3 Days After Tummy Tuck

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I had my surgury on Friday April 9. It is Monday...

I had my surgury on Friday April 9. It is Monday evening 3 days after and I am having a hard time sitting on a chair and I especially have a hard time getting up. Since Friday I have slept on our recliner couch as I don't dare lie down. The first 2 days my husband would help me get up with a housecoat belt under my armpits but today I had to get up alone and it took me 45 minutes because it would hurt and felt like it was pulling whenever I moved forward. I tried using my arms on side side but that hurts too. That is the most scary thing when your alone. I am scared to tear the muscles , it pulls under ribcate. The cut hurts much less than under the ribs. ANyone have any suggestions for a easy way to get up after lying down. I also only take 1 painkiller during the day each 4 hours because it says not to take more than 8 per day. Could this be why it hurts me more than others.

Day 4 now after  my April 9, 2010 surgury and...

Day 4 now after  my April 9, 2010 surgury and I can get up alone off recliner couch.  What a relief since I am alone now during the day. I  Still have to be so careful as any wrong movement pulls the chest and hurts.  Turns out I had a large seperation and the Doctor said yesterday to be careful not to pull it apart.  That sort of freaks me out so I am being very careful. I have also not gone #2 yet a little afraid so I have been eating very little and drinking prune juice one a day.  I usually go twice a day so this is new for me. 

Working out a few weeks before surgury to get legs strong is paying off as you need to use them alot to help you get up etc.  A long shoe horn works great for reaching down to pull up clean clothes.  It also make a great scratching tool where you can't reach. I hope to get to use my bed Thursday night day 6 after tubes are out.  Sick of sleeping on a reclining couch.  I walk a hour every 4-6 hours around my house and even went to Zellers today as I live close.

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He is a good surgeon but unfortunatly he only prescribed tylenol and sent me home with 10 perkacet. After running out of perkacet I took the tylenol 3 and had an allergic reaction. I keep reading about these pain pumps people get and I wish there was better control for the pain than pills.

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