Ending my 30th Year of Life with a Change

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I am a mother of 3 and I have had c-sections. I...

I am a mother of 3 and I have had c-sections. I have this flap of skin that hangs and I have done a list of diets and at a weight loss clinic I went to before, the dr. told me that the only way to lose the excess skin was to have a tummy tuck. After 4 yrs of thinking about going through the procedure, and only losing 30 lbs, last December I made an appointment with Dr. Albear. He wanted me to drop at least 45/50 lbs. to get my BMI to under 30. I have tried my best to lose that 45/50 lbs but I haven't been to sucessful the last 4 months. My weight fluctuated between 3-6 lbs. I called Dr. Albear and we set up another appointment in May. I went in and we talked and he made a plan. The plan is, we will go along with the surgery and he will do what je can to make me happy. He did explain that he would not be able to get my back done (because I will be laying on the table) and after I heal and continue to work out, he can go back and do a touch up if needed. The main focus is, I will be as flat in the front as he can make me. I am okay with that and I am soooo excited! I made my appointment to have my surgery in June before my 31st birthday.....

at a blank right now

TT is scheduled for June 6 and with my job and going through many, many, changes including renovations, I have my surgery in my head but the time is just flying by. It doesn't feel like its only 16 days away!! OMG! I'm super excited and soooo ready to get rid off that nasty flab of skin. But I'm scared that I am not going to be able to keep up with my finances. I know that everything is going to be tight but I can usually figure it out. #Carpe Diem! I need to start getting things together! I sware I've wrote a supply list a couple of times now.

Tick tock...

Omg! I have 11 days til my surgery! My work schedule and the unorganization of my place of work has my mind still at a total blank! I still haven't been approved to take a leave from work. Being its a holiday weekend is making me a tad nervous because of time ticking away. Not to mention my radiator in my jeep is about to go kaputz! When it rains, it pours.
Its going to be alright though. This is just a test. I've lost it all before and I'm not going down again. If I do, at least I'll be on the "flat side"

June 4, best day ever #1

Can't wait for 7:30 pm! Its my last day of work til after 4th of July! I need this break almost as much as I need my tt.lol So ridiculous. ..Anywho, my mother will be taking me to have my surgery but I still don't know what time its going down. Also the last day of school is the 6th and my daughter is leaving for Texas with my aunt to get my cousins kids for the summer as soon as school lets out. Hope I get to at least kiss her bye since she is going 4 states away. At least my surgery isn't stressing me

yes it really did happen

So my appointment is at 11 am tomorrow. I was almost not able to make it happen but I took care of that after $1850 later! I was never told that I would have to have blood work done and that the surgery center fee was separate from my surgeons. If i would of known that those were separate fees, I would of saved separately. I had to come up with the money and by time I got it, the surgery center was closed. Guess where I'll be standing before the sun comes up?? and I was wondering why I wss never sent to do the blood work. Good thing I recently had it done at work. Shyra said I can use it just have to pick it up.
Errrr I was so depressed when I was told about the time to be at the surgery center that I didn't ask or hear if I'm supposed to be there 2 hrs. early or not??

done and done

Its done and looking down looks amazing so far!! Had surgery around noon and last thing I remember was laying down listening to The Eagles thinking about Chick fil a. Lol how they gonna make a thick girl go without eating for over 12 hours?
Next thing I knew, I was in recovery in bed fell back asleep, opened my eyes and seen everyone in scrubs and I asked if I was at work. I feel back to sleep and woke up I a recliner. Fell back asleep and woke up in a wheel chair going out the door. I didn't get to ask questions but my mom was there so she got the info I neede for post op. I got home maybe around 5:30/6 and kept nodding out. Everytime I woke up though, I get a little walk in from the living room make a circlr in the kithcen and back. So far I felt nauseous only when I eat yougert. I finally finished my yougert and drank some gatorade and that came up.
Pain isn't so bad yet but took my pain meds incase. My back is starting to hurt because my 2 yr old keeps snagging my walker when go to the potty. Lol kids!

