600 cc mod.+ 28 y/o 160lbs

I'm 13 days out from my surgery and my mind is...

I'm 13 days out from my surgery and my mind is racing, mostly over sizing. All my life I've been athletic and my body has followed suit. I've always wanted bigger breasts to achieve a more femine and balanced look to my body. Initially I went in for a consult and agreed on a 450cc silicone mod+ but I went back recently and the ps measured my bwd at 15 cm and told me I could go much bigger and it would still appear natural. We did some virtual reality consulting and I'm now feeling comfortable being beteeen the 550cc and 600cc. Ultimately what fits best is up to my surgeon but I'm glad to be a bit more relaxed on the sizing, for now atleast.

28 Yo, No Kids, 5'4" 160- Athletic Build

I've had a small chest my entire life, 34b 15cm bwd. I'm ready now and extremely confident in my surgeon to finally get the breasts I've always wanted to help me feel more feminine and confident. I was back and forth with the sizing but after seeing some of the results virtually I've decided on the 550-600 cc silicon implants. I've talked extensively with my ps about my goals and I trust he'll make the appropriate sizing choices on the day of my surgery. Still feeling nervous, but mostly excited.

I'm a 12 days out from my surgery and getting some jitters. I've always wanted bigger breasts for a more feminine look due to always having had a more athletic build. Most of the jitters are about sizing, I didn't want anything overly large or fake so I was initially very focused on the cc number. But after researching and speaking with my ps I feel more comfortable going with the higher cc due to having a wider chest and a bwd of 15cm. Also, the ps did virtual sizing and it was extremely reassuring. Now I just count down the days!

Getting things prepared

I'm trying to quell my anxiety by getting things ready for after the surgery. I ordered a sit-up pillow and a post-op bra on amazon. Also, I noticed a lot of girls posting about muscle relaxers post-op and my ps never prescribed me any. I will have to call them on Monday and ask. They're going to love and my million questions. So far they've been extremely helpful and informative with any questions I have had. I'm pretty confident I picked a great ps and team to perform this surgery.

Up and down

Two days ago I was prepared, happy, and settled with a 550-600cc implant but now I'm back to being uncertain. It just seems so large and I'm afraid to look like a blow up doll afterwards. Im positive it's mostly just pre surgery jitters. I'm confident in my ps though and I trust in his abilities. I'm sure he won't let me down. But these days need to just hurry up, the waiting game is horrible!

Prepping in full affect!

I'm getting everything ready for the boobie birthday. Ice packs, Benadryl, travel pillow, Gatorade/water, coconut oil/cocoa butter, colace, puzzle books. May be going a little overboard but it's helping me keep calm. Today in picking up my remaining items on here list.
My brilliant contours post-op bra came, I really hope it fits after it's super cute and comfy.
Side note, I'm so glad I picked the ps I did. The dr and his team have answered every question I've thrown at them. They are definitely making me feel comfortable and at ease about the operation. I'm positive I couldn't have picked a better place!

So close!

Surprisingly not nervous. I cannot wait to see what my ps has in store for me. I have everything prepped and ready for my surgery so I'm just staying busy till the operation. I sent a couple more wish pics to my ps and talked to the nurse one last time (lol well maybe last time) about some post op questions. I simply cannot wait!

Finally done!

So glad it's finally over. Pain is minimal mostly discomfort. I have been been able to ealk around. The discomfort feels like I just got done doing a ton of push ups. I can't tonsee what they look like.!

Forgot the after pic

Whoops Didn't post the after, can't see much till the bandage comes off thursday. But I'm pretty excited already ????

Post-op Day 1 pics

Already I'm so happy!

Day 2 post-op

I can't get over the lack of pain. I even went shopping today. The walking around seems to help and ice ice ice! I'm going to go down a dose in my pain meds, I'd like to be off of them tomorrow! The only thing I'm dealing with a my voice is gone lol, I think it's from the anesthesia. Lots of sleep and relaxation and liquids. I'll post more pics tomorrow after my post-op appointment.

Post-op day 2 pics

The bloat is real ????
Dr. William F. Deluca

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