Coolsculpting Appt Set :-)

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I'll be having Coolsculpting done in a couple of...

I'll be having Coolsculpting done in a couple of days....I chose to start off with my lower flanks just to see my pain tolerance etc..

I have a very high pain threshold (2 very long labour natural births with no pain meds) but some say this pain lasts for days/weeks, I will provide my input on pain once I've completed the procedure.

I've done lots of research on this. I have PCOS so find it very hard to lose weight around my middle despite eating healthy 80% of the time and exercising on a regular basis.

Will be posting my before pics on Sunday :-)

2 kids 5'55 141 pounds. Coolsculpting on flanks

I took these pics last night. My appointment is later today.

I don't normally go by the scale, I prefer to track my fat %. My youngest is 6 years old and no matter what exercise I do or eating plan I follow I have always maintained the same waist circumference for the 6 years. I feel that after I gave birth to my youngest my body has stalled. Nothing I do seems to have an effect on my stomach area I'm confident that I've worked hard and tried everything so this is the next step for me.

I do not want to change my current exercise or eating habits because I really want to see if Coolsculpting works!

I will post the after pics soon ????

First applicator positioned

I'm so excited, I'm confident that this is going to work! I'm currently having my right side suctioned. I had the applicator positioned twice and each time it popped off I think it's because of the angle that the applicator was placed, it was not grabbing enough fat.

The 3rd attempt was better we moved it to another part of my love handles. My fat does not fill the whole applicator it goes half way, they say it's a good pull if the fat touches the back of the applicator. I'm hoping my half pull would still be great.

Post treatment

I had a great experience, I did not find the suction bad at all, I think the flank applicator may be a little less painful than the other ones so I've heard. The suction did not feel bad at all, it was a good feeling having my fat sucked in.....

I did not experience any pain or discomfort throughout the treatment, however after the applicator was removed the massage felt weird and a little painful like when your fingers burn a little from being in extreme cold weather. I didn't get such a great pull as I kind of have hard tough skin on my flanks. Hopefully my stretch marks won't be pronounced after this!

I'm a little scared to shower tonight because it feels a bit tender so I'll shower in the morning, a warm shower may irritate my skin.

My next update will be in a weeks time, I'm just trying to assess whether I will have any delayed onset pain then I'll make an appointment for lower abs.

1 week post

I wasn't swollen for very long, maybe 3 days and it wasn't major! The pain wasn't unbearable at all, the bruising is almost gone! It felt a little like a baby kicking when the nerves were waking up - odd! I did get a little stinging as well but nothing that needed pain meds!

I just ate a huge Thanksgiving dinner last night and haven't been changing much in terms of diet and exercise because I want to see if this works! No changes yet in my flanks, still early days!

Contemplating doing my lower abs next week.

Lower abdomen

Currently having my lower abdomen done, certainly more painful than the flanks. My husband sent me a joke whilst having my right side done, worse mistake, I laughed and it was almost like my fat was pulling from the machine, so painful! No more laughing....I'm a bit nervous for the massage after!!!

"The pull"

Wasn't such a great pull but much greater than the flanks and the massage after was actually better than the flanks, I didn't find it so painful!

Immediately after lower abdomen

Day 5 - the pain starts!!!!

I've always had pain from day 1 it was more like a full ache that I didn't need to take meds for but now this is beyond!!! It's like my nerves are all waking up at once! I've been miserable from day 1 of having my stomach done and today the shooting stabbing pains are excruciating and I'm the one with the high pain threshold!

I took 1 Tylenol that doesn't even seem to be working! This pain is really really bad I've never experienced anything like this before!!!

Day 6 - lower abdomen

Pain is unbelievable coming in waves, nerve pain is terrible! Spent $30 buying some nerve topical cream which did not help. I got Gabapentin from the doctor hope it works as some reviews say it doesn't! I really need sleep since I did not sleep last night due to the pain!

I'm really counting on Gabapentin although half an hour has passed and no relief and this is supposed to only subside in 14 days, don't know if I can handle this!

Day 7 - Lower abdomen

So I was told to only take 1 Gabapentin for the first day and 2 the next day etc...well yesterday I took 1 at 3:30pm and it did nothing. The only way I survived was ice packs inside my waist band...should have used the ice packs sooner but was scared.

During the evening the only way I could function was on ice packs then before bed I took another tablet even though I wasn't supposed to and a Tylenol. I also put ice packs in my waist band and went to bed praying that I fall asleep before the ice pack melts and the needling pain starts again.

I actually had a very good sleep, no waking up during the night!

When I got up I could feel the pain starting again so before I left for work I took another Gabapentin and put ice packs in my I'm sitting at work with ice packs on my stomach.....only way I could function!

One of the side effects of Gabapentin is constipation and that's exactly what I have so I'm planning on stopping this medication as soon as the nerve pain subsides which I'm hoping is tomorrow!

I had no idea I will get delayed onset pain didn't think it could happen to me so I was not prepared! I have a high pain threshold but there is just something different about nerve pain, I can't bare it!!!

Day 8

All I can say is that the Gabapentin does not work instantly or even in 1 day but it sure does make a person sleep! I slept the whole night without waking up in pain!!!

Yesterday I had taken 3 tablets even though I was supposed to only be in 2.

Yesterday I was reading about the ice for prolonged periods of time that may not be good....I mean was even sleeping with ice packs! So yesterday afternoon I decided to give up the ice packs and oh my gosh the pain!!!!! I've also been using something called Neuragen which I rub on my stomach before I use the stomach belt.

I forgot my stomach belt at home today so basically I've only rubbed the Neuragen on my stomach and did not take Gabapentin I'm trying to fight this without the's still hurting but not as bad as it was, I still feel the needling pain but it's tolerable.

Upper Abs

Having upper abs done today, so far I've spent $3k on my stomach area, starting to think I should have had lipo done instead!
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