48 Y/o Female Just Starting Treatment

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On my 2nd day. I'm scheduled for 34 trays, but...

On my 2nd day. I'm scheduled for 34 trays, but possible wired braces at the end for refinements.

My initial impression is that I have so much saliva all the time in my mouth. I'm hoping that as my body gets used to them, I'll be less spitty. I'm a teacher, so I don't want to spit all over my students!!

I don't have much of a lisp, but I feel like I'm holding my mouth like Donald Trump--again, I'm hoping that I'll get used to them and this will go away.

I'm also using Acceledent. This has a money back guarantee, so I felt like it was worth a try.

In about 4 weeks I'll get my attachments--I think I'm going to have 7 or 8?

I'll keep updating. Love this site to compare notes and ask questions about what's normal!!

Tray 3, First Day with Attachments

I'm not wearing my aligners in this picture, but I think it shows what the attachments look like.

I just got the attachments today. The trays come off easily for me, and I have no pain with the new trays.

Because of their location, the attachments catch on my lips when I'm eating, but I assume I'll adjust fine within a couple of days.

A side note: a close family member passed away unexpectedly and suddenly three weeks ago. Due to that event and combining that with an attempt to celebrate Christmas, I could not find a routine and wore my aligners only in the evenings and overnight for the last three weeks. However, my orthodontist felt that I had managed to keep making progress and kept me on my same schedule with no delays. For those of you who face sudden and unexpected life events that may interfere with your Invisalign schedule, I thought it would be helpful for you to know that it is possible to keep moving forward.

I'm very satisfied with both my orthodontist and my progress so far.

He gave me my next nine sets of trays with the next appointment scheduled for March. With the use of Acceledent, he has prescribed changing trays every week.

Tray 4 and feeling great!

I started Tray 4 of 34 trays today. This is my second tray with the attachments in.

A couple of things: 1. I'm getting used to the attachments, but food does sort of feel like it's getting caught. 2. The funny thing is that I'm doing this to fix my bite, so I don't know why this didn't occur to me before now...but my bite feels a little off and I'm having trouble getting used to chewing food with this adjusted bite. So there's that. Ha!

Tray 8 and all is well

My ortho recommended using Acceledent, but the vibrations make me feel a bit nauseous. So I'm not using it and slowing down treatment a bit. He told me to change aligners every 10 days if I didn't use the Acceledent, so that's where I'm at.

My first follow up appointment since getting the attachments is scheduled for next week. I'm not as disciplined as a I should be about wearing my aligners 22 hours a day--I'm closer to averaging about 16 hours a day. I'm disciplined about flossing and cleaning my teeth (in fact, I think my teeth are whiter than they've ever been due to brushing 3-4 times a day).

My first dentist appointment is coming up in a few weeks since getting the aligners. The main reason that I decided to straighten my teeth is because of periodontal disease due to crowding teeth. I've noticed that it's already much easier to floss than it's ever been, so I'm looking forward to this next cleaning to measure the progress of gum and periodontal disease.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my progress, but bit anxious about the upcoming ortho appointment due to not following the ortho's instructions exactly as ordered. So I'll update next week.

A quick update

So I'm on Tray 13 now. I think? I've lost track. Maybe it's Tray 14. Anyway. I'm in a full routine and it's my life now. Lots of drinking water. Not much eating between meals. Lots of teeth brushing. Here are some things I've learned along the way.

1. While I eat breakfast, I pop the aligners into the iSonic F3900 Ultrasonic Cleaner for dentures. This thing really works and it doesn't take up too much space on your bathroom counter. It takes about five minutes to clean the the aligners and you only need water.

2. I still use the Acceledent almost every night for 20 minutes. I don't know if it actually works, but my ortho really wants me to use it, so I'm using it. Whatever. It can't hurt. Especially on nights when I switch trays, it does provide a little pain relief, so that's good.

3. I'm not gonna lie: I'm really having trouble sticking to the schedule of wearing my aligners 22 hours a day. I'd say I'm really closer to 18 hours. Okay, maybe 16 hours. I'm really doing my best here, folks. Anyone else here feel the same? Nights aren't an issue at all, but, man, after lunch, sometimes I just can't get to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then I just don't get them in again until after dinner. So there's that.

4. Other than that, I guess it's just day by day. Just doing my thing. Still worth it. Just talked to a co-worker who cracked a tooth, which was a reminder of why I'm doing this. Trying to save my gums and my teeth for when I'm 80!

Tray 14 and headaches

Definitely on Tray 14 (I checked this time!) and I'm really trying to stick to at least 18-20 hours per day with Acceledent every day. It's the after lunch time that's the worst for me, so I've got to figure that out somehow.

I'm going to ask a somewhat unrelated question to see where it gets me. About two weeks after I began treatment with Invisalign, I began experiencing pretty intense headaches. Eventually I was diagnosed with "primary stabbing headaches," which is a form of migraine. I'm being treated with medication that works well for me, and the headaches are mostly gone now, but I have been wondering if perhaps the headaches aren't partly a side effect of the Invisalign treatment. I do clench my jaw, and my jaw is pretty tired and pops when I wake up in the morning.

Does anyone else have this?

Aligners #15

Went to the dentist last week and my gums are in worse shape than they were before. Plus it was a different hygienist and I think she was really eager to get after some plaque that had been there for awhile. Ouch!

Anyways, I'm doing better with wearing the aligners, but still up to 18-20 hours a day, not the full 22. I'll keep working towards it!

So here's something fun, though: I was cleaning out my closets and drawers and came across my first aligners set. I couldn't even get it on my teeth! Sometimes I feel like not much progress is being made and I can't see it, but this was proof that my teeth have moved significantly since November. Yay!

Love this doctor and office!!

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