Can't wait to take some pics to share. I just have to make my way up stairs to the mirror so I can see a side view instead of just being able to look down.

My mom said my drain on my right filled at the surgery center but but now its going slow and the left was going slow at the surgery center but filled up quick at home. Its only been 12 hrs. and I feel alright. Tomorrow is a new day. Here we go!!


I need to use my walker more. I got up at 3:30am and made some jello. I couldn't sleep. I need to pay little more attention to what I'm doing. I caught myself trying to stand up. Not really hungry but I guess I should force myself so my meds don't make me sick.

hurts but I can tolerate

I haven't noticed any swelling yet. I'm want to take my binder off so bad and look but I'm going to wait for shower day. Doing a little too much moving around. My back is starting to hurt and my stomach is a little achy. Its ok its just part of the deal.

A shower does feel good!

My back has been killing me but after I took a shower and let the hot water run on my back, I felt so much better. My mom was helping me remove and replace my dressings. She having a hard time wrapping me up because its gross to her.

bad news

So I called to schedule a follow up appointment and double check if my FMLA papers for work where sent in. Nope not yet. After paying to have 1 1/2 pages filled out and faxed in the my job, I was told that they would be faxed in last Thursday, my surgeon still hasn't sent in my consent forms. So I am technically not approved for my leave. What do I do if I get fired now??


Its been 1 week and I still have my drain tubes in. Although they pinch and are uncomfortable, I think its better that they are still in. I have draining a lot. I went for a follow up yesterday and my doc said that if in a 24 hr period I am under 30 ml, I can call and have them removed. Otherwise I'll have to wait until Wednesday. Every once in awhile, I get sick to my stomach with the stuff in the tubes and bulbs. My back is hurting like a bioch. This past Tuesday I slept comfortably and had 0 pain. I didn't really use my walker most of the day but I paid for it when it came time to take a shower.
My daughter has caught the bug going around and I went through feeling hot to cold back to hot and back to cold today. I've been taking my pain pills maybe 1 1/2-2 mostly around shower time but today I took 4 so far. My back and body hurt so much today that I don't even want a shower. Even though a shower would ease my back, I can't do it.

fingers crossed

I have another appointment tomorrow and hopefully he takes out this other drain. I haven't been under 30ml in 24hrs yet but I noticed that the tube isn't attached to my hip anymore. Its just there! The skin must of ripped more and the thread it just there. Everyone at home is grossed out by my scar and drain tubes that they don't want to look and give their opinion. Bunch of sissys lol! So I have a ace bandage wrapped around my thigh and the tube taped to my leg. That sucker isn't coming out on its own and giving me a panic attack!

I feel like I can stand up straighter now but not for long. My back still kills me. I did 2 loads of laundry and some dishes but took several breaks. Don't want to do too too much but my boyfriend 1/2asses the laundry and I can't put dirty clothes on or dry off with a towel that was washed with the dog towel and bedding. REALLY!!


Well I am 8 1/2 weeks Post Op. At my last appt. I asked my PS what kind of exercises I could start doing and I either tuned him out or he didn't say what I could do as far as working out. He was ok with me lifting but I just have a blank as if I can do crunches yet.
So I found this list of 30 day Challenges on Pinterest and I bought an exercise trampoline and started doing the jumping jack challenge. I felt ok afterwards. No pain or anything.
Went to work the next day and it felt like someone kicked me in my bahunkus! The pain wasn't horrible just that "make it burn" supposed to be good pain. Lol Then after being on my feet all day (30 min sit down at lunch) and the type of work I do, I felt like I had an all over body whooping! Sore yes but the good sore. No pain or any issues that I know of where I was cut and my insides don't feel like they're floating around.
It does feel like I need to get ready to do Day 2 of the Jumping Jack Challenge before it gets too late.
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