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I finally decided on going for a consultation for...

I finally decided on going for a consultation for a breast augmentation and after meeting with her I am scared oft right breasts droopiness compared to my left! He has suggested a 375cc because of my 14cm width of breast wall, and what scares me the most is her wanting to go above the muscle, because she says I could experience problems such as rippling and bottoming out and deformity during exercise. I am so confused!!! All the reviews I have read suggest unders for my similar situation, but want to know anyone else's opinion in a situation with this aysymetry difference! Thanks in advance!!

3 wks until next appointment

So I'm still deciding between the mentor 375cc high profile or the 400cc hp to go above or under, what scares me is she said option is mine... That makes me nervousness. Won't be gettin any lift done as I know of right now, guess will wait and see what we decide on the the 30th!
In the meantime, I have been carrying an extra 15lbs from te summer weekends so I have been working out lots and trying to not drive my husband nuts with the boob talk hahha, don't want him to be sick of them before I even get mine!! Here are some current photos , trying on some 375 rice sizers this last couple weeks

400cc maybe ... Eeek seems big!

Can't wait to feel wonderful in a sports bra!!!

Surgery date 2 weeks from today!

Have decided to go with 400cc hp subglandular implant. Surgery date booked for Nov. 6!! It's all really happening! Better start lining up my child sitters and getting some comfy bras for recovery. I haven't read very much about recovery or subglandular .... Does anyone have experience to share??!

Subglandular 400hp 24 hours post-op!! Feeling great

Loving them!!

Before & after 400cc hp subglandular

Day 5 is going ok, pain is minimal in my right breast but woke up with my left being extremely swollen and firm. Feels like a bowling ball all of a sudden. Right breast is soft and squishy and no discomfort, waiting to hear back from PS for a check up. I had a stitch in the left breast yesterday and she prescribed an antiimmflamatory and now it's doing this. A bit concerned but hopefully it's normal. It really is huge!

One month

12 weeks

Love them!!

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