom Teeth Done & on 9/12 Top Teeth

The refinement plan comprised of an additional 7 trays for the bottom and an additional 12 trays for the top. I completed the 7 bottom trays on Jan 31st. My ortho removed the bottom attachments and discussed my retainment options for the bottom teeth. I could either have impressions made using the goopy pink stuff and moulds to make a temporary essix plastic retainer or have the permanent wire retainer applied to the bottom. Since I was uneasy about how it would feel to wear the invisalign trays on the top and nothing on the bottom, I chose to get a temporary bottom essix retainer. It is basically an invisalign tray without the spaces for the attachments and not quite as tight. It also covers more on the inside on my bottom teeth, which took some getting used to. The long term retainment plan is an essix retainer on the top to wear overnight and a wire retainer on the bottom teeth.
I am very happy with how my bottom teeth turned out with the additional trays. My top teeth should be done by April 9th. I just have one stubborn tooth on the top that is not moving easily.

Tray 8 - May 5, 2013

Tray 11 - June 11th (Halfway Point)

Tray 12

Update Pictures

Just wanted to add some recent photos. Going to pick up my last 3 sets of upper trays. I'm concerned that the tooth beside my right front tooth won't come froward/down in the last 3 trays.

Final Review

So my concerns about the tooth on the right side of my front teeth was valid. My ortho said the tooth hasn’t been moving in the last few trays because it is considered “ankylose,” which means the roots of a tooth lose their normal attachment to the bone (ligaments) and become fused directly to the bone. He said we could switch to metal braces to see if it would move more or build the tooth with composite make it appear longer. Since there was no guarantee that metal braces would even work, I went with the composite option. We had already discussed building up the side of another tooth with composite when it was complete anyways.

I got impressions done for retainers. We had to use the metal trays with the goopy stuff for these impressions. This stuff is terrible!! One of my least favorite parts of the process so far. The attachments were removed and I received a wire retainer on the inside of my bottom teeth and a clear retainer (essix) for my front teeth, similar to the invisalign tray but without the bumps for attachments. I always got a night guard (splint) made because I grind my teeth so badly when I sleep. I would create gouges, rough spots and sometimes crack my invisalign trays in my sleep. The night guard protects my teeth and jaw better than my regular daytime retainer. I wear my night guard every night and the daytime retainer everyday for 6 weeks.

I took photos in the dentist office before they built up my two teeth with composite and did some filing on other teeth. And then of course I took some final “after” photos.

I am extremely happy with my results. It has been a long journey and I am so glad to be done.
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