Can't Wait for my Tummy Tuck - Albany, NY

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I am a mother of kids (10, 5, and 3). I was a...

I am a mother of kids (10, 5, and 3). I was a young teenager when I had my first child. Although I did not gain much weight, I got a ton of stretch marks. Then I gained about 10lbs with my 2nd and 3rd prenancies. Now my stomach looks disgusting. I sacrificed my body at such a young age, I feel that now I deserve something for me.

Ok. So I have been reading a ton of material, and...

Ok. So I have been reading a ton of material, and I am starting to get really freaked out. Is it worth going through all the pain? Is it worth using 14 sick days? I just wish I could have a perfect little tummy.... naturally.

Anyway, my boss told me today that I have a chance at a promotion after the new year, which is the same time I am planning to have my surgery. Just my luck!!!!

Well anyway, I am meeting with my PS on Tuesday, very excited. My husband has only one question, how much for the boobs. Oh man I do love him, but really, I am already havig a hard time committing to the tummy tuck, lets not over whelm me.


Met with my PS, he said everything should go great...

Met with my PS, he said everything should go great. He even called me thin, he is now officially my favorite man in the entire world. He said because of my age and health, I am a perfect candidate. I mentioned how I have been reading about a lot of women who are experiencing a ton of swelling 4 weeks post op, he just simply said "that is unusual." Ok, so unsual that every other person is experiencing it?? I mean I am still going through with it, so please just dont sugar coat the recovery.

Anyway, I asked about breast implants, he thought it would look fantastic with the tummy tuck, then they told me the price, and I was like OH NO!! So my hubby will just have to deal with my stage 3 droopers. Besides I have working breasts, I had three pregnancies and breastfed for a total of 3 years. So, they dont look like a playboy models chest, but hey, I can always perk them up!!! :)

After my appointment with the PS and scheduling the surgery date, I told my boss. That did not go so well. She was MAD and made me feel horrible, told me I am being selfish and I should think of my kids before I have cosmetic surgery. She said, "what if your kids need braces" I told her my 10 year old does, and he is getting them. I would never spend this kind of money without thinking it through. Give me a little credit!!!!

I will update and post pictures once the date is closer.
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