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After many years of dreaming about a flat tummy...

After many years of dreaming about a flat tummy and more youthful "twins", my MM will be next week on 5/14. I'm a mom to 3 children 20,16 & 7. After my 3rd child at age 40, my body just never came back to the same shape I had so diligently worked out for. I always looked 6 months pregnant and the 'twins' were just plain tired and moving south. I'm hoping to reverse the hands of time back to the pre-baby years. My hubby of 23 yrs is being very supportive. After reviewing a couple of PS in the area, I felt that Dr. Lynch would be able to provide me with the results I'm hoping for. As he said " you could really have that WOW factor"... lets hope he's right!!! So after 3 consults, I'm ready! I found this site last week and thought I'd be nuts not be apart of it. I'm so looking forward to doing the journey with all of you. I've gained so much insight from all of you bright girls, I feel blessed already! I know of no one that has had this type of surgery before, so I'm happy to have found a 'family' of fabulous women. I'll post before and after pics ASAP.

I'm still soooooo excited!!! Only 5 days to my big...

I'm still soooooo excited!!! Only 5 days to my big MM next week! I'm trying not to obsess to much about my MM, since I still have one final exam for college to study for tomorrow. I also finally just lost several pounds and feeling good about that as well!

I'm 5' 4" and currently weight 155lbs. I've asked the PS to give me back my pre-baby years (flat tummy and 36D breasts), so we and have decided to do a BL w/ 400cc silicone implants, this way I won't need to buy the expensive "miracle bra's" anymore for that youthful look. I will also have lipo of my back, waist, abs, saddle bags and inner thighs w/ a full TT. Although I'm not looking forward to week 1-2 recovery, I will pray that it will go smooth and fast.

Since my droid is corrupting all my pics I'm uploading (very frustrating), I will add before (& after) pics as soon I can.

Only 3 day to the pre-baby days!!!

Only 3 day to the pre-baby days!!!

Hi Everyone I'm Back and 3 Days Post-Op !!!

Hi Everyone, I'm back! I've been off the website for a few days now ( had my MM this past Tuesday) and I am now 3 days post-op. I've been resting a lot and haven't really felt like talking to anyone actually. But I've turned a corner today!

First, "4BoysLater", I'm happy to hear that your situation has greatly improved, since getting home. It sounded as if your post-op nurses weren't very good. I had a completely different experience with all three of mine. Even my pre-op nurses were great. She had a TT one year before and showed me her results. She continued to say how others nurses there also have had PS procedures too. My surgery day went flawlessly. I awoke groggy afterward, but the pain levels were relatively low for post surgery, My nurses were very prompt in giving out the meds too. I did have to stay overnight though, I couldn't pee from swelling, but by morning it had receded and I was able to tinkle on my own. My PS came to see me the next morning, and remarked on how well I looked and was getting around, including my hubby. He also commented on how small my waist is, and that I was going to be very happy with the results. It's funny because in my pre-op pics I made a comment about "where's my waist?". He said he removed 6-7LBS of fat in the torso area and approx. 1LB of skin, but then said he added 2LBs with the 400cc silicone implants ;-)

My entire experience so far has been GREAT! I haven't seen my new improved self yet. My 1st post-op apt w/ PS isn't until Monday. That's when they will remove all of my dressings and garments they have put on me. I will post my post-op pics afterwards.

For anyone still struggling with making the decision for your MM, I say "GO 4 IT!!" Do your meds just as your PS says too and your experience should be very good!


POST OP DAY 4...Can't wait to get the CG off!!! My PS advised me not to under any circumstances take off my garment or get them wet. I haven't showered now since tues morning, and can't wait to get out of this thing. I feel as though it's breaking my back when I stand and at night I'm stiff as a board and my back aches. Fortunately, I haven't started stinking yet, thank God! But I did buy some dry shampoo and will be using it later today since I know I will not be able to shower until Monday afternoon. My PS told me that once my appt on Monday comes, he will take off all my dressings and I can throw my CG away... he said "you will hate them every moment until then" with a smirkey smile. He is right! UGGGH!!!!! I can't wait to see how everything looks. I've been taking arnica and bromelian for bruising and swelling, but my legs, ankles and feet have been swollen since Thursday night. My skin felt as if it was going to split around my calves! I called my PS, his staff nurse said I need to stay off my feet and have them elevated above my heart, they also recommended 100% cranberry juice too ( a natural diaretic). They were very compassionate and understanding when they promptly returned my call. Today the swelling is down greatly, just a little puffy now. I'll try to upload some pics with my CG, dressings and drainage tubes later today.

1 week post-op

Well this is my second time writing this, I was three paragraphs in when my test was deleted some how. UUUGGGH!!!!! I finally had my 1st post op appt today w/ PS and was able to see my results for the first time. I could see in the mirror an hourglass figure that I forgotten I had! My tummy flat and I had a waist too! And the tataas well are up and standing at attention! I still have a great deal of swelling and bruising on my back and abs, but you can clearly see what years of weight training / bootcamp / Zumba could never have given back to me! Boy I had forgotten how much our kids have wrecked havoc on our bodies. Children may be a gift from God, but the curse on Eve has been faithfully passed onto all her daughters!

So I was finally given the pass to take showers again too... and it was amazing to feel that clean feeling again! The hubby came in and scrubbed my back, you don't realize how itchy you really get form the CG and not showering. My PS said I can take as many showers/bathes a day as I wish. I think tomorrow I will soak in my Jacuzzi and let the warm water and jets soothe me!!

