Dermapen & PRP for Damaged Skin!! Albany, NY

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So here goes, I've been on here for appx 7 months,...

So here goes, I've been on here for appx 7 months, My skin was badly damaged last year after who knows what. I had ONE session of yag laser for a few broken caps on my nose along with 2 hydrafacials. I had these done at Lucie Capek's office in Albany. Exactly 3 days after my 2nd hydrafacial, my skin completely began to dry out. Life has been a nightmare since then. EXTREME dehydration, lines when I smile, bad texture, bumps, burning, just horrible. I have literally babied my skin for the past 6 months, trying everything from oils, to creams, to homemade masks. I feel like there has been no improvement at all. My skin is so dehydrated that NOTHING can give it enough moisture. My skin actually produces oil, so I've been using water based products. Nothing works. Anywho, I decided to try dermapen about a month ago. I had one session at Dr.Falk's office in Albany, and honestly didn't see any results (procedure was done by esthetician). There was no numbing cream used and it was very painful. My face stayed red for a few days and I had blood spots under my skin for about a week. I had already paid for two sessions so I decided to go back. I made another appointment for a dermapen session but this time asked about PRP with it. The doctor stated it would be 1,000 to add the PRP, which I know is steep. This time when I went in, the nurse drew my blood and the doctor took it in the other room. He put a numbing cream on and let me sit for 15 minutes. He then came back in and put more lidocane injections under my eyes to numb them. Honestly, the PRP portion was painless. It did feel weird, kind of like he was threading a needle under my skin, but no pain. The dermapen hurt, but this time I noticed he did a much better job. The woman on my first session wiped off the blood very roughly and even when I told her that she was hurting me she continued to wipe hard. He told me to expect some swelling and that my texture and overall appearance should improve within 6-8 weeks. I'm going to post some pictures here of before and after, Please feel free to ask any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them. I will post new pictures every few days. Praying for improvement, dont know If I have laser damage, glycolic damage, or something else. My damage is very similar to what Retin A Sufferers have mentioned, yet I have never used that .Used to have GORGEOUS dewy skin, now its dehydrated dull and dry. Hoping for success here!


here are some pictures, I just figured out how to upload, if ANYONE has other suggestions about my texture/dehydration issue I am more than willing to listen.

next day

This is a photo from a day after treatment, hasn't quite been 24 hours, swelling is obvious under eyes from PRP and microbleeding under skin is obvious everywhere. Skin feels tight and dry (but always does anyway!). Did not go to work today, hoping for more healing in the next 24 hours!

No change at day 5, still healing.

So I'll say that I'm definitely healing, but definitely not seeing any changes yet. I still have some bruising from the PRP injections under my eyes, and a bit of redness from the dermapen. I also had a bit of a breakout, not sure if it was PRP related, but I haven't broken out in a while so I'm guessing it had to be that. Other than that, I don't have too much to report. Skin doesn't look great, still major texture issues. The one thing I will say is that I KNEW I wasn't going to see magic happen overnight. They say PRP can take about 3 weeks to take effect, some even say longer. As for the dermapen, I know that takes a while to notice changes, at least a month. I will keep everyone posted, and take a few pictures tomorrow. I have a meeting with a lady next week to begin using osmosis products, I have heard they have been amazing for several victims of laser damage. I'm excited to give them a try. If anyone has used any of their products I would really like to know how they worked out!

No changes

So I hate to say this, but unfortunately I haven't seen much improvement from the dermapen (2 sessions) or the PRP injections. My skin is still damaged, dry, dehydrated, and the texture is awful. I became extremely depressed today, and couldn't get the thought out of my head that my once beautiful skin is probably ruined for the rest of my life. Just doesn't make any sense, a 5 minute laser treatment, and my skin STILL burns to this very day, nearly 9 months later. I don't know what else to try anymore. I guess I'll begin the osmosis skin care and see if that helps the texture at all. I was thinking about a mild lactic acid peel, does anyone have ANY suggestions? I really don't think my skin could take glycolic or anything too heavy duty right now. I actually thought about having laser genesis to fix the texture, but I think I'll leave lasers alone. If ANYONE has any suggestions, please message me or post here. I am so devastated it's ridiculous. I have lost 9 months of my life and at 27, I hate going out of the house. People say they don't notice anything but I sure do, My Skin literally looks burned in some places, the texture is so weird I can't even explain it. I'm beyond horrified, do I give it more time to heal on its own? or give up, I just don't know anymore.

skin still not better

I hate to say this, but my skin still hasn't returned to normal or anything like it. It is still incredibly dehydrated. I've started using avene creme for intolerant skin, which doesn't hurt, but doesn't seem to help either. I've also started using Dr.Lin's hydrating gel (which has aloe vera, and other nourishing ingredients). I use a vitamin c serum as well, and thats literally it. ( I spray a bit of rose water after I get out of the shower). I'm just in a state of shock that March will be one year that I've been living this hell. I eat very healthy, have cut out alcohol and coffee, drink tons of water, and take tons of supplements. Literally NOTHING has made hardly any difference. I had a consultation at a Dr's office the other day (with a nurse), she looked at my skin for almost an hour, took close pictures, and explained to me that my skin wasn't thinned, but actually thickened. She stated that I would benefit from micropeels (using very low doses of salacycic acid, i know i spelled that wrong). She said glycolic is too drying, and that the other would be much better. She also suggested using the omnilight afterwards. She seemed extremely genuine and sincere, and wasn't trying to sell sell sell. I'm So scared to do the micropeel, but I have to give something a shot here. Please let me know what anyone thinks about micropeels. thanks

Skin improved for 6 months then deteriorated again

Ok so I've now come to the conclusion that this damage had very little if nothing to do with the yag or facials I received. I know this because my skin DRASTICALLY improved around september of 2015- no burning no tingling no dehydration. All i did was splash distilled water on and use avene lotion. Skin looked so good. Just last week my skin began to burn very badly and turn incredibly dry again. Along with this, my eyes have turned red, irritated and my vision is blurry.This tells me it's something going on inside my body because at the very same time my skin began to deteriorate again, I got sick (sore throat, almost sinus infection like). Although i find myself becoming incredibly depressed again, I am looking into more homeopathic methods. I have started taking sulphur ( 6c 3 x per day) and being very careful about what I'm eating. I can't imagine what is going on inside of me or what could be reoccuring but that has to be what happened. If anyone has advice I would greatly appreciate it. I almost relate this to a sort of exzema like condition, something must be setting it off, this time I traveled to Florida, perhaps the plane, new environment ect? Could I possibly have a viral infection that's never been able to heal? I'm not going to change up my skin care routine because I know that this works, but I am so incredibly sad that this nightmare is happening all over again. Please Help
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Dr. Falk was very nice and answered all of my questions.

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