I have decided to wait a few more days before posting pics. I would like for some of the swelling and yellow/blue skin to reside before I do. Anyways, tomorrow is officially 1 week post-op and the time has passed very fast.

2 weeks post op!!!

I can't believe how fast these last two weeks have gone. Even my hubby said it feels like it's been at least a month. My progress for stamina ( standing, walking, doing lite housework) has greatly improved, and it seemed as if it happened overnite! Yesterday I went grocery shopping and took my 16yr old with me. He pushed the cart and loaded and unloaded my car. He was a blessing to bring along! Of course his real motive was he wanted a full pantry again, as the last time it was full was two weeks ago, the day before surgery. Teenagers do eat an awful lot and boy do they get cranky when the cabinets are bare. Also went our with friends for dinner and drinks, but the time I got home I was wiped out and I'm paying a little for it today. Anyways, I'm finally posting after pics as most swelling is down ( but not completely) and bruising is now mostly yellow. I have to say that whole event is soooooooooo worth it!!! I'm do not regret any of it and can't wait until the final results are seen in a couple of months. Even my hubby says the same and made the comment that he can't believe how 'little' the cost is for the amount of work done since he saw the entire process pre-op through now. He really likes the PS too!

16 days post op

Well I had my 2nd post op appt w/ my PS today. I was hoping for the drains to be removed, but I'm still a little over 50cc daily for drainage, so he said he would leave them in for another week. :-( I guess it's a small sacrifice to pay since I do not want a 'waterbed' effect in my abs and a long needle to draw it out. I stepped on the scale this morning and I am officially lighter than the morning of pre-op. My PS said that once all swelling and scar tissue dissolves, I'll have a very tiny waist and sharp curve in my lower back. I'm definitely going bikini shopping next week & asked hubby to come along, so he can help me pick out swimsuit he likes best on me! I live in the northeast, so the summer beach season is only right around the corner! Can't wait to show off new improved me!!!!!

3 weeks post op!!!

Yea!!! I'm really starting to see results now! Everything seems to be settling into their right places, implants are starting to drop and most swelling is down. I still have some swelling in the lower back area, but I think its mostly scar tissue that needs to dissolve. It's hard and tender still. I've been exhausted the past few days, sleeping a lot, not sure why, maybe lack of activity and the body recovering from trauma. I'm still losing a 1lb a day, I've lost 8lbs since last week!!! I hit 174lb at the max weight a few days after surgery, so I'm down over 25lbs now since 3 weeks ago! Whew that's a relief!! I'm posting some more pics today to show my progress. Ordered a VS bikini this past weekend, and yes, no more miracle bra's required for me! I do have a little necrosis at the center of my TT incision, but the PS says that it looks good and will heal w/out problems. He put me on more antibiotics until it fully heals. My drains are producing less than 50cc the past two days, so hopefully they will be removed on Thursday at next PS checkup. They have become very cumbersome for me and the tube on right side hurts now and drainage leaks from the opening, I need to wear gauze to collect liquid. It will be nice not to have them anymore. Looking forward to Thursday to get them out!!!!

Yea!!! the tubes are finally gone!!

I am very happy to report that the drainage tubes have finally been removed! After having them for three weeks, what a liberating feeling! Also all stiches have been removed but one on nipple (oversight on nurses part). I guess that little sucker will have to stay until next appt w/ PS in two weeks. ;( I had this really strange blood vessel that had gotten engorged w/ blood under my left breast, which bulged when I lifted my arm. The PS said this was kind of common and that it would eventually be absorbed by the body, but he said lets get rid of it now. He applied lots of pressure on it with his thumbs and after a minute it popped and it was gone! The PS admitted he loved doing this... I guess it one of his little pleasures in life :/ Anyways I'm glad its no longer there! I'm still very exhausted and can't get enough sleep it seems. I also have zero ambition too. I'm hoping this will pass real soon and that its just my body just trying to play catchup from the past few weeks. I'm hoping that PS gives the OK to start excerising again in a couple weeks. Maybe its the physical inactivity that's also compounding the issue too. All in all, healing process is going well. The TT scar necrosis is healing, but ever so slowly.

4 weeks post op!

Can't believe that it's been a month since the big day, but here we are! I'm starting to get over the hump of being tired and exhausted and feel more like my self. I'm posting my pics for this week, so you can see my TT scar and necrosis, but undies cover it quite well. I just have them lowered so you can see incision. The wound above my TT scar is where my BB used to be, but it's almost completely healed ( 80% or so). I have this since I didn't have so much a lot of excess skin, but mostly separated muscle before surgery. A small sacrifice for the return! I like my new 'inny' BB! My weight has leveled off now and I'm waiting for lower back scar tissue to dissolve. All in all, I'm thrilled with the new me! I love the VS bikini I got by mail order, but the top was way to small, so I'm waiting for larger top to come in, it's on back order til 7/4, so I'm going shopping next week w/ a friend to get a 2nd one!
Albany Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lynch was very warm from the moment I met him. He knew immediately what my concerns were and answered all of my questions. After viewing many pics online and the dozens in his office, his work seemed to be far better than all of the other PS in the area. I could tell that he was a doctor that takes pride in his work and puts the patients needs and wants first. He has made his 'craft' an art. He has done of 6000 surgeries, so I'm feeling confident in his ability and skill. His secretary is also very kind.